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  1. having read many of the ideas and methods used by others on this subject you have to agree there are many different things to be tried. Over the many years i have been involved with spanking i have tried most. What i find most effective is figging the penis with ginger. Any erection will drop in seconds and not reoccur for a half hour or so, depending on the condition of the ginger. A slice of ginger about 1/4" by 2" is perfect and can be left in during spanking.
  2. good story, if you write more please make them a bit longer
  3. no it was the opposite, she was the one to remove my clothes, we thought her removing what clothes she wanted to was more embarrasing. Like a little boy or juvinile
  4. my ex had a small hand and used a wood spoon most often, the belt was used for more "serious" offenses.
  5. Justforyou i am much closer to you. I am also a switch, while I haven't been restrained but I do have expereince in recieving switchings with willow branches. I recently made a cane with a two foot piece of garden support cane. I have no desire of using an impliment on your back or kidney area. Just your butt and upper legs, depending on our conversation. Please contact me if you wish.
  6. Early on in our marriage i was in trouble with alachol and credit. It took a couple years on the credit because it was so high. The alachol problem started reducing within in a couple weeks. I was drinking a twelve pack of beer a day down to the maximum of three a day demanded by my wife. I felt the belt almost daily at first.
  7. Read the second part of Emma Croft and loved it! I really enjoy all of the stories you have written. Looking forward to what is next.
  8. I learned early on to NEVER question my wife about anything related to the spankings she was providing. It always cost my bottom more in the short run.
  9. my mother. I had a few guy friends over to use our pool. Mom heard us talking about peeing in the pool. My friends were sent home and i was drug into the kitchen where mom had her trusty wood spoon. It was used on me with a wet bathing suit for a long time followed by it being used on my bare wet bottom.
  10. I dont use a special matt. A stiff door matt will do, and probably less expensive. I have a hole cut into the matt to place a dildo if wanted. It sounds like your using a bar stool. I use a low hassock, easier to keep your balance and closer to the floor if you fall off.
  11. i think the reason for additional pain from a heat pad would be because heat causes more topical blood flow. While i have never experinced the use of a heat pad nor talked to any one who has it would be interesting to try out. let us know how it goes and pictures are always welcome
  12. Men have the condition that when we are already warm our testies hang down and recede when cooler. my wife used to allow me to hold my balls if they had decended. I knew there was a chance my hand would get hit but better that than my balls. this was while using a belt. Paddles not so much
  13. I have been to quite a few. The munches themselves were ok, there was a very definite feeling of discrimination towards my age. The crowd was mostly in their mid thirties. The local fet group is very into a poly araingement
  14. I was raised on a farm. By the time i came around the house had changed from wood heat and cooking to oil and propane. There had been a wood shed just outside the back door but all that was left was a foundation. That didn't prevent my parents taking me to the basement where there was a special saw horse and a hanging belt. Trips the to barn were memorable. There was an old belt hanging on a spike and i was bent over a sheep pen rail
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