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  1. People who NEVER take 5 seconds to just sit down for a moment. I’d call them workaholics, but, I don’t think that would be accurate. Even workaholics chill every once in awhile. I’m talking about people who just don’t stop. They are the types that HAVE to be doing something. They have it lodged in their brains that they MUST keep moving. You never see them even stop to eat something. They go on little to no sleep. And what’s worse is...they expect everyone else around them to do as they do...just maddening
  2. Exactly! I pay close attention to my spanker's hair. The way the ladies wear it, the color. I've been by spanked by females with blonde hair, brunettes .red heads, jet black hair, auburn hair, brown hair. I recall a red head spanker I once sessioned with. She was only about 4'11". She would stand with one hand on her hip and flip her hair back with her hand. She'd scold me and ask me if I was proud of what all I had done. Of course I'd say yes and she'd say "ahh..ya better hush up" and I'd say "you are so funny". She'd tell me "ohh...ohh...I'm warning you...momma is gonna paddle ya, ya li
  3. As someone else stated, the consent should be revisited often. It’s a good practice to check to make sure everything is going ok. Because, really and truly, we never know
  4. I’m so glad I found this thread! I LOVE telling of the times I have teased my spankers...in a way it’s like getting to relive the experiences all over again 😊❤️❤️❤️
  5. One time, I got REALLY brave, (like IQ dropped 100 points) and I teased my spanker while she was holding her Jokari paddle...smacking it against her palm. Before the session, she had mentioned that felt like she was forgetting something. She said “oh well...maybe it’ll come to me” and I said “it probably won’t. Too much other stuff on your mind”. And she said “yeah... and how I’m going to discipline you is on the forefront of my mind”. And I said “well..what did you do with your little toy paddle, silly girl” and she said “silly...girl? Silly girl? Oh...my....I could just....you little...you w
  6. An additional paddling for throwing the game and then I should be made to write sentences 😊
  7. Yes! I LOVE that idea! I thoroughly enjoy arguing with my spanker before the spanking. I can get can get my spanker good and motivated, on top of the motivation they already have. We would have a blast being spanked in tandem 😊
  8. Absolutely right! The spanking implement should definitely be something heavier than a ping pong paddle!
  9. Exactly. A mutual agreement must be reached first. So long as that is in place, everything should be good to go. Once that agreement is reached, and discipline is applied, then the er can spank the ee as they see fit
  10. As I'm sure many of you already know, the game of Ping Pong offers a built in incentive to bend over a knee. My favorite version is the winner gets to take the loser over their knee for a very sound paddling. The number of smacks is triple the number of the game's point total. Plus any rounding up that may need to be done. So naturally, in my case, I like to play this version of Ping Pong against a female. And of course...I NEVER win, under ANY circumstances whatsoever! The female NEVER has to worry about being on the losing end, because that's for me. 😊 My record in Ping Pong games is someth
  11. Miss @Chawsee one of these days when I make it up to your neck of the woods, we can have some real fun with this! A little sassing from me before the first spanking will add more licks to what I already have coming 😊
  12. Things I've said to a spanker...oh my goodness! Where do I begin? I got into an argument with a disciplinarian I was sessioning with. I started the argument intentionally as a way to give her even more motivation to punish me, as if she really needed more LOL. So we are going back and forth with each other. She says "watch it young man! What are you doing questioning me? And...ohh...you better get that smug look off your face, boy!" My response was "I can't help but smile a little". She gives me this look as if to say "tread carefully". I then say "you sound kind of....how do I put
  13. I will try and get a woman to say a trigger word, like beat, smack, whip, and tan.
  14. Thank you for your kind words. Anger issues and depression have plagued me for most of, if not all my life. They go hand in hand. I’ve had suicidal thoughts before, mostly because I feel like I’m just a bad person due to my anger issues. I’ve asked my Disciplinarian to really turn it up on me. I want the punishments I have coming to be something I’ll never forget. My Disciplinarian has helped me to see a lot of things. With her strict discipline and me getting into therapy, I do feel encouraged. 🙏
  15. I know this feeling well, Miss @Chawsee😊. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake each morning and it's definitely on my mind when I close my eyes at night and drift off. 😊
  16. I'm just a terribly broken person. The disciplinarian I go to is punishing me harder because my anger issues have come back. Next time I see her, she is going to take a bar of soap to my mouth. I need as many reminders as I can get that I need to keep my cool. My anger issues have also caused a chain reaction with my depression. And that's not good at all because that can lead to me having thoughts about harming myself. In addition to being spanked and disciplined for my anger, I am going to start therapy.
  17. I had a female friend some years back that I was able to talk into spanking me. She used a lot of what I call trigger words. Smack, tan, beat, whip, etc. Mostly smack and tan. She would also pop me on my shoulders or my arms when we would argue. Most of our arguments were playful. Sometimes I'd start arguments intentionally to get her to smack me, LOL. I'd mess up her hair and then she'd smack the back of my hand and mess up my hair in return. Anytime she talked about tanning, it would get my motor running. She would be referring to actual tanning, out in the sun. However, to my min
  18. Lately, my anger issues have come storming back. I don't know what to do anymore. I hate this about myself. I had a long talk with my female disciplinarian about this. I've disappointed her greatly. She hasn't said that in so many words, but I can sense it. I often wonder if she thinks less of me now. I would not blame her if she did. Perhaps I'm just too broken. Too far gone 😭
  19. Paddles of any kind get me going. Seeing ping pong paddles in the sporting goods section of a store just gives me the biggest erection. And if I see a woman brush her hair I immediately imagine her bringing that hairbrush down on my bare bottom. I picture me messing up her hair and her paddling me with her hairbrush as punishment. LOL Also...the words whip, smack, beat, and tan. Ohh..my goodness....when a female talks about tanning...all I can picture is spanking. 😊 I once started a funny exchange about tanning with a female friend. She asked me if I noticed her tan. I said "ahh...so...y
  20. I talked to a guy online and he told me that his wife has several ball and string paddles and she always keeps one in her purse. His wife paddled him good in the bathroom in a store they were in because he asked how much longer it would be. And he got what he deserved in the form of a nice tanned bottom. 😊
  21. The nonconsensual part is where it goes awry. There are some people who actually like the idea of forcing a spanking onto unwilling participants. Now,.it's one thing to do that in a consensual fantasy roleplay. But...to some...I don't think it's roleplay. I had someone tell me in a conversation online once that they'd rather spank an unwilling participant than a willing one and that just floored me. Granted, they did say that they knew that'll never actually materialize, so at least they seemed to know boundaries, but still. To actually prefer that over something consensual...yikes
  22. Exactly. This thread was quickly veering off into a discussion about disciplining minors. Let's remember. Consensual ADULT spanking is just that. Consensual and between ADULTS.
  23. Exactly @Bramblewine He told me some other things about her that he’s just coming to find out. She has these times when she acts rather unpredictable. I’ve dealt with people like that, in and outside of spanking. And I can say, they definitely do NOT belong in spanking.
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