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  1. Exactly @Bramblewine He told me some other things about her that he’s just coming to find out. She has these times when she acts rather unpredictable. I’ve dealt with people like that, in and outside of spanking. And I can say, they definitely do NOT belong in spanking.
  2. I was conversing with someone online recently who told me of a very awkward situation they found themselves in. It was a guy who had recently been engaging in spanking with a woman he has known for around 3-4 years. He's the ee, and she's the er. She asks him to come over and meet some of her relatives. So he does. She introduces him as a friend. Then, later on, he says something, playfully of course, that sounds smart assed. She responds playfully, "was that a smart comment, young man? Looks like someone earned themselves a trip out back and let's not forget, there is a bar of Ivory soa
  3. The closeness of it all for sure. It brings a closeness like nothing else can. The emotions are just amazing. When I am being spanked and my spanker is laying into me with a serious scolding, I am sobbing big time. I cry when being spanked both for the release and because I'm saddened that I've so greatly disappointed my spanker. And after the session...ohh...the hugging and consoling....words just can't describe it
  4. I'm not the relationship type. I don't believe in marriage. However....if I were to ever change my mind in that regard, my girlfriend/wife would know from jump street that I am a spankee and she would need to evolve into a spanker if the whole thing is going to work. Not that I ever see myself changing in that regard or anything.
  5. That should say "you know what will happen"
  6. I've been sent to get spanking implements before. The Female who sent me said "don't you dare come back with little flimsy things.... because if you do....well... to know what will happen" ☺️
  7. I don't think it's going anywhere. Granted there are those out there that don't like it. And there are those who would do anything and everything they could to stop it. But.... really, how effective could that be? Throughout my years of being into spanking, I've seen individuals get out of it. While that's been disheartening to see, I don't think that it has that much of an impact on spanking on the whole. First off, out of the ones who got out of it (that I knew of) maybe one had been, at one point or another, a true spanko. The rest appeared to have a passing interest in it, at best. S
  8. Yes yes and YES!! This is one topic that pops up around here from time to time and it just vexes me, to be honest. Why on earth would anyone ask a BLOOD RELATIVE to do something of a sexual nature with them? I don't get it. The very thought of if makes me cringe. I mean...are there not other, non relative adults that one could ask for a spanking? Shoot, have the non relative spanking partner play the part of mom/dad. But for crying out loud, to ask an actual parent for a spanking? Ummm.....NO
  9. I've gotten vanilla females to spank me before. I just have a way of doing it. 😊 It can be fun. I recall one time, I had helped a female friend out, so when she asked "how could I ever repay you?" I cashed in on the opportunity. She spanked me 4 different times after I had helped her out. She was just that grateful to me 😊. The first spanking she gave me was a lot of fun...and kind of funny. I was over her knees and I was facing a full length mirror. Strands of hair fell down in her face from all the motion. She kept blowing to try and get the hair strands out of her face as she was spank
  10. A Female controlled spanking relationship is the best as far as I'm concerned πŸ™
  11. It would be fine by me if Zoom went completely out of existence.
  12. A woman online told me that she got spanked by her parents until she was 41. And the only reason it stopped was because her mom died and her dad's health went downhill shortly thereafter. She actually asked me "should I have let it go on that long?" And I replied "HELL NO!!" Then she asked "what could I have done to get them to stop though?' and I said "ummm...you could have told them to freaking STOP!! What were you, under contract to be spanked by them or something?" She honestly had been too afraid to tell them to stop, despite being in her 40's and having been married at the time, and what
  13. I definitely prefer the hand to implements, Miss Chawsee. There is something so special about a hand spanking. It's in a category all by itself 😊
  14. There are quite a few triggers for me. Sights, words, sounds. The other day, I was on a message board completely unrelated to spanking. A female member on there talked about being only 5' 1" or so but quite strong. She said "don't let my height fool you. I've sent a few guys home with whipped butts ". I quoted her post and asked if she could expound on that 😊
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