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  1. It is so hard to be good for more than one day at a time but he might at least try now 😝
  2. We haven't tackled procrastination exactly, but rather came up with task specific rules on things that i tend to procrastibate or be lazy about. Bills must be paid on time, and then weekly i must clean litter boxes 2x, one load of laundry wash dry fold and put away, exercise 2x 30 mins, maintain my food.journal daily and accurately, sweep amd vacuum monthly. This way, it is specifically measurable, and not up to him to arbitrarily decide if waiting until tomorrow is over the top procrastination or not. It has helped. I rarely get punished for missing any of these things any more, and reall
  3. Megthe


    It is quiye something isn't it? Haha I sometimes feel like I need an intervention or something... Maybe... A spanking perhaps? 😅😬
  4. Megthe


    Wow that was your first? I would have been kicking and squirming and raising a racket! Lol
  5. We don't use full name because we call each other a specific nickname so much that our real names are an emergency back up safe word. 😬 I tried changing my user name here to it so it would match my fetlife account, but I cant find how to change a user name
  6. Omg i have tried to get the hubbs (aka spanker) to do this... He "doesn't want to spank if he is angry" though... Like really though, if it helped him get through his anger AND gave me the chance to cry (which I want to do from stress when he is angry any way) AND reasserted his dominance (we are in a D-s dynamic), it would be a win for me across the board. Like you said "I could always use a good spanking"
  7. Yay for good communication! Don't forget to communicate AFTER a spanking also. For me, it can take me a.couple days to tell.my hubbs why or where something fell flat. I'm not able to tell him right away. Personally, I LOVE to be spanked and have my bottom and legs caressed in between swats, even if it is a genuine punishment. I need some after care recovery time before I'm ready to get off, a hard spanking puts my arousal on pause... But then it kicks.into overdrive a few minutes into aftercare. My biggest advice is Don't break character during or too soon after if she is hoping for an er
  8. I have to say, I would be embarrassed. Even just when spanking with someone we have done it with beforeb and that I sent pics of the bruisrs on my bottom to, I was embarrassed when the hubbs went to take down my jeans. Everytime he reached for my panties I whimpered. He Didn't end up taking the panties down until we were done, bit still get that rush of embarrasement
  9. I prefer more swats. For actual punishment I prefer more swats, ending with a more severe impliments that I would only be able to withstand a few from.
  10. Oh man, I should have tried this with my Ex. I probably would have spent less time frustrated and maybe, just maybe... He would have learned ti be on time lol. Actually, he may not have been into spanking, but he would have loved me taking control like that.
  11. I have had a few spanko dreams. They are very much just like my erotic dreams... I soend the whole.dream worked up, thinking or.trying to get somethibg to happen... And every time we get the chance, there is an interruption. This goes on until I wake up SUPER FRUSTRATED and on those days the so-destructo brat in my head wants to forget about spanking all together because "i will NEVER get it the way I want it". It is hard to keep her (the inner destructo brat) in control these days
  12. Lol are you ever tempted to.make.it up? Trigger a spanking and then mid punishment admit the whole dream was made up just to push her buttons... 😏😈😬 follow me for more advice on how NOT to sit for a week lol
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