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  1. So really the only spanking experiences I have had were sessions with domme types or women who spanked for a fee. Needless to say the venues varied greatly. From well set up specific rooms to a shed to dingy basements, a motel room or just your standard living room or bedroom. For me the setting had a distinct influence on how I felt about the overall dynamic of the spanking. Is this an important factor to others ? And those who are in a relationship that regular spankings are a part of that, do you have a specfic room or area of the house you prefer to use for your play ?
  2. I think Fetlife can be a good resource, but it's sad that some people there feel the need to use it as way to disparage others. That's just life to some degree, take the good you can and try and ignore the bad.
  3. It's highly important that a spankee has trust in his or her spanker to look after their mental wellbeing even in the context of spanking. So many seek understanding and strangely caring through this activity.
  4. Skibum54

    First post...

    A very lovely and quite spankable bottom.
  5. The anticipation and anxiety I feel when I know a spanking is imminent is one of my favorite parts of the whole spanking experience. The flood of emotions and pondering and fantasizing about what it's going to be like is a sensation like few others. I've always thought I actually enjoy all peripheral aspects of spanking more than the real thing. But of course, unless I know that it's going to be real, and hurt, then those other dynamics are not as strong. I have to know that it's going to be a real spanking. Of course everyone has their own definition of that.
  6. A good scolding is an art IMHO, so much is more than just the words spoken, there is that certain inflection in the voice, the tone, a glint in the eyes, maybe some meaningful body gestures like patting the paddle or brush against the palm of the hand or outer thigh when it's being given. The attitude has to be authentic to strike at least some consternation into the spankee, otherwise it just come of as contrived. I personally love the phrase "you've been needing this spanking for a long time" ,or " your way over due for a paddling".
  7. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad it worked out for you. An interesting dynamic ,I think you two are probably an exceptional couple in this regard, working out the issues that certainly would arise from such an arrangement.
  8. Would be curious to know what the agreed upon boundaries entail, and if the consequences are consistently applied. A certain act merits a certain type of spanking or other .
  9. Playing out one’s part in a spanking is one thing, but living in that made up role 24/7 seems unnatural and tedious. I think this is the key point to be made about this type of relationship. How could a person maintain this and be happy or healthy in such an arrangement ?
  10. For me it would be after maybe the 3rd. or 4th. swat, then maybe the next 20. The sting is really becoming apparent and the pain is still fresh and intense. After a while I've found I start to numb out a bit. But that window of intensity is the magic time, when I'm outside of the world, and all that is happening is the spanking.
  11. Do sometimes you feel that thinking about spanking can become almost all consuming ? It's been quite awhile since my last experience, and I've found that unless my mind is engaged in some other thing or activity my thoughts drift towards spanking. Of course much of this is purely fantasies. But non the less it something that sometimes concerns me.
  12. I've learned to compartmentalize my need for spanking, knowing it's only part of who I am. I have loving caring relationships outside of it, ones I'm unwilling to give up just for the sake of pursuing spanking. So much of life is compromises anyway. For me, I feel lucky enough to have the friendships of a few understanding people when it come to this. Sometimes you can't just have the whole enchilada, such is life. Things could be so much worse.
  13. I think that's kinda the point of a hairbrush spanking.
  14. I never really felt lonely as I had a few close friends that I am still in contact with till this day. The land of misfit toys. However that closeness was never really part of my family life. Even my mom, whom I loved very much, there always seemed this detachment. I didn't grow up with hardly any physical affection, I think this is the main reason I'm drawn to spanking from a maternal figure.
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