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  1. Hello Strictmommy, Im literally right down the road from you.
  2. Want to share the types of games and detailed rules of the games??
  3. i thank you for the post. I was thinking of myself in the situation... I know that i would safe word out. A punishment or as a means to remain sober I would not benefit from a safe word. I am open with my Cardiologist. She was the one who suggest the oxygen and heart monitor,. I suffer from Empyema and after a STEMI event with only half of my heart not working. withdraw consent at any time for any reason during Spanking Therapy would not benefit me in my sobriety. i presently have to pay a Disciplinarian which is difficult living on less than $800. a month.
  4. Shame I am over your age limit.
  5. I own my own home. it is paid for outright. in this economy i would not get what it is worth nor could I afford to but another from what it would bring in southeastern Ohio to Purchase another one outright, living on less than $800 a month, I could not not afford a house payment. But I have considered it.
  6. None found so far that seek to discipline an older man nor seek to relocate for a FLR-DD...
  7. To me a spanking means: A deterrent to drinking. Gives perspective, focus.
  8. there is a means to ensure that the spankee does not have a heart attack during the spanking. A spankee buys a heart and lung monitor. The Spanker holds the wrist of hand the monitor is on and places him in a corner when the monitor reaches 125. When it goes down to below 90 He/She can continue with the punishment. This way the Spanker does not listen loose the His/Her authority, still be compassionate about the one He/She leads, nor worry if the spankee is just trying to stop it because the spankee wants to safe word out because of pain.
  9. I am placing advertisements here and visit chats awaiting someone to show a possible interest...
  10. she is very good at her administering discipline... Wish she she was not so far away from me...
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