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  1. A few quiet almost whispered words go much further than a raised voice I feel. Letting the miscreant know that they are about to learn a lesson and one they will remember for some time. A methodical calmness can always increase the perception of seriousness and severity of punishment to come.
  2. It will very much very from one person to the next I find. I know some who feel they have been thoroughly punished from a over the knee hand spanking while for others it would barely affect them and they consider the strap or wooden spoon 'adequate' for their punishment. Its completely down to personal experiences and mindset.
  3. Hi Jane pleased to make your acquaintance 😃 Hope to see you around!
  4. Don't try to 'cope' with it. Accept it as a part of who you are. Its how you were created, its in your DNA make up. Never stop embracing it because its another element of you as a person. Its a need that may always be there and think how dull life would be if it wasn't:-)
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