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  1. Wish there were some around Houston. They are all hiding I guess.
  2. Yes, even though one is an er and the other an ee, there should be much discussion and agreement beforehand with trust ongoing. Not to mention a consensual understanding with hard limits. The true atmosphere should be one of care, though it can still be discipline if that's the goal. Great points. By the way, I tried messaging you but your inbox is full. Had a question. My kik id is in my "about me" section if that is easier. -Chris
  3. Not sure. I have small paddles. What's wrong with bamboo, just curious?
  4. I've had marks but always careful about what I'm wearing. Never had an issue.
  5. Tried messaging you.  Inbox was full.  Please pm me if you can.   -Chris

  6. Many in here obviously ask for what they need, and some openly share that they are willing to spank others. But how many are lurking who are afraid to say what they need, or afraid to share they have a desire to spank, but never speak up about it? (And they could have really good reasons, like safety or privacy). Just a general curious thought. Seems like so many are privately into this world, even if they haven't shared it with anyone.
  7. Updated my "about me" section. 

  8. I wish you or some other female disciplinarians were in Texas.
  9. wow, Chawsee. Yeah, sorry to hear this in one way, but in another way it's good that you were very brave early on and probably saved yourself a lot more pain down the road.
  10. Very interesting! I haven't cried yet (grunt, beg, yell, sure, but not actually cry). I'd like to, but so many people say not everyone cries. Not sure how to get to that point. I used to think crying was weak, but not anymore. Maybe with encouragement to do it by a good female spanker I trust (?). not sure.
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