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  1. I don't agree with caning. That would leave scars for someone who was maybe just going through a rough patch. This is more about the public embarrassment than the pain.
  2. I was thinking a paddle and up to 10 swats. This is more about the public embarrassment than the pain. Also thinking it would be a different paddler every time. Even if there are 10 people lined up there would be 2 or 3 different women to do the paddling. They along with the ee would be chosen at random from a lottery so it would hopefully avoid acquaintances. It would only be for high misdemeanor crimes like breaking and entering or theft. Not minor crimes or traffic offenses. Just obvious crimes that required premeditation. They knew they were committing a crime well before they actually did it.
  3. One of the options we talked about was if it was in a theater people could pay as little as $1 to watch. The closer the seat the more it gets up to $5. Then there was maybe having them face the audience while they get it and for $10 you could get a seat on the stage behind them. All the money raised would go to the local community (schools, police equipment, or even into the general tax budget and then lower next year's taxes by the amount raised.) Then the question of who would do the paddling. A 300 pound man should never be paddling a 90 pound woman but twin men and women who committed the same crime shouldn't get different severity so a woman should always do the paddling. Maybe a female deputy or officer. His mom brought up maybe a raffle at $1 per ticket to get to be the paddler. Depending on how many people are sentenced maybe the winner paddles 3 people chosen randomly. Again all the money goes to help locally. Maybe the criminals get lucky and get an 18 year old who weighs 90 pounds or they get a 200 pound can hit a home run. It's more about the public embarrassment than the pain. Of course there would be a list of exemptions. Depending on age and health.
  4. Tickling in between the cheeks. Run the brush handle or a finger up and down between the cheeks. If you have a feather tickle the butthole. After the spanking being made to hold the implement between the cheeks while in the corner. If you drop it you get more spanking.
  5. That may be true where you are. Where I am I counted over 50 help wanted signs but we have a high unemployment rate. This was before covid. I don't talk to people much but I listen. A lot of people refuse to work. They prefer stealing and dealing drugs. This kid who broke into my garage is one of them. He threw his game controller and broke it and his mom told him she wasn't buying him another one. That he would have to get a job.
  6. My neighbor's 18 year old son got paddled at school for being late one too many times and was never late again. But then he gets caught breaking into my garage stealing tools and gets probation and a fine that his mother paid. And then breaks into my garage again a few days later. So this time he was looking at a few days in jail and another fine so his mother asked if she paddled him if I would drop the charges. So far I haven't heard about him getting into any more trouble. His mother wondered to me if she had paddled him the first time if the second wouldn't have happened. We talked about court ordered spanking but there were so many variables that it's probably not realistic. But thought I'd ask on here what others thought.
  7. I usually got asked "do I need to bust your ass?" Or when it was coming, "I've had it with you. It's time you got your ass busted."
  8. On my 26 bday my new girlfriend brought up the subject. She had found a ping pong paddle at a yard sale and wanted to use it on me. I went over her knee and she pulled my shorts down and gave me twice my age and a few pinches to grow on.
  9. Frontier Gal had a spanking at the end. And not even mentioning all the spankings in Tom and Jerry. There is a paddling in Slimeball Bowlarama. There is a short spanking in one of the toxic avenger movies. There was one swat in a Reba episode. There were two high school gang members spanked otk by an android in Class of 1999.
  10. There was an episode called Spanking. It was all about why they don't anymore.
  11. I remember seeing all the spankings in Tom and Jerry cartoons.
  12. Never a plug but sometimes during the spanking she will stop and I'll hear the snap of her putting a glove on.
  13. I'm a fan of ff, mf, and fm. I love it when the f giving it is clearly enjoying herself. I like it when she begins teasing her spankee be it f or m. Pinching squeezing and tickling their bottoms. I like it fully clothed and then she starts pulling their pants and underwear down. It's even better if there is another woman witnessing this and participates in the teasing and baring of the bottom. I love the reactions of awkwardness and embarrassment as they are being bared and tormented. I like the same with mf but I like it when there is a witness who knows she is next.
  14. Around the house I'm usually wearing something with elastic waistband. I go over the knee or back of the couch etc fully clothed. Then she pulls them down usually both at once. The feeling of my butt becoming bare and knowing she is looking at it and enjoying herself pleases me. Then my butt starts tingling in anticipation of the first spank.
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