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  1. In the 1950s bare was pretty much the way it was done. My friends and cousins got it that way.
  2. I'm here kind of late. What exactly are planking and wall sits?
  3. I have made a couple of the exact shape. I had a sample to make a copy from. But mine were all Lexan. I added holes to some.
  4. I've never used nipple clamps on my EE. How long a time is ideal and how long a time is too much. What else do I need to be careful of?
  5. This goes back a long time but my ex got spanked on her panty girdle. They kept in the heat for a long time. And the fabric keeps squeezing the sore flesh.
  6. A million years ago my pal's mom used a rubber douche bag hose. It left him with some good marks
  7. It's really do it yourself because fresh is best. You do have trees and large bushes. You pick a straight branch 700mm to a meter (metre for the UK) long, about 6mm in diameter. Remove all leaves and stems. Trim the nodes smooth, where the leaf stems joined the main branch. now to peel or not peel the bark is what we are talking about. Some trees are better than others willow and birch are usually excellent for straight really bendy sticks. Like a cane the wrist action flicking does the work. You don't need a big back swing. And unlike a cane 3-4 strokes is just a warning. The rest of you can chime in but several dozen on the bare is usual.. Your investment is zero. And it you can try longer - shorter, thinner - thicker and tree A vs Tree B for just the investment in time. You'll end up with a massively "bee stung" bottom and upper thighs. Try it you might very well like it.
  8. That's why I'm asking the question. Now I know one with bark works. It was just I never did it that way. maybe we can hear from someone who has has done this or received both types of switch.
  9. I've always cut the switch. removed the leaves and smoothed out the nodes where the leaves etc were. Then I peeled the bark off. Until recently I thought "Why do I peel the bark off? Do some of you peel and know why? I've done this for a lot of years. Just the way I was taught but never thought about it?
  10. I checked out this thread as it seemed to be what I was looking for. And it has to a point. I started for the first time on line mentoring. I'm looking for both rewards and punishments for use on line. corner time can still be ordered along with essay writing. with cut and paste lines wouldn't work. she doesn't have a lot of money so I can't tell her buy a spank-o-matic. And I'm still stuck on rewards. She wants to be treated as a child due to poor RL parenting. So I need to both punish and reward. I'd really appreciate help.
  11. It is now about 9 hours later the site is down period You just get a we're sorry screen.
  12. When it is used cup side against the skin unusual oval marks are left. Very distinctive.
  13. child how long did it take before you figured out all this and how did you relate to your spanker that it was pre period time and it was now time to be maintained?
  14. it was a while before I gave an adult a spanking using this position. I think it had to do with this. A couple of times when I was young I got it that way. but mom stopped I think she worried or had actually hit my ball sack. Now my sister would get spanked that way in addition to the usual ways.
  15. With tampons no problem. But I have spanked those using a pad. An old towel underneath took care of the problem. Yeah and she needed to take care of the towel after.
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