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  1. growing up in our house it was called an "ass whipping" although a whip was never used. The closest I ever came was when I was introduced to the belt in my mid teens
  2. When my wife and I were first married in the 80's we were swingers and a few select couples knew. Other wise my mother knew and whitnessed while my ex wives bestie knows and also whitnessed.
  3. use a bit of needs foot oil. It will stay flexable forever
  4. it seemed they could always find some implement to use that broke you one way or another


  5. i make paddle strops. It is about 1/4-3/8 thick wood about 14 inches long. They are shaped like a paint stir. Glued to one side is an old piece of belt leather , some where around 10" long. In actual fact it is used for sharpening straight blade knives and can lay around the kitchen any where.
  6. blarnystone


    very nice color
  7. I suppose I was one of the luckier ones. I got a harsh spanking in early March just before everything started to shut down. That was a hand and belt whipping. Presently Im doing some self spanking with my belt. I find the belt easy to control as to where it lands, doubled over of course. Once this hibernation ends I presume my ER will be on my door step wanting to recreate early march with another hand and belt whipping. Anyway I sure hope so!
  8. Over my spanking life time I have been figged numerous times. My former partner liked doing it in preparation of a spanking, usually erotic. I think she used it to often as it seemed to become a ho hum experience. That was until she penis figged me. She took a piece of fresh ginger aproximatly a quarter inch (6mm) in diameter by two inches (5.5cm) long. Inserting it into my ureatha getting just past the sphincter. That is a burn that lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on the freshness of the ginger and an item you never completely get used to. Some may think doing penis figging is more of an S&M activity, to each their own. I see spanking as inhearantly a S&M activity in its self.
  9. Hello everybody. Like a great deal of us on this website I was raised with spanking. It was in my teens where I started to "like" getting spanked. After each time I would masturbate and came to the conclusion that I wanted spanked so I could. I had a brake from spanking while in the service due to having my bottom seen frequently in the showers. My second wife was a very dominating person and we lead the FLR lifestyle for 30 years. During that time she brought out my bisexual submissive side. We were swingers for a few years until AIDS made that lifestyle to dangerous. Besides that was in the early 80's without the internet and using magazines was cumbersome and never guranteeded. I have always been a bottom and presently still practice that "position." lol I live alone in NE Indiana and willing to host in my home, no apartment. Hit me up and see where things go.
  10. in May 2019 I met with my ER on a river flood plain with nobody around, I was bent over the tailgate of his pickup and given a willow switching.
  11. I have a desire to be birched. The way it was done in old England.
  12. Normally I like to meet with somebody in a public place to talk for a bit. Places like McDonalds parking lots, they don't object to people sitting out there. This way you can get an idea of the others mind set. If you wish you can leave without commitment. I don't play the same day of the first meeting. I have had a time where I felt I was going to get hurt. So, to answer the question, I feel an hours drive is about the most because I might have to come back again.
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