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  1. While I appreciate your input and respect your opinion I believe it’s a lot more common than people realize. I think the 50s way of marriage where the husband is the head of the household is old world thinking. I’ve had many conversations with husbands and wives about this. For the most part they both agree it helps their relationship. There are those wives who said they only do it because their husband wanted it. I’m sure opinions are all over the place with this topic.
  2. You sound very strict. Your husband is very lucky. Do you make sure to use embarrassment?
  3. I totally agree. Embarrassment is half the punishment. She made sure I was good and embarrassed and punished soundly. I was a much better husband when I knew she would not hesitate to pull down my pants and spank me but good!
  4. I knew that would get her very upset. I definitely wanted a spanking and I got it. I learned how which buttons to push to get another spanking and I did!
  5. I did learn my lesson and never touched her credit card again. I got spanked for many other things too. All well deserved!
  6. Thank you for sharing. My wife and I had many conversations about it. She told me she had to have a good reason. So I gave her a good reason.
  7. How did you get your first spanking from your better half, life partner, friend, boss, whoever. It took me a while to get my wife to spank me. I finally pushed her to her limit. I used her credit card to buy something I didn’t need. That was a big No No! We were home alone when she found out. She looked at me and asked if I used the card. I said yes. She looked at me with this stern face and said...ok you want to get spanked come with me. She took me to the bedroom. She pulled the desk chair out, grabbed her hair brush and sat down. She call me over in a very stern voice. Without a word she pulled down my pants and underwear and pulled me over her knee. She spanked me until she thought I learned my lesson. She then said...get up and get in the corner and stay there until I say so!!! I did as I was told. That was the first but not the last spanking she gave me. It became a regular thing.
  8. So if you and other have the power to delete any post you guys think are inappropriate. Why hasn’t my post been deleted. Monitors of this site have made negative comments on my post, Most memorable spanking. They clearly feel it’s inappropriate. One monitor asking another to just delete the post. My point is that the post should just be deleted without all the unnecessary negative comments on the post. That just stops people from interacting with others on the post and other post. That’s cyber bullying. That just scares people from enjoying and interacting on the site.
  9. I meant to ask if They have the power to delete comments or posts. I’ve asked them a few time and no answer. I’m curious.
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