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  1. I never got in trouble at school. I was a good student, and always behaved in class. But at home, I would always get in trouble. I would not complete my chores on time. I would fight with my sister. Didn’t do my homework in time. I would get spanked and/or punished at least once or twice a week.
  2. In my case, it’s what. I’ve always been disciplined the. I have received very hard spankings , followed by other punishments. It does help me, and I get in the straight and narrow for a good long time. However, eventually I’ll start the cycle of procrastinating again. I have noticed that the periods of productivity are much longer y than before. So, the disciplinary actions have definitely helped me.
  3. Went to a new William-Sonoma store near my area. They had a whole wall of wooden spoons and spatulas. I started blushing, and my mouth got dry. I had to leave. LOL!!
  4. That is one of my biggest problems, procrastination.
  5. Having your panties pulled down. You have mo control at all.
  6. Being put in the corner, after a spanking.
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