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  1. I like to take the classic role plays, and reverse them ☺️. For instance, a teacher/student role play, with a twist. Instead of playing the student, I play the teacher, and I am spanked over the female student’s knee! Same for boss/employee where I play the boss who gets paddled by the female employee 🥰
  2. I've found that it's definitely an exception rather than the rule kind of thing. Interestingly enough, that couple is no longer together. I saw where that same woman posted that they had divorced a few years back. She didn't elaborate or anything. And she still speaks fondly of their spanking adventures. So, on the surface, it would appear that them divorcing didn't have anything to do with engaging in spanking with partners outside of the marriage. She said that it can be a slippery slope. All the dynamics have to fall just right. One guy on another site said once that he could never share spanking with anyone outside his marriage. However, should certain female celebrities happen to come calling, paddles in hand, it would be awfully tempting 😂 He also said that as jealous as the thought of another man being over his wife's knee would make him, at times,.his bottom gets so sore that if a lonely single guy looking for a female spanker happened to pop up, he could probably put his jealousy on the back burner for a bit, just to give his bottom a break. He said "if my bottom is sore enough, and another guy wants/needs a spanking, I may say ahh...hell with the jealousy, here take my place over her knee while I go take a bath in aloe" 😂
  3. That's what I deserve, Miss Chawsee. Blister my bottom something fierce for telling blonde jokes. I deserve every smack
  4. Just as it should be. Blister this butt of mine. ☺️ Put me in my place quick, Miss Chawsee 🙂❤️❤️
  5. @Chawsee I remember you going to bat for us submissive men in that thread and I greatly appreciate it. I don't know.what it is, but some submissive women out there, for whatever reason, just don't want submissive men around, period. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I've pondered this for a long time. Personally, I could never be with a submissive woman. However, that doesn't mean I want them to just go away. But I certainly remember you going to bat for us submissive guys and that absolutely means the world to me. As for the punishing an ee and the pain aspect, I have had some downright earth shattering spankings before that reduced me to a sobbing mess. However, I've never once felt like my spanker (with whom I was having a session) had hurt me or anything. The way I see it, as long as my bottom isn't bleeding, I am ok. 🙂 I need my butt blistered good. I need to know that I have messed up. I often imagine myself over your knee and my butt is a nice cherry red color as you blister me good amid a very stern scolding. ☺️
  6. Oh yes! There would be plenty of things that I have done on my own for you to punish me for. That, plus my mouth would earn me several spankings over your knee, Miss Chawsee ☺️🔥🔥
  7. Absolutely Miss Chawsee! My bare bottom will make a perfect substitute. Blister me good! I will take his paddling plus scolding ☺️
  8. I have always found this quite interesting. I have actually been spanked before by female friends who needed to relieve stress, release pent up frustrations, that sort of thing. I offered up my butt, and they gladly accepted. It is actually quite fun as well as therapeutic. I remember one time in particular when a female friend was blistering my backside and getting out some long pent up frustrations and she was really let me have it verbally too. It was quite the experience. It’s interesting being spanked for something you actually didn’t do, but are just kind of the outlet for. Now of course, all the same protocols still apply. Just as with disciplinary spanking sessions and the like, there are safe words, limits, and what not. Nothing happens that isn’t completely consensual. This particular kind of spanking may not be for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it.
  9. Ever get that feeling that life is just...over? The best days well behind and not ahead? Ever find yourself thinking back to the past and wondering what made things so good then and what day did all that change? That's me. Everything is just joyless it seems. Nowadays, everything is so different. Nothing makes me smile anymore.
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