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  1. Location, location, location. I use to live in Niagara Falls, I think there is something in the water up there ladies. I Know I helped warm as Many as I could. If it wasn’t for the cold ….
  2. I now have a local spankee to show me around and enjoy our time together. Don’t you wish it worked out so well every time?
  3. I have gone to a few graduations like this, I didn't meet their parents. I was there to support her and that was it.
  4. That's great, so your cured than? Or was it part of why your were seeing them? Some have the need to tell others were others keep this and a lot of things private, they don't need to know everything unless your seeing them for everything. If it's something you feel you need to do, do it and if it makes you feel better that's great. I saw one for awhile and to this day they have no idea about part of me or if I like it on top or other personal maters they don't need to know. We worked on issues of a soldier returning home and getting back to normal life. Didn't see how spanking my girlfriend mattered. I am glad it made you feel better
  5. Yes I’m going back again the last week of this month (28-31). If your local to the area or going there to, I’m going by myself and would enjoy some fun company. You never know, a good time and maybe a spanking or two. For fun, introduction or even discipline. Thats a win win. i’ve been told I can be very charming and fun but I can also redden a backside at the drop of a hat. Just let me know, if your real, and interested
  6. Yes, it works. I have helped several young ladies this way. If you have been a regular weight lifter or any gym workouts, you know your going to hit plateau every once in awhile. It’s part of it. pics work and it’s inches not pounds. put on a bathing suit or shorts, whatever. You must put the camera at the same spot, same distance and take front, side and back pics (same back ground as well). Put those away, than every month take the same three pics but DO NOT COMPARE THEM at this point. After 3-4 months put first pics and latest pic side by side. You will see the differences that you can’t see in real time. It will motivate you a lot. I spanked the young ladies anytime they were slacking or doubting themselves or just weekly for maintenance. After they see the results in the pics, they’ll start believing in themselves. Most of them need to see and feel good about themselves as in the past they may never have.
  7. If it’s not part of the issues your seeing them for, I’d say no. Do you tell them you don’t like green beans or that you prefer bring on top or bottom during sex? Hopefully people don’t start feeling the need to come-out. Something are special and private.
  8. Yes they seem to be wearing, thinner, tighter and smaller clothing now. Along with bending and leaning making it even smaller. I guess it makes them feel better but I don’t want to see that, some are almost pornographic. A lot less than hooter girls wear and pull so tight it’s practically see through. Hopefully the men don’t start having they’re parts showing in the gym and thank god some have dress codes. It’s a gym and some have kids and early teens with them. Just Be respectful of others. The gym is only so big and you shouldn’t have to move to avoid seeing your stuff. Every gym should require every member watch a short video about not dropping weights, don’t use one bench to lift on and another to lay your phone or drinks (not a table) or spreading things all over the floor. Or sitting there on equipment for 15 mins on your phone and any clothing requirements.
  9. Some had, it takes more than spanking for this. But I have seen many of them stopping this behavior. Some actually need a friend, someone who really cares and talks about what’s hurting them. plus I make it clean, I would not allow anyone to hurt you this way and can’t let you do it either. If more people would have real conversations you be surprised what you can accomplish.
  10. I can say more than a few i’ve seen had been doing self harm. This was something put on their list and it was addressed. All of them did it for their own reason but none said it was due to the enjoyment of the pain.
  11. The first conversation might be a little difficult, but well worth it. But, he could have some thoughts or wants of his own that might come up. So be ready for anything. The other side of this, he could give you that “what the fuck” look. people either understand this and embrace it, where some don’t understand this need whatsoever, others will try, just to please their partner. But you know your husband better then anyone. So introduce this in a way he’ll understand. Good luck
  12. Good for you, whatever makes you happy is always worth pursuing. Everyone has their personal wants and needs this way along with pain level and even routine. It can be the best spanking ever but if they fail to set it up, it’s not the same. The best way to achieve this is communication. I always tell the spankee, even without a safe-word, they can always stop it if there is pain or any unforeseen issue, such as their knee hitting the bedrail or an old injury suddenly flairs up. But once established and I have the authority she can’t stop the spanking for the spanking it’s self. That’s the point it begins to work. For anyone new to this or me, this might help others. I always start each with the slow, walk, run method. Allowing her to learn more of herself and what works for her. And for discipline or inner guilt, what makes her forgive herself. you’ve done really well here opening and sharing with us, so you should have no trouble. Good luck, have fun and behave
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