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  1. Good question indeed. While I am usually spanked for disciplinary reasons, I also enjoy role playing. Of course, in the role plays, I am spanked as punishment for something I did, in the roleplay. For instance, when my disciplinarian and I play wife/husband, I will get spanked because I maybe didn't put the dishes away or I was a selfish husband or something like that. The spankings I get for real life offenses are harder than the ones I get in role play, although the roleplay spankings are quite sound too. And sometimes, a good maintenance spanking is in order. If I've been good, then w
  2. I recall one time, I broke down and cried before the session even began. It was just a "perfect storm" kind of moment. I was just SO happy to be there and she was getting ready to start addressing my behavior and the reasons I was there to be punished. The Jokari paddle just looked so beautiful laying on the coffee table. Spanking just brings about so many emotions
  3. Spanking is VERY therapeutic for me. I've actually recommended to vanilla females to try administering spankings to guys if they are looking for stress relief. 😊
  4. I have had married women offer to spank me and I have turned them down. If we're calling a spade a spade, it's not right. The two women who made this offer to me both said the same thing. They both: Liked spanking but their husbands didn't. If they cleared it with their husbands first, then there would be no issues so long as the spanking didn't lead to anything further. Their husbands weren't jealous guys or anything like so I wouldn't have to worry about looking over my shoulder or anything like that. In each instance, I told them that if they were single, I'd probably already be over
  5. I get spanked as punishment for real life issues and I also get spanked in role play scenarios. And I've been spanked to tears in the role play. For instance, when my disciplinarian and I do a role play and we play mother/son or wife/husband and the "naughty boy" or "husband" that I play gets into trouble, then I get my bottom blistered soundly. Perhaps the spankings I get in straight discipline sessions are a tad harder because those are for real life things that need correcting in my life. But the role play spankings can leave my bottom as red as a stop light too.
  6. Sometimes, I will sit and write spanking stories. Just the other day, I opened up the notebook that I write them in and it is now almost all the way full! So, I just got another one LOL. I had no idea just how many spanking stories I have amassed over the years 😊
  7. One thing that I do in life that gets me into trouble with my disciplinarian are making smart comments under by breath. She absolutely lights me up for that. She will say "my goodness.... talking under your breath again? If I was present and I witnessed you doing such a thing, I'd take you somewhere right then and there and paddle you to tears and then have you go find the person to whom you spoke to under your breath and apologize and maybe even tell them what you got for doing it. Right now, I want to know how many times you have done this since our last session and young man, it had be
  8. I cry before. during,.and after the spanking. i just sob away.
  9. I would love to get a scolding from you Miss Chawsee. ❤️❤️
  10. Oh, I wouldn't have gotten aroused everytime I went by that sign ☺️
  11. I concur 100%. It would be an absolute honor to be spanked and disciplined by Miss @Chawsee
  12. I imagine being paddled with a Jokari by Miss@Chawsee☺️
  13. One time I was taking to a female friend who was, for the most part, vanilla. However, she would spank me if I requested it. She was asking is I noticed her tan. Now, if.i hear tanning, what comes to this spank filled mind of mine? LOL So I said "yes. Looks great. I could use a good tanning myself". And she was telling me about the best time of the day to lay out and what not. I said "I just need it on my butt" and she said "only there?" And I said "yes. I've misbehaved" and she said "oh... you mean a spanking?" And I said "yes...now....I was thinking, I bare my bottom and lay over some proppe
  14. I think the most embarrassing spanking I ever got was when the disciplinarian I was sessioning with had me to repeat after her while I was over her knee being spanked. She would smack my bottom and have me say "I'm just a naughty little boy. I don't act my age. So now I'm going to have a red rear end to show for it. I deserve to have my little butt blistered". My behavior in real life had been absolutely inexcusable. So I deserved the embarrassment. I told her "I'm so sorry ma'am. I will straighten up" and she said "young man, you are only sorry that I found out just how bad you've been.
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