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  1. No, I'm just saying a lot of people start judging you for those, when were all here for what we were looking for.
  2. I've never had an issue with this at all, it's who you bound with and not their age that matters. I've heard several horror stories of those who have met ones their age or younger, learning experience matters a great deal. In life their are several things we can change about ourselves, age is just not one of them. I myself have seen several of all age groups and there was never an issue. We all have our preferences and that fine, some women don't like facial hair, some want taller men/women, others it's an age thing. To be completely honest we are all here looking for what we want. But if you
  3. Hello and good luck in your search as it's out there with the right person
  4. You are not alone in this in fact I have a 23 year old meeting me here today for cutting herself. It's on her rule list as no self harm (top actually). She does get regular spankings here but those are the ones she knows there is no chance of talking me out of it and it will be a good sound spanking/paddling. Now the spanking along will not correct this, it's the conversation will have before and after that plays a huge role in this. But you are not alone in this as many I've seen have done the same. But this does help and works very well, but the spanker has to really care about you and you
  5. Hello and welcome, Hope you find a good roommate and spanker all in one hell, finding a good roommate can be hard enough alone. But it is possible.
  6. Hello and welcome, I hope you find someone local to help you.
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