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  1. Welcome Katya! I look forward to getting to know you better. 

  2. Hello, I'm in the Atlanta area and have really been craving a spanking, when I tried out this website in September I had a lot of people messaging me and I got overwhelmed by the people willing to talk to me about it. The response was nice, though there were a few that came off as a little creepy. I've just now decided to try again. So I have a question, has anyone actually met anyone from this site and what do yall do to make sure you are meeting someone safely?
  3. I’m a 21yo female! I’ve recently found myself some friends in the Kink community but only one of them is into spanking. Do y’all know of any fetlife groups I can join. I’m near Atl/ Marietta/ Kennesaw. I’d really like to meet more people online or in person.
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