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  1. If you've been spending too much time online and not getting to your projects, sounds like you need to save time somewhere else, like bathroom breaks. You are to put on your favorite porn movie, spank yourself 50 times with your wooden spoon and 50 times with the ruler, bare bottom while watching. Then put on your adult diaper, sit down, and accomplish one project before you are allowed to use the potty or change your diaper. I've been using my time in quarantine to play with myself much too often, up to several times a day. This means work not getting done. I have 2 hairbrushes, diapers, pullups, a butt plug, an enema bulb, soap, and capsacin cream
  2. Bath For those with ABDL tendencies, pullups or diapers? For others, mouthsoaping or figging?
  3. Capsacin cream. Especially on either a spanked bottom, or worse, a boy's naughty bits. It's only used for serious issues, especially when I've been playing with those bits without permission.
  4. I had a different experience that ultimately led me to the same place. I was a bedwetter growing up and my parents coddled me about it and left me to deal with it with pullups and wet sheets. As that went on I grew to enjoy the diapers, but still wanted the bedwetting to stop. I wondered if my parents had provided the proper "incentive" via a red bottom or other punishments, making the fun of the diapers much less fun, if I would have stopped much sooner.
  5. Young man! Keep that up and you know where it's going to get you; over my knee. Go get my brush!
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