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  1. Thank you for you input. I'll have to read it again. I found it interesting. I'm OTKAndy on Fetlife. Just joined a few days ago.
  2. It would be easier to stop breathing! You can temporarily hold your breath but eventually you'll have to take a breath. Whether you want to or not! I would do anything to stop the desire and never have it come back!!!
  3. Thank you. I'll set it up tonight. It's been way too long!!!
  4. Hello all, my name is Andy. I'm 56 and live in Central Jersey. I'm asking for some advice. I've been into spanking since grade school. I'm also into discipline in other forms and regression therapy. I like to be any figure you want and fantasize about getting spanked by. My fantasy is to simply give an old fashion and embarrassing spanking to a woman. After all... embarrassment is half the punishment. Even though I'm on this site I can't seem to find anyone within a 1000 miles of Jersey. It's almost like I'm the only spanker/spankee in the state of New Jersey. Can anyone please advice me on where I can meet someone locally...under a 1000 miles lol Thank you and spank on!
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