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  1. Are there any female spankers interested in mentoring a 23 year old female long term? I'd prefer to find someone a bit older and maternal to provide discipline spankings, though I'd be happy to hear from any female ERs. I'm based in the DMV, but I'm willing to travel a fair bit regularly if it seems like it could be a good fit.
  2. I'm a 23 year old female looking for an older ER, male or female (gender doesn't really matter to me as I'm strictly looking for someone to fill the mentor/disciplinarian role and nothing more). I've never actually been spanked before, but I've often thought of it, and I keep finding myself back on this site, so ignoring this desire (or need) doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to get to know someone who's mature and experienced, but also compassionate to sort of serve as a caring authoritative/parental figure. I don't really understand how people form these relationships without pretending, but that's what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in role-play as much as having the spankings serve as punishment/ guidance. I wouldn't want the meetings to feel too cold or impersonal, so if your idea of mentorship is just based on spanking, it probably wouldn't be a great fit. It'd be great to hear from anyone who's looking for something similar
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