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  1. I quit drinking alcohol completely some time ago, but if I were to choose one beverage, that would be Baileys, such a nice sweet thing
  2. @CrystalDollyou gotta share your figging experience
  3. Hello everyone! God, this has been a weird year. Anyway, I talked to some people in the chatroom, and I appreciate their help massively. I decided to leave a post here for more people to see. My name is Katie, 25, from Russia. I have been self-spanking for over a year now. I also tried online discipline over this time and it seems to be working well for me. Unfortunately, I don't exactly feel comfortable over calls/videos. Here are some points about me. I tried to describe my needs and goals in detail for make it easier for people to reach out to me if they we are interested in
  4. I practice self-spanking, and I believe that the biggest part of a successful session is the right mindset. Self-spanking is certainly a safe alternative for people who are just exploring this part of themselves. It is definitely driven by a need: a need for discipline, stress-relief, better concentration, etc. It certainly takes practice to know what the right aim is, and it takes courage to slowly extend your limits and learn to spank your own bottom hard when it really starts to hurt. Encouragement from other people online and your own self-discipline help a lot in this matter. Ma
  5. The chat has been lovely and upgraded for a while, but it gets extremely slow when there are over 25-30 people online at the same time
  6. Oh, that's great news! I have always tried to find a fine activity for cardio. I guess that's it!
  7. Hello everyone! I noticed that during spankings it's easy to go out of breath, start sweating, clenching butt cheeks and so on. I mean people normally start sweating when they work out, don't they? Also, during self spankings we are working on our arms and back muscles a lot for sure. Has anyone of you noticed your arms getting stronger after regular spankings? I wonder if that could be another perk of spanking my bottom along with reduced stress levels and enhanced concentration. Katie
  8. Everyone is different and has different pain tolerance, of course. Your hand can get tired quickly, and it's rather hard to spank yourself, to be honest. I started with the wooden spoon and quickly switched to a wooden bath brush with a long handle that seems the easiest implement to use. You should try various things until you find what works best for you :)
  9. Tried figging as a part on self-spanking routine. I expected the feeling to be more intense, but it was still rather rough. I'm generally aroused by spankings and the bumhole area so I was curious to try it out. Didn't shape it a plug, was afraid it would break so just held it with my hand to keep the fig inside. I think it was a worthy experience and would probably practice it later on. What was super cool about it - I didn't need lube to insert it, it had its juices that helped it slide it smoothly. Of course, some people have allergies so you should be careful with that. Also, I've hea
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