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  1. I dont use a special matt. A stiff door matt will do, and probably less expensive. I have a hole cut into the matt to place a dildo if wanted. It sounds like your using a bar stool. I use a low hassock, easier to keep your balance and closer to the floor if you fall off.
  2. i think the reason for additional pain from a heat pad would be because heat causes more topical blood flow. While i have never experinced the use of a heat pad nor talked to any one who has it would be interesting to try out. let us know how it goes and pictures are always welcome
  3. Men have the condition that when we are already warm our testies hang down and recede when cooler. my wife used to allow me to hold my balls if they had decended. I knew there was a chance my hand would get hit but better that than my balls. this was while using a belt. Paddles not so much
  4. I have been to quite a few. The munches themselves were ok, there was a very definite feeling of discrimination towards my age. The crowd was mostly in their mid thirties. The local fet group is very into a poly araingement
  5. I was raised on a farm. By the time i came around the house had changed from wood heat and cooking to oil and propane. There had been a wood shed just outside the back door but all that was left was a foundation. That didn't prevent my parents taking me to the basement where there was a special saw horse and a hanging belt. Trips the to barn were memorable. There was an old belt hanging on a spike and i was bent over a sheep pen rail
  6. A few years ago i was suffering with a little aurther in one knee as a truck driver. Upon some ones reccomendation i bought a tube of capsaicin with a dabber applicator. After getting out of a shower sitting on the stool i applied the capsaicin to my knee. Being new to its use I was careless and let the leg holes of my shorts drag through the application. Bad ju ju. Capsaicin was drug up my leg to my crotch and balls. I did a faxcimility to the spank dance and suffered for about an hour. now i put my shorts on first unless i want to dance.
  7. you might think about writting your stories for Literotica. They have a lot of different stories of all types
  8. blarnystone


    Just love your collection. I have a birching on my bucket list
  9. over the years i have had penis punishments. Most were with a wood ruler on the tip of my penis. I am very shy about my testies being hit. When i was young i got hit by a baseball in the nuts giving me a hydroseal, water on the nuts and had to have surgery. My former partner liked to use rubber bands on my penis head.
  10. When i married my second wife who was a female in charge, she had two step sons from a previous marriage. Previous to actually getting married she kept saying i needed to be punished. After the vows both boys moved out of the house. One was 18 and the other 21. The free ride was over. Within days i was bent over the kitchen table for my first bare spanking in eleven years and it continued for 30 years. Should the children be aware? i suppose not
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