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  1. i wont employ a plug in a spanking that is using an impliment. I will use a plug when hand spanking
  2. i make loopy johnnies by taking three different length of plastic window spline. 18", 24" and 36", all six ends are inserted into a bicycle handle bar grip. A two part epoxy is shot into the grip filling it holding the spline in place creating a silent spanking tool.
  3. A loopy johnny can be a home made device, I t
  4. i have used lamp cord and also a loopy johnny
  5. I really loved the video of the spanking. Suprised the boy parts were not in submissive place.
  6. growing up in our house it was called an "ass whipping" although a whip was never used. The closest I ever came was when I was introduced to the belt in my mid teens
  7. When my wife and I were first married in the 80's we were swingers and a few select couples knew. Other wise my mother knew and whitnessed while my ex wives bestie knows and also whitnessed.
  8. use a bit of needs foot oil. It will stay flexable forever
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