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  1. First and foremost, we are a consensual adult spanking board and not a parenting site. Please don’t think I am fussing at you. Just a heads up. Prohibiting the referencing of current, live minors is for everyone’s protection.
  2. Other things that happened during spanking sessions also arouse me when I think back to them. Like the way my spanker would flip her hair with her hand. The way she would smack a paddle against her palm and laugh.
  3. I get VERY aroused when thinking about different memories in spanking sessions I have had. I recall one time, after a session concluded, I made a smart comment on my way out the door and the Disciplinarian (who I had just had a session with) yanked me back inside, took my pants back down, turned me back over her knee for another spanking and paddling. Looking back, the smart comment was not very....smart of me, LOL. But the memory of being yanked back inside and having my butt blistered again arouses me. I cried like a baby on the way home that day ☺️
  4. Let's try not to talk about live children here. Past childhood experiences are fine. But please steer away from parental beliefs about current children and how they should/should not be raised
  5. I like the sound of that! Miss @Chawseewould certainly make sure that I learned my lesson. So writing an essay sitting on my VERY sore bottom would be an effective way to get through to me. ❤️❤️
  6. It's open to them as well so long as they are one, of a legal age, and two, they consent to it.
  7. This is what I don’t understand. Ok…so the solution to racism (which does exist and is an issue, yes) is to flip it and be racist towards whites? Because “make it less white” sounds like just that.
  8. I love you, @Chawsee😊❤️❤️ My mouth gets the better of me sometimes and so a paddling and additional punishments are definitely needed. You would turn my butt a nice shade of crimson and have me writing an essay while standing 😊
  9. I recall a session I had once where the female who was spanking me over her knees began to moan as she was spanking me. She was getting wet. She was absolutely loving it. I was crying and promising to be good...and she was moaning and enjoying what she was feeling. She laughed and said "oh yeah....uh huh...oh yeah...like...ohh..baby... just be quiet...you... know....you deserve this! Ohh...yeah" I had a very blistered bottom, which I richly deserved. She absolutely loved it. She got off on it and to me, that made it even better. I got what I deserved and she experienced intense pleasure from giving it to me. When she applied lotion to my bottom after the session,.she said that it was the perfect storm.
  10. I’ve said some things to spankers before that I later regretted. My previous spanker and I first met years earlier. She was a professional at the time and was just starting out. I was one of her first clients. She told me to “come here”. She sat down and told me I was going to get it good. Then, there was silence. I was awaiting her instructions. I assumed that she wanted me over her knees, so I went ahead and pulled my pants down. I then pointed to her lap as if to ask “over your knee?” She finally replied “ahh...yeah yeah....lay across my knees”. So, I bent over her knees and she just kind of drummed away on my butt. It really wasn’t hurting at all. I thought I was going to fall asleep. She scolded me, sort of. I was very underwhelmed. So, after the spanking, I got up and she said “well...umm....corner...go to the corner, boy”. It was kind of funny how she seemed so....shy. But, shyness has no place in this game. So, after my corner time, she got a ball and string paddle and said “bend over and touch your toes”. I did and she paddled me. At least it stung a little. I finally had to call a timeout and regroup. I told her “look, no offense, but you are putting me to sleep here! We can call these first couple of spankings play spankings or warm ups. But....starting right now...you need to come out of this one note voice and let me have it! I am NOT made of glass, girl! Tear my butt up! She looked at me and she looked like she was getting mad, which was a good sign. I said “I mean....what is it going to take to get you motivated to blister my bottom?”. She asks if I’d like for her to scold me louder, and I said “of course!”. And I said “I mean....maybe....part of it is....you may need a little bit bigger chair to sit in when you turn me over your knee again. I think that your backside may be too big for the other one”. She was just fuming by this point! I think I motivated her! Long story short, we reconnected some years later after she was no longer doing it professionally. We got together and she started spanking me again. She had come a long way since the early days. We would always joke about that first session and how I motivated her to spank my butt much harder! 😄
  11. @ChawseeSo....would you say that I deserved the bottom blistering and corner time that I got that day? 😊
  12. Yes yes and yes! I would absolutely love to see a scene in a movie where a female turns the tables on a male and tans his bottom!
  13. My penis is throbbing right now, just thinking about being spanked. My butt turning redder and redder. Tears streaming down my face and the female who is spanking me is feeling intense satisfaction from giving me the punishment that I deserve. ❤️❤️
  14. It makes me SO horny! When I am in trouble with a female who is about to tan my butt, I get SO erect. Seeing a female holding any type of implement makes me horny. Belt, paddle, brush, tawse, you name it. And oh...the very sight of a ball and string paddle makes me hard. Females have worn my butt out with those over the years.
  15. @ChawseeYou and I would have lots of fun together. My scenario ideas are fun. 😊
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