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  1. Why are you looking at her personal messages?
  2. In my opinion no spanker should spank while angry. Send the naughty person to their room and wait while the spanker calms down. The anticipation of waiting to get spanked is almost as bad as the spanking itself
  3. My hardest spanking was when I was paddled in school at 14. Then when I got home I was paddled again by daddy. His spanking was on my bare and already bruised butt.
  4. Why is this site tolerating such chat issues and terrible lag time? It can take 10-15 minutes at times when booted off to reload. No other sites have this issue. What are you going to do to remedy this issue? It is getting very annoying
  5. Chatting here has been very very annoying recently. You need a MAJOR upgrade to remedy this. Seems other spankings sites do not have these issues. Why does yours?
  6. What a ridiculous question. What do you think we are afraid of?
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