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  2. Spankwhisperer


    You don’t need to be nude, MJ. Let our imaginations wander to their most pleasing end. You have a lovely, feminine shape and a deliciously spankable bottom. I would be thrilled to have you over my knee for a proper bottom baring.
  3. I just sent you an e mail. I hope I can help....
  4. Naughty Girl adjusted across Spankwhisperer's knee, mid spanking.

    © spankwhisperer

  5. Kate dangled over Spankwhisperer’s knee as he rolled his sleeves in preparation for the hardest part of her spanking

    © Spankwhisperer

  6. You showed up with this, he didn’t. You’ve (probably) had a spanking fascination since childhood. He had no clue; and he berated you for your spanking side. Shut him out. No contact, no anything. He’s a control freak and you got away from him. He wants you only to continue to control you. You are very young. When you find the partner that craves this as much as you do, you’ll enjoy an intimacy that he couldn’t come close to. Trust me, I’ve had the same frustrations. It took a long time for me to change my path. You’re just at the beginning of your journey. I wish I was there too. Go forth, find exactly what you want, and be happy. This chapter is over.....
  7. Vice, Next time you find yourself down state, my sixty something year old lap will be happy to tan your fanny just right.
  8. I prefer to impart shame rather than humiliation. Shame is personal and private. Spankings should be administered with love and caring. Humiliation or degradation have no place when correcting a naughty young lady.
  9. Exactly what I said in my comment..... I expect a punished girl to kick, howl, wiggle and clench. And if she reaches back to protect her spanked bottom, I take her hand, interlock my fingers with hers, and continue spanking her. There should be no ‘punishment within the punishment’ when the hot fanny I’m giving her is punishment enough.
  10. Mid spanking scolding
  11. Spankwhisperer wields the hairbrush
  12. © Spankwhisperer

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