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  1. I've only taken sixteen medium strokes at one time and that was plenty I got lovely weals from that .... judicial is something else! Enjoy😉
  2. Well as they say " it's your ass"...good luck when that happens ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. My booty seems to heal ok without too much TLC considering all the abuse it's handled over the years the only thing I don't really go up to is judicial level floggings!
  4. I think my ass could take it not so sure about my balls 🤣
  5. I'll take your word for it!.... Mine gets a bit leathery if I use a paddle even if I moisturise heavily...I guess all butts handle impact differently😘
  6. I'm guessing some of you guys have developed leather tough hides🤭
  7. A coarse scrubbing brush works wonders particularly under the shower it softens the skin and on a recently spanked bottom should keep the soreness for as long as you desire it!.... preferably get one new just for this purpose not one you use on the floors👍
  8. Brilliant advice on this topic I think I might try the diaper position then I can have a go at the bottom crease where buttock meets thigh...I've always got such a rush thwacking into such a sensitive space the same with the 'inner' butt cheeks very sensitive I can't take hard swipes there too much I squeal literally! ...but just lately I've been favouring a length of fence wire it's very flexible sheathed in green rubber/plastic quite weighty it doesn't take much to give a powerful whack and you can bend it to create a handle or if it goes out of shape it's easy to straighten I would hat
  9. bigbumjohnny

    ava lift.png

    Ava holding that phone that close will strain your eyes ..a bit like mine are looking at that butt😃
  10. That's quite a sad story and a big wake up call to newbies to find out as much as possible when playing as you want to set limits...I'm not one for no limit play as some like to play hardcore and unfortunately some people are just sadistic. I hope your friend got over the experience but can understand if it's put them off! A good warning story And for yourself I'm sorry to hear this happened but you couldn't predict the outcome and there is risk sometimes involved in these meetings. I hope all is OK now😯
  11. Hi Firmhandguy Totally get where you are coming from and it seems to me that many are in a similar situation that the spanko part of their personality has to go on the back burner particularly if in a vanilla relationship. I don't like hearing about all these poor souls who are suffering mentally about their kink and feel bad about it. It's all about how you manage things which is life in a nutshell! We never got a manual on how to proceed. I've had an on off relationship with spanking even though my partner is vanilla we tried out a little light spanking fun and it was jus
  12. I think that bottoms had more than the switch applied by the look of it!
  13. Indeed Lily!...have you found the picture where they are striped😀
  14. It's great that everyone is offering up advice though just by reading other people's experiences it proves there are sympathetic spanko people on the planet even if it's hard getting your needs met I mean I'd love to be a millionaire but realistically I'm not holding out for it to become reality😅 I do hope everyone finds some solace in others feeling the same👍
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