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Hi All.  I want to mention up front that if something I say resonates or makes you curious, just message me.  I don’t bite. I’m the coolest spanko I know! Ha

I give and receive spankings. Between the two, I lean more on the spankee side as my need is simply stronger there.  Spanking helps me and works. Sometimes just the threat of spanking works. There is a psychological aspect to the whole spanking thing that shouldn’t be undervalued. As for my spanker side, I know others may have the same needs that I have so if helping you makes sense then I’m happy to take a swing (pun intended!).  I think I’m effective at giving spankings and working through issues to help the recipient. I’m much more selective about giving spankings since I’m not looking for anything sexual nor wanting to make a big deal of logistics.  

As to the type of spanking I need to receive (and the type I would give), it would be for disciplinary purposes. I need it in the context of accountability, as someone who is being mentored or coached through certain things. I’d want my spanker to be after my improvement, and who actually enjoys helping with no further obligations or expectations. There are many people (like counselors) who get great satisfaction from helping people.  

The issue of spanking is a very private thing. So confidentiality is a must. Trust is paramount. This can take a while.  As a spankee I’d even be open to online help.  There are ways to do that and I’d be happy to discuss. I find that high quality people in this space are geographically spread out, and sadly, the good ones are often hard to find. Landing a home run with someone in my backyard would be great, but I’m also realistic about it. 😀

As an educated working professional with high goals and aspirations, this is a serious thing to me. This isn’t about sex nor am I looking for anything sexual.  I’d really want to respect my spanker as type of life coach.  I’d highly prefer a female over a male.  It’s 10x harder for me to open up with a guy, not to mention I’d have a hard time with the intimate nature of spanking.  Over the years I’ve talked to some females who are fantastic in this role, who are true disciplinarians but can still be friends.  I just wasn’t in the same place I’m at now.  They are good at talking through things and ultimately good at holding the spankee accountable.

To my spanker, I understand this takes time out of your day and your time needs to be respected. I’m a type-A and a loyal friend, and I’m willing to submit to you and work my hardest on the things agreed to.

Don’t be a stranger. Please reach out as I often won’t be able to tell who is really this type of spanker looking for this type of spankee.  We may not work out in this dynamic and there is no pressure, but we can always discuss and depart as friends.  

To the few who made it all the way to the bottom, thanks for reading! 😀

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