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  1. I have depression as well as suicidal thoughts. No, spanking can't do anything for that. At best, it can cheer you up for a little while, but that's about it. I made the mistake of having a spanking session right after attempting to hurt myself. It wasn't the best idea.
  2. I was in a spanking video once. Just speaking from my own experience, there was nothing fake about it. It was basically a spanking session on video
  3. I get quite aroused during sessions. Especially when my Disciplinarian is scolding me something fierce. And oh my goodness...when She begins smacking the Jokari against her palm....that's extremely arousing. I remember during one of my earliest sessions going on 20 years ago now, my spanker was letting me have it verbally. I mean, that, in its own way, was a severe spanking. Just the way she'd loudly tell me "Ohh....I've had it ...I'm going to....WHIP.... YOUR....BUTT!!" Talk about a serious erection ☺️
  4. I truly have no idea if any of the women I’ve been spanked by have tested any implements out first. Honestly, if they have, I don’t want to know. I don’t like picturing my spankers any other way than in the spanking role. I remember once, I was telling a spanker how shy and timid she was at first. I mean, I could barely feel the smacks on my bottom! I would have to actually say during the sessions “I’m not made of glass!”. And she would scold like “well…you…better behave….got it? Or…you know….I’ll….have to….whip your bottom”. So, just to show her, I used an implement on myself very hard….to show her….”see….I can take it!”. I’d start arguments during the session just to get her mad at me, so she’d spank me….as in REALLY spank me. Eventually she came out of her shell, so to speak. She doesn’t recall being so shy and timid at first, but she definitely was. Arguing with her about it gets me spanked hard now 😊
  5. With a thick paddle in hand guaranteed to cure a smart mouth like mine 😊
  6. I have always found this quite interesting. I have actually been spanked before by female friends who needed to relieve stress, release pent up frustrations, that sort of thing. I offered up my butt, and they gladly accepted. It is actually quite fun as well as therapeutic. I remember one time in particular when a female friend was blistering my backside and getting out some long pent up frustrations and she was really let me have it verbally too. It was quite the experience. It’s interesting being spanked for something you actually didn’t do, but are just kind of the outlet for. Now of course, all the same protocols still apply. Just as with disciplinary spanking sessions and the like, there are safe words, limits, and what not. Nothing happens that isn’t completely consensual. This particular kind of spanking may not be for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it.
  7. When I get a session, a lot of times, it's for discipline. There are things in my life that I really need help with. Laziness, being a smart mouth, and not always being entirely truthful are the big ones. Some lesser ones are pulling jokes, procrastinating, and sometimes not acting my age. When it comes to the big ones, my disciplinarian absolutely lays into me verbally. I mean she REALLY lets me have it and rightfully so. I'm talking tears streaming down my face before my pants have even come down. I deserve it. Those are things that I need to correct. I recall one time in particular when my disciplinarian told me "playing jokes? Really? How old are you?? My goodness! You are older than me, and you think that that's funny? What do I need to do? Start removing privaleges? Start GROUNDING you??" And that's for one of my lesser issues. When it's a big one....that's on another level. Now sometimes, my spanker and I do a roleplay, where we play out a scenario and I'm spanked soundly. But when it's a discipline session where I am punished for real life things that I have done, she's really setting me straight. I get emotional in the discipline sessions because I feel like I've greatly disappointed her with my real life offenses and I have. Afterwards, she holds me and we talk and she will say "I really came down on you. Are you alright?" And I say "better than alright. Thank you".
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