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  1. Seems a little extreme for a innocent joke. 😇
  2. I think it depends on what spanking means to you as a person, I'm 65 and still think about it a lot. And given the opportunity would gladly engage in it with the right person. Which I think is key.
  3. I think that maybe there's more going on here than just spanking. Keep reaching out for help.
  4. Believe me, there's a lot more to life than spanking. And I've suffered with that type of depression myself, and came out the other side a better person. And truly, if that's your state of mind, by all means seeks some help. As shitty as things can seem, they can be better ,hate to sound cliche, but take it one day at a time, and be kind to yourself.
  5. Not sure what you mean by "self medicating" but I know from experience that could deepen your depression about this issue. You might take this time to reevaluate that relationship and move on. Granted I don't know you at all, but when one door closes it might be time to look at another door. A lot more resources out there now for a spanko to explore. Take care of yourself and don't put your health, mental or otherwise in jeopardy.
  6. I can relate to your anguish, as it's something I dealt with through out my own life. But your still quite young, and more resources are out there for a spanko to find folks who have these same feelings. I think if you make an effort and be honest about yourself with people you can find someone who understands. Even dating and relationships are hard in the vanilla world. Good luck in your endeavours. And this is a good place to vent.
  7. Just another thought. I really need some kind of scolding during the spanking itself, it doesn't have to be a running monologue, but rather some heartfelt communication about why I am being spanked, what I should take away from it, and perhaps what I can expect if I repeat my behavior. But mostly so I don't feel abandoned ,that someone really cares enough to spank me for my actions.
  8. I think scolding can be an integral part of a spanking experience, but sometimes it can come off as contrived, or over done. Also, sometimes, for me, less is more. The tone and inflection in a spankers voice, and the words and phrases used can make a huge difference in the effect on my mental journey that the spanking process takes me on. Scolding, when done right has had major impact on my spanking experiences, and when done with flair, passion, care, and knowledge of individual psyche, can elevate a spanking to that place I want to be. I also like it when during a spanking that extra forceful swats can put an exclamation mark on a certain points the spanker is trying to convey to the one over her lap, staring at the floor.
  9. For some paying to be spanked is the only option available to them. I don't have much opportunity to partake in spanking and in 20 years since I discovered this world via the internet I have been able to get spanked 14 times. All but one of those times I paid a women for this service. To be honest it had mixed results, I don't fault the spankers themselves. Some of these were done without much communication, which now I know is essential to a fulfilling experience. Some at the time were quite disappointing for the time, money and emotional energy I put into making it happen. But in retrospect I'm glad I did every one, because I learned more about myself, and how to approach future sessions.
  10. I personally don't feel weird about it, because I never engage in this activity with someone I know would not understand this desire. I need to be able to trust the person, and know that they don't think it's a strange thing to begin with.
  11. Still waters run deep my friend.
  12. Do you find your desires for spanking, either getting or giving ebb and flow at times ? Sometimes I can go a while and my interest will wane, then I'll get on a wave were it's all I can think about at times.
  13. I think a lot of this goes back to the formation of your spanking fetish and whom you feel can best replicate the experience you wish to explore and fantasize about. Much of spanking to me has to do with a need for nurturing, so I look to a female figure, because that is something I missed, and for some reason I feel being spanking by an understanding lady can help fulfill that desire.
  14. I have no doubt the movie McClintock spurred the imagination of many a fledgling spanko, I still love watching those spanking scenes.
  15. That is a well spanked bottom .I'm jealous.
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