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  1. I've always wanted in person but would like to explore online. Looking to receive. Happy to discuss or answer questions. I need to trust the person, and surely they'll want to trust me. We can build that over time. Thank you.
  2. True. And I can understand how it's even more of a threat for women.
  3. Politics and religion can be polarizing. Do you tend to spank or receive from people with the same line of thought or different? Does it matter? And this is for a longer term thing than just once, maybe even a mentorship thing. As an example would you take a Trump supporter if you're a Biden supporter. This kind of stuff. Sorry if it's a silly question.
  4. 100% agree. I use anonymity, but I can share with the right person. I'm very safety conscious.
  5. Houston here. I hit the other cities from time to time.
  6. That's crazy. I'm sure psychopaths are unfortunately attracted to these kink sites. One person recommended background checks. And I agree. There are other things you can do as well.
  7. I haven't. At least not yet. I would with the right person, but I'm pretty private and need to establish a lot of trust. Even if just meeting to chat.
  8. First couple weren't that good. It's so hard to find a woman who understand and doesn't just go through the motions. I'm generally a type-A but have and deep desire to submit to the right female disciplinarian. Still a stuggle and still searching. I have received the paddle a few times though. I think this is where a natural spanker just "gets it".
  9. Wish there were some around Houston. They are all hiding I guess.
  10. Yes, even though one is an er and the other an ee, there should be much discussion and agreement beforehand with trust ongoing. Not to mention a consensual understanding with hard limits. The true atmosphere should be one of care, though it can still be discipline if that's the goal. Great points. By the way, I tried messaging you but your inbox is full. Had a question. My kik id is in my "about me" section if that is easier. -Chris
  11. Not sure. I have small paddles. What's wrong with bamboo, just curious?
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