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  1. Hello and yes I have seen this before, a few times, some cut, some choke and others have a different outlet which is similar. A professional was involved in many but like you said not all can afford that help. With these it involved a lot of open and honest conversations as we attempted to find what was the triggering factor each time. To which we found several, some where the time of day, past issues, present worries, and it can be very frustrating. The best thing is the bond you share between one another and when I mentor someone I go all out. I don't just visit monthly or weekly, I get involved. I've seen where some were driving an unsafe vehicle in which their mentor spanked them and told to fix it, just like this, it is not that easy and wont solve this issue of her being safe. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck, paying for school, trying to work and pay their bills. Last week as a young lady I see often as she was backing her vehicle on the driveway I heard her brakes grinding, I stopped her and had her pull back in. We took my vehicle and knowing she knew very little about cars, whats the sound was and knew she couldn't afford it. I made an appointment the next day, had her brakes fixed and we discussed what to listen for next time. So our bond is more then an occasional meeting. But when we first met she was a cutter, and a few other self harming issues which he have discussed in length. She is now more worried about hurting me with her actions/behaviors, and if she is texting and driving she gets spanked, a rule I will never over look. Her instructions on it, if the text is not for a life saving kidney, it can and better wait. But this is something she does and she admits to it ever time (plus she downloaded an app that warns when she does). Our greatness help with everything is the bond (not saying yours isn't great) as for the choking (I've seen her since Jan this year and for the last 2 months hasn't done any cutting) However the coking hasn't stopped but has slowed in frequency a great deal. But as individuals each has their own reasons and or what work s for them. But you are not alone in this, I have seen it a lot in some form or another, this best thing you have done is acknowledged it, opened the line of conversation, ask questions like you have here and have someone who cares working with you. As I tell anyone I see, I will help keep you safe as much as possible and I need her to help me keep her safe from herself. That she means so much to me it hurts me when she does any self hard, that like most I don't fully understand it but I am here, I care and I wouldn't let anyone else do this to her. We will discuss it and yes I do spank her for it, then hold her a bit tighter afterward letting her know my marks will fade but any marks she makes this way will not, that she is too lovely to wear these scares. I am also not a writer, but I wanted to respond here as you are not alone in this and wish you the very best.
  2. Hello LexP and nice to meet you. I say pursue what it is your looking for, be safe, never rush into it but find what you want and need in life. We only get one shot at this, so live life to it's fullest and whatever makes you happy. Even if it means not sitting comfortable at times, it can grow into something great and very meaningful.
  3. You are very correct, find the person right for you and your needs. The main thing is safety, a true bond, and that you work toward your goals in a positive manner.
  4. Cowboy_Spanks30


    I highly agree,from others and I have spoken with on this matter. Not all but some do seek it elsewhere, but that's their own personal choice. I know I have sent home more than a few less stressed and happier wives, where their spouse reaped the benefits of our meeting. It's got to be a strong trusting relationship with a lot of understanding, but if you're not honest about it, it can cost what you do have. When a married woman contacts me, the first thing I ask is, have they spoken about this with their spouse, or is it really worth losing a relationship over. Give them some time and just be open about your needs, some will be agreeable where others may never understand this
  5. Welcome and good luck in your pursuit
  6. If your female, serious and looking, we should talk, I'm a very gifted spanker that listens to whomever I'm helping. Communication and trust are key and we will form a bond before ever meeting. I will not rush you into anything, we move at your pace. Then once your ready will move forward and continue bonding as we proceed in ensuring you get from this just what you as an individual need. I'm caring and will mentor you on the path to reach your goals, but you will have rules. I'm great with helping newbee's find what they need this way safely but I also have no problem reducing an adult woman to that of a naughty little girl across my knee. Where the highly stressed adult once stood now stands a well spanked young lady ready for her hug, aftercare, and held as she finally relaxes.
  7. I Just wanted to say hello and glad to see your pursuing what you want. Everyone should do that as life is not a dress rehearsal, so take the one-shot to enjoy it.
  8. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out but a very nice intro intro this lifestyle.
  9. Welcome, glad to see you're pursuing your goals and needs. All spankings should come with a hug, they do here.
  10. Hello and nice to meet you, you've already started making changes by admitting you want/need the help and searching for it, so you'll get through this with help. Just make sure it's the right person to help you with it. I can't say this enough, communicate, be honest and stand your ground with any limits. Do not rush it, if it feels wrong walk away, be safe but pursue your needs. As this can and does help, but being introduced into this properly is a major factor. Good luck with this, and see people here are already pulling for you
  11. Good luck, hope you find what your looking for
  12. I’m a very experienced (singe, attractive W/M) spanker in Oklahoma looking for a female that’s looking for that needs or wants this in her life. Whether for a one-time situation, an on ongoing mentoring relationship, or what could lead to a long-term DD relationship. Will discuss what you need/want this way as an individual and go from there. This could even be a fresh start for those wanting to relocate, having your own room, a caring household, regular discipline and rent would only be you helping around the house making it a home. Let’s have a conversation, bring out your hidden side and pursue what you’ve been lacking or searching for.
  13. Hello and nice to meet you, I did just send you a message from your profile. I hope were able to talk soon.
  14. Hello and nice to meet you, a fellow Okie is always welcome.

    I’m in OKC but I do go to Tulsa almost weekly, as I see a local girl there now who requires the same as you described here. I’m safe, sane, fun and yet strict when called for. I’ve been doing this for some time and told very talented at it. So if your serious, let me know and we can get to know one another.

    1. Cowboy_Spanks30


      Almost forgot, you can email me at Cowboy_Spanks@yahoo.com 

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