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  1. A Question of Friendship You said ask, but, Only when you are comfortable Did you know then, what it was I would ask? Because what I want, Is what I need. Are you able to give that to me? Are you ready? Willing? No more subtlety (well at least I’ll try). Command me to talk straight I will listen. I will listen, that is, if you are able. Can you? Can you be that friend I crave? The friend I trust? Implicitly? I’m sorry, I play games right now. Don’t let me. Please. Okay, I’ll ask it. 1…, 2…, 3…,
  2. I realize this is an old thread but I am in a similar situation. However the friend is also my co-worker. It is definitely not sexual for me as my co-worker is a woman my same age. But there is something I see in her that triggers long buried thoughts. It's the firmness in her voice, the stern look, and the kindness. I have broached the subject with her but I have not asked directly. she affirms that nothing I say or do would change our friendship, but the fear that straight up asking and her understanding it is nothing sexual will NOT go over.
  3. Hi, I'm new here and was browsing posts. Especially reading through this forum. What you said struck me. Because since I was a young teen, the thought of being spanked has aroused me. I went through life thinking this was wrong and so I buried it. When people ask me if I've read "50 Shades..." I tell them no. I hadn't until now. When they ask why I lie and say the writing is horrible. But now as I hit 40, and have spent all these years suppressing my thoughts and who I am, I discovered a friend who I thought I could trust enough to talk to about it. Maybe even ask her if she's willing to help
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