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  1. bigbumjohnny


    Great butt but oweeee!
  2. Nice!..what is that a back scratcher?
  3. bigbumjohnny


    Totally agree superb butt and we'll taken care of!
  4. Hey Chawsee Thanks for getting back to me! Daily chocolate OMG no it goes straight to my hips lol With spanking relationships yeah really difficult to comment on other people's lifestyles but with me and my dear partner I guess we tried different things before the kids but wifey just didn't have the spanking bug like I do!...but we compromised occasionally... lol.. she has a fab full butt so it's a shame not to give it the occasional smack! It must be very frustrating for those that cannot release or voice their opinions on what they enjoy or fantasise about at least me and my life partner can chat bout such things! Peace and love 2 U all BBJ xx
  5. Hey good to have neighbours who appreciate spanking :-) happy times! BBJ xx
  6. "It's big it's round it bounces up and down its my butt it's my butt!"
  7. bigbumjohnny


    Holy moley you have a wonderfully well padded butt...chunky but nice 🙂
  8. bigbumjohnny


    An essential collection there John!
  9. Really enjoy your image contribution on here wow you guys are full on spanking masters ... excellent pics 🙂
  10. Chawsee that's another really good example of spanking relationship what works or not?.. :-) I know what people mean when they say spanking is hardwired into them I get that totally and it's bubbling away in the background in some form or another! But as much as I love being spanked it's like having cake or chocolate everyday you can have too much of a good thing! I have other stuff to do in my life and because it's not spank related I can concentrate on those tasks without spanking becoming a distraction or overwhelming and there's the times when my head is all about spanking and it's great to get some and have that lovely release! It's about balance plus it gives time for letting the poor old bottom cool down a bit :-) BBJ xx
  11. Still sore?....you did a good job!...or was it another's work? 🙂
  12. Wire whip Wednesday 🙂
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