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  1. Well unfortunately most spankings do take place in a hotel or at least the first few. As only a fool gives their address for the first meetings, until you know this wont be a potential stalker later on. This means the hotels, but finding a good one. Avoid the ones where there whole front door/wall is glass. Ones with a door facing outwards are better than those facing inside. The walls in all hotels are thin but there are things to look for, say and avoid. Like recently the only hotel with a vacancy was a Home2 stay (very nice) so I got a suite as it gives you a room in a room (separate bedroom) however, they had 12 foot ceilings and the first good spank sounded like a gunshot and echoed loudly. If you book a room in advance (In the US) means you can’t get that room until 3pm and that’s the room your getting, so no special requests once booked. Try to avoid meeting on Fri or Sat, as the rooms are more expensive and hotels are full. Here is what has worked best for me and I’ve done this numerous times in several different states. If possible meet on a Mon-Thursday and do not book the room in advance. This way if you arrive earlier then 3pm they will give you a room that is already cleaned and ready now and your in before 3. Be polite and friendly ( I flirt a bit making them wanting to help me). I tell them I worked strange hours and now a very light sleeper. That I prefer a room away from others and I don’t mind walking distances from the stairs or elevator. Even the back of the hotel where parking isn’t the greatest. I mean thats for me, the spankee coming just parks up front, and walks in. As soon as your in the room turn on the tv and get anyone in earshot hearing some sounds from your room. Than slowly turn it up where its not as noticeable as it would be initially if just turn loud to begin with. You can roll towels for under the doorway that helps some. Timing also is key, if possible meet earlier in the day, before others start arriving at 3pm or after. outside noises are your friend, it may not help your sleep but a room facing the highway or busy roads can help with our activities. The side closes to construction or road work as that ends at a certain time so you can sleep but during the day hides that lovely slapping sound. Rooms near an indoor pool (might smell chlorine) or if an active bar in the hotel with music is good but again how important is your sleep over the spanking a lovely young lady. Most everyone wants to keep this private and discreet where some like the idea of being overheard or caught. Of those, some have that fantasy but as a fantasy and others smile slightly when you threat to open the window or even the curtain. A ground floor might seem nice but a higher floor keeps people outside from hearing as much on a nice day. Heres the deal this isn’t as uncommon as it was before. several meet at hotels for this or other fun reasons, some to cheat, to role play, for work or vacation. Be aware of your surroundings and local attractions with hours or start times. I have never met anyone new at a public location, that didn’t end up in private somewhere (mostly hotels). Each time a spanking always takes place, sell two of them, I always give every first time an ice breaker spanking, just mild but soon after entering the room. This settles her nerves, sets the stage and ends those awkward silent moments. Take your time, try to keep it down, let the milder spanks sink in during a lengthy one and clothing helps to muffle sounds. If you know shes loud, spank her on the bed and give her a pillow so she can let those sounds go into it. Try to time the louder spanks with other nosies from outside or tv. Common sense would tell you to not do it close to the door or near a wall, center of the room works best if possible. Have fun, be smart but spank her as you explore which hotels work best for you. Also remember if interrupted, the magic words are, “Yes, its consensual”. Most professionals are aware of this and people meeting in hotels.
  2. Thanks a lot, I've been to Branson a lot (love it) and had several tell me to check this area out. I wasn't going alone and things changed to where I am so, hoping there's a friendly female spankee who might enjoy playing tour guide. I Had already booked the castle tree house, an Ozark show and lunch for two on the the train. To late to cancel (didn't want to) and figured I'd just go anyway. Fingers crossed the weather stops flip flopping by than.
  3. Hello all, I will be seeing the sights in Eureka Spring Arkansas 15-19 Of May. Hoping there is a female spankee in the area to show me what sights are really worth seeing and more. Plus, in return I can give you that warm glow you've been missing. What's not to enjoy, a with like minded person, who's never been to Eureka Springs, staying at the Tree house motel and happens to be a very gifted spanker (Fun or firm). Spend me a message, summers coming, and you don't want to miss out.
  4. Hello, Just wanted to say good luck and I hope you find your match. I understand where you're coming from, on the unevenness of ees and ers up North, especially Canada. My job took me to Niagara Falls, NY a few years back and I thought it was something in the water, as there were so many ee’s compared to the Southern stares. If someone took an honest poll, I feel they would find that MI, PA, OH, NY and Canada would be the heaviest concentration of spankee’s/subs compared to everywhere else. And I mean by a huge margin. sometimes we have to look further for the right one but than distance isn’t our friend either. I can say this tends to run in spurts, who knew spankee hunting had a season? But the last quarter pf the year seems to be a higher trend for spankee’s looking for real and I honestly haven’t kept track for spanker’s. However, I don’t want you to get discouraged, there is someone out there for you. Good luck
  5. As in a lot of cases distance can hamper plans of the like minded. But good luck in finding what you need.
  6. Hello, welcome and good luck. I am sure you’ll find some safe, understanding and firm help.
  7. Hello and welcome. Take a deep breath and relax, you're among friends but we do spank.
  8. Hello all, Been here awhile but haven't signed in, in some time. Hoping to find a local (Oklahoma) college age (close too) female to help with her goals and needs plus, adding a trusted friend in her life. My college age wife, who I met here, she came up with the idea of me continuing helping others this way. As she learned the benefits and made tremendous strides from where we started. Her and I understand the needs of others this way and would rather they pursue this in a positive way with than more possible risky types which, she heard from with her posts in the past. Saving them time searching and going through the aches and pain as a beginners or finding ones that might not be as supportive for them as they hope for. This also allows local females to discover this in a safe way by someone looking out for their best interest. Very experienced, honest, kind and yet strict when the time comes. Respond here or send a private message
  9. It does seem less are looking fir real life and just online or a fantasy game on the web site. But ones I see range in all different ages from 19 to 45. So I don’t thinks age but I think up in the Northern stares it must be something in the water. When living In the PA area there were many more female spankees and were looking for in person meetings.
  10. I have done it a few times and it always starts out fun and many ways to incorporate two brats, secretaries, or naughty girls next door. But at some point feelings become involved and you see things slowly turn south right before your sad eyes. One was with a girlfriend and someone she had found online for a sister. Started fantastic but the feelings hit. Once they were both just separate ones that visited me regularly. They both knew of the other (I am always honest), but at one point one of them decided she wanted hers witnessed and later pics of her being spanked. They both agreed, and we had a blast, and I was very fond of each one in their own way. Over time they visited regularly and they decided they wanted to try more and these girls got along really well. They made me a paddle to use on them plus they signed it. we got a mini DV recorder (top of the line then, now try finding one or a player) They both wrote a script each and than they joined together and wrote more. Yes we did make like 5 movies about 30 mins each, we all had the best time ever. Cop stopped them for speeding and they later broke into my house to trash it but got caught. Another were two sisters sent home from school with a note. Once scene had them dressed in very short daisy dukes staying with an uncle in the country, they were drinking under age and caught so too woodshed with them. One they made anti war signs and protested in front of a military mans house. A long scolding and both soundly spanked. We had very realistic uniforms as I was in the military and still had one of my issue police uniforms. The girls were no different and spared nothing to make this. While visiting Canada one got a public spanking as the other watched. We next to Niagara Falls park, kind of across from that (Rainforest cafe?) animal restaurant, my foot on a low railing and several hard spanks over a very short skirt. This is a very public area and I bet hundreds of tourists from all over the world. All while several tourists walked by without saying anything. We were that close. And than tragedy hit, feelings which is fantastic but you can’t keep two. The curse of the feelings kicked in but this time it also had some distance issues. The truth is I loved them both and would have loved them both to this day. But as one put it, at that point if I was spanking the other one, even in a different room each sound of my hand landing, she felt it on her heart. So you can guess that was not going to be healthy or fun relationship. Quick update they are both happily married now with a kid each, we still occasionally check in on each other. IF your going to see two, even with it being their idea. Enjoy it to the fullest and make sure they do as well. Just don’t make it often and see them separately at times. lol the stories I could tell, hell I could write a best seller. Believe it or not I saved one girl from meeting a serial killer. One of the girls from above later made several spanking videos on different site. She was very popular as she was gorgeous, great tan lines , a tight shapely apple bottom that could take a very hard spanking.
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