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  1. You are not alone in this in fact I have a 23 year old meeting me here today for cutting herself. It's on her rule list as no self harm (top actually). She does get regular spankings here but those are the ones she knows there is no chance of talking me out of it and it will be a good sound spanking/paddling. Now the spanking along will not correct this, it's the conversation will have before and after that plays a huge role in this. But you are not alone in this as many I've seen have done the same. But this does help and works very well, but the spanker has to really care about you and you
  2. Hello and welcome, Hope you find a good roommate and spanker all in one hell, finding a good roommate can be hard enough alone. But it is possible.
  3. Hello and welcome, I hope you find someone local to help you.
  4. Hello and welcome, hope you find what you search for
  5. I recently received a message here and then to email address. This person is running a phony scam for money and others need to be warned about her. Claiming to be in the militarily overseas, found a large sum of money, keeping it and looking to ship it home.
  6. Hello, welcome and I hope you find what your looking for
  7. So is my hand. Lovely bottom just needs some color.
  8. I live near OKC but yes there seem to be very few female spankee's. I have had the pleasure of meeting and spanking a few of them. Currently seeing one form Tulsa area in fact she should be here soon. It's a Daddy/daughter relationship that's going very well. She does understand I'm looking for my one for a DD LTR and they in return would know about my little girl up front.
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