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  1. Do you spank females over the age of 40 I’m 47 but I don’t look my age lol Plz let me know 

    1. ticlaude


      would take you over my knees , eavan if you were 57

  2. I’m looking for spanking services and I’m willing to travel to you How can I get in touch with you
  3. @Shameless I’m currently looking for a female disciplinarian And I’m open to possibility to other things But not to jump into a sexual relationship with a woman right away I gotta get to know her just like having a sexual relationship with a man
  4. I agree with @Needing correction! I feel the same way about A Spanking
  5. I wonder if this is the same thoughts that Woman often wonder about when being Spanked by another Woman
  6. Enemas are A Very Hard Limit for Me !!!!
  7. I have a Jokari paddle and My one spankee I had a few years ago Cried when I spanked him with it... I’ve had it used on me as well and I can honestly say That it stings and burns one butt really Toasty
  8. I Live with a Vanilla partner and I’m trying to find Someone who can fulfill my Discipline needs That’s why I’m here mainly... I’d be okay with asking my disciplinarian for a spanking especially bc I know they’re Beneficial for My well Being
  9. I just signed up for the newsletter ty for sharing it with us
  10. The reason why I say he was fake Was simply bc whenever I’d question something that I thought was wrong he’d argue with me and accuse me of being a Dom just bc I’d ask questions
  11. Can someone please explain a lil more about this breathing app and if I can find it on my Apple iPhone
  12. Yes now that’s a good idea bc it could help keep track of the burning calories but not too much the Burning Hiney Lol
  13. I can actually relate about being on the phone with a Fake Dom and him dictating my spanking The self spanking was one that I done for the first time Yes it was hard and it was painful but he told me what to do and I did it... I was told to Take my little Paddle and give myself 100 hard swats which I had to count them out loud and hold the place the phone on something so he could hear it So needless to say even though he was fake The spanking was very Real and painful
  14. Good morning I’m a 47 year old woman looking for a female disciplinarian to provide discipline structure and Firmness to help keep me in my day to day life..This is not play that I’m looking for This is Real I need someone who’s Firm and understanding yet she will deliver A Well deserved spanking when I need it Along with Corner Time and Aftercare. If your out there Plz send me a msg I live in Upstate NY so I’m looking for someone close by..I hope to hear from you soon ty
  15. I’ve never been spanked out in public but many of times I’ve been threatened haha Hopefully someday I’ll get to experience it
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