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  1. When we went belt shopping at tge mall we found American Eagle had the best selection at the time. A lot of leather in different colors and sizes and weights. This was our first time shopping for belts as spanking tools. Daddy had an old belt we had used a few.tomes but it wasn't all leather and didn't have much weight to it.
  2. We do use some impiments more than others. We have quite a few, mostly pervertables. 2 big paddles 1 heavy wooden spoon 1 wooden spatula 1 metal spatula 2 leather belts 1 riding crop 1 "boudoir paddle" (really pretty and loud but doesn't hit worth a darn) Slim jim (the snack meat stick) Laffy taffy (the long skinny one) A plastic cutting board A small leather flogger A small rope flogger A hair brush A couple rulers A wooden dowel cane A wooden dowel cane bundle (think about 5 or 6 thin dowels fixed together)...
  3. @Kith is banned for thinkibg web md might know more than I do with my zero years of medical training 😂
  4. @Ill Tempered Brat is banned for judging someone with potatoitis 😵
  5. 98 A G A I N woot woot! Haha @AfterGeometry the church flat out refused to baptize me as a baby, basically told my mom I would bever be close to god... Now I don't take communion at weddings out of fear of bursting into flames and stealing attention from the bride. See. I might not be godly but I CAN be good 😚
  6. 98 *twirls amd passes @AfterGeometry sparkly pen pointing to name tag* 😈😂
  7. 98! 💃💃😼 @AfterGeometry I will get as excited as I want... What you gonna do about it? 😜
  8. 94. @AfterGeometry you reset it by posting fir the ER's so.we can all go again 😁 Thanks for the help bud!
  9. I'm sorry you went through that! That woman sounds rude and not worth your time.
  10. Yesterday I had to go to court For an injury related issue. (Juat mediation between myself and employer, not on trouble) Anyway... I have to approach the judge to show him my scars up close and we are chatting and laughing and he is wearong an orange bow tie with sharks on it. I tell him I like his tie and he says "Thanks, I Have a matching belt... Wanna see?!" "Yes, yes I do!" I enthusiastically reply.. And I swear to God the judge stood up and opened his robe to show me his matching orange belt. So that is my story about how I Went to court and got to see the judges belt. 😂😂😂
  11. I have this problem with my hubbs. Most of the time if I resist, even playfully, he caves. Do you REALLY not want it? Have you tried bratting when she begins to cave? I'd say talk to her about it again. "If you think deserve or need it don't take no for an answer. No, I don't want to, nah I'm good, are NOT safe words" As far as you being a better ee, I struggle with this as well. Have you ever submitted to the second spanking? What if you commit, to yourself, to submitting to it next time, even if you don't want to. Just tonsee how it is? And disciss with her why she wants to do
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