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  1. I have experienced figging many times. There is not only anal figging but also penis figging. Using a piece of ginger 2x 1/4" into the urethra will cause a burning sensation I dont find overly uncomfortable. I would bet the same would be found if vaginal figging were tried.
  2. I havent noticed an inordinate number of women wearing wide belts unless they were wearing US country and western garb. It isnt like women who wear mens watches which sometimes, not all the time, denotes dominate gay woman.
  3. I still have the belt used on me growing up. It is hanging on the wall about six feet away. It had become to flexible for a really good belting any more. It was a 'hippie" belt. Double holes running the length and 2" wide. Just purchased a "service" belt off Amazon 1.5" wide and between 1/8 and 1/4" thick, Dont buy a belt that is sewn together, it will come apart easily and not last long.
  4. I enjoy going otk a lap wearing pantyhose. A guy has to be careful not to have accidents that way.
  5. my ex-wife started spanking me six months after we were married. She continued for almost 30 years. At first it was about control and a couple real problems I had. Drinking and money. Both of those got straightened out within a year. I just became convient for her to continue. The first couple years I was probably spanked weekly until i learned where the lines were and not to be crossed. There is no way that spanking wasnt used in a sexual manner because it exited both of us. Some spankings were more harsh than others and were purely for discipline. I could always tell the difference.
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