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  1. I do both, I enjoy watching her lowering them as she blushes. But also doing it myself, unwrapping the gift is always one of the best things. This also tells what type of spanking she’s about to get. If not right away the odds it’s a good girl spanking. If they come down during the prespanking conversation it’s leaning towards a firmer spanking. But you also have the “on the spot grab and go” type, panties yank right down, she knows, it’s about to get very warm and interesting.
  2. Back from the trip and it was great. Hell, we started early an$ hit Branson for a few days and than to Eureka springs. You were right it was a great tripAnd the food as good
  3. Back from the trip and it was great. Hell, we started early an$ hit Branson for a few days and than to Eureka springs. You were right it was a great trip.
  4. People get to focused on the actual spanking and they are very wrong and why people run off too many spankees this way. This encompasses the before, during and after. Not the swat..swat..slap. it’s the bond you obtain this way, it’s someone to share your true inner thoughts you hold back from all others. It’s the conversation before, during and after I spank you. It also allows you another way of letting out inner pain, where inner pain is far worst than I ever could. It allows you to have a positive cry and held afterwards by someone who cares. It gives you the outlet that works and does so without keaving scars. If you can share your spanking needs with a someone, someone you trust, the conversation is a lot more open. A true spanker isn’t there to just slap your butt, but too also helping in several other ways, it’s a lot of talking and them knowing you. So when your told spanking can not help you, they are not the right one, as they don’t know what they’re doing, or what this actually entails. If someone just wants to inflect pain on you, that’s just for them and are not a good spanker. This is why when you hear a 20 year old saying they are very experienced this way, as they may have done this before but they have no clue really and doing this a few times does not make them good at this I see you reaching out here because there is no one there who understands or listens to how you feel. Your looking for answers and everyone has the response, well this wont help you. That is no help at all, that’s passing the buck. It is not just the spanking but the relationship you build while doing this. If you find the right one, it WILL help you.
  5. So if we support him we can gth so if others feel supporting makes you a pedi? Is that a true or fair statement. If you lump a group together because of one similar aspect in s negative way….what’s the word for that? Hate is hate, so congrats you prove what party is the issue.
  6. Well i’d say about 3/4 of them but theres a huge difference in who needs one and who I’d enjoy giving one too.
  7. I signed up on there early own and was swamped with responses from those fake people looking for money. The site is hard to use, very confusing, I look at it as the playground for kids to play BDSM games.
  8. For everyday music in home or car, it’s always country. I’m in Oklahoma so I think illegal here to not enjoy it. But no one would ever guess, that when at the gym I listen to a non-English speaking group of Girls called “ Baby metal”, I believe they call themselves heavy metal. It just gets your toe taping and gets you in the workout zone. Give em a try
  9. I’m even sorrier to hear that, but lighting can strike twice. I have been married before but as lucky. However I am dating a lovely young lady, but as I said as soon as we started talking I heard from 3 others. Good luck in your search and in Colorado you should do fine as there seem to some in that area. The further South you go the harder it gets, but don’t be afraid to look outside your own state.
  10. I am sorry to hear this, not sure how long it's been, but sounds like time to also move forward. We can still love past and present and pursue what's in store for you next. To tell you the truth people seeking here and other sites are about the same, we all have a need to give or get, now finding the ones can be tricky. It does appear to come in spurts (seasonal even) and for whatever reason a lot are looking for pen pals or online only. You'll see some with a lists of what they want but not what offer in return. So take your time and be just as picky, there is noting worst then meeting someone online and then in person they're are not who they portrayed. It can be worst than not meeting at all. In the mean time strike up conversations with others here. Everything starts with a conversation. Be positive and open. But I can say, it might seem bleak for awhile and than you'll hear for one, you'll begin talking and then you'll hear from another. Not sure if it pheromone's were putting out at the time but it always happens. There is none or a few. Than take your time to find out what they want, don't rush, that's creepy but enjoy the journey.
  11. I am not a switch and never will be. I do hope you do very well and find what you want. But to be fully truthful every female I’ve seen and this discussion of a switch came up they all said, no way I’d ever see one. That they do not want someone topping them that submits to others.
  12. Wow never heard of this and I’ve tan a lot of backsides pretty hard. I would ask if you typically bruise everywhere else this easily? I mean when spanked does your backside bruise during just a mild spanking or a warm up? It could be a medical issue as the palm should not bruise this easily. If your going to continue doing this your hand should toughen up or simply wear gloves.
  13. Yes, many times. or they lean that certain look when they’ve crossed the line. I have swatted a couple of them in public. Hell I put one over one leg and spanked her right in the middle of a crowded section in Niagara falls, Canada. If you’ve ever bern there you know it’s almost like a huge state fair all the time. So a lot of tourists walking around and she just pushed too far. No one said a thing but I know several saw and watched. Maybe they went home and did the same
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