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  1. I imagine there will be some kind of Jeffrey Toobin style incident sometime soon with someone getting caught on video cam during a work meeting, spanking. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=jeffrey toobin
  2. You know what might even be better than all this we are talking about, is to donate some of these types of shirts to the local Goodwill for distribution!
  3. I thought we didn’t post political content? Is it now allowed, or allowed if of a certain leaning?
  4. I thought we didn’t post polices contact here? Is it now allowed, or allowed if of a certain leaning?
  5. Or maybe we could have had a guest Dalai Bama (dolly lama) or guest Bushy George. 😂
  6. Oh that’s too bad. We won’t have any “guest usama bin laudin, guest vlademere putin, ghost Kim jong Ill, or other pleasant ones!
  7. The pandemic will be over as soon as we decide to act like it’s over.
  8. I’ve been confused here as to how people are able to post as a guest like that.
  9. I’m so glad we are learning g about these deep topics. Couldn’t be a more fitting place to learn them than a spanking site!
  10. Thanks Chawsee. I said doing something is cheap, not that those who do it are cheap for life. If we are going to scientifically dissect the words, let’s at least do it accurately.
  11. I’m a guy but I’ve definitely ran across “women” on here who I suspect as not being one. Confused as to why they do it and then contact me.
  12. Yes! Talk to your pastor too!! Surely it will go well. He, he.
  13. Just send a general email around via whatever tenant communication platform they have. This way, everyone knows it’s consensual, then no police will come!!! Problem solved!!
  14. I heard they are coming out with once called Microsoft Spank, a plug-in for Microsoft Teams!!
  15. Put posting this in the “in the news” section is quite apt. Because if this gets exposed in any coach, it will be in the news.
  16. Hard to imaging that a walloping would help a football player run across the field the next day. I think we all know that this thing, at least with coaches and coaches, is rare at least these days, as it would invite all kinds of liability.
  17. Never been to a therapist but I hear a lot of nurses are spankos. So it’s about time the health profession has come around! he he.
  18. Most people from Brazil speak Portuguese, so if looking to get along with them, knowing a little of their language might help — stereotype. (No, reject that stereotypical thinking and walk up to them and persist with speaking English in their face). Many of those from Islamic countries and those from Jewish descent don’t eat pork, so if you want to invite one over for dinner to make friends, don’t cook pork since there’s a higher likelihood that eating such is against their convictions — stereotype. (No, just be non-stereotypical and cook the pork and let them feel bad for rejecting). How ridiculous will if get? We use understanding of people’s values and culture to find out how to work with them all the time. It’s only negative stereotypes that are a problem. After all, this is the daily banter sub forum.
  19. Please don’t wrongly think by posting this I am supporting negative stereotypes. Fact is different nationalities have different characteristics that often are associated with them. For instance, I’ve learned through experience with several people that if a manager is Italian, loyalty and perceived loyalty most likely is the most important factor of success working for them. What do you think of a manager is Polish? French? Any other nationalities you’ve noticed have specific values that can be used as pointers for success working with/for them?
  20. Maybe write your congressperson? Just kidding!
  21. Naked gardening sounds pretty silly to me. And why do it? Just to offend people who wish you wouldn’t?
  22. Well if it ever was officially a thing it’s not now. But taking a few stories of isolated incidents in the workplace may not be an indicator it used to be a thing. Think about all the other “things” that used to be okay. A consensual sexual relationship with an employee, forms of racism, all kinds of jokes, all kinds of unsafe work practices. Why wouldn’t spanking have been “okay” then and why would it have not happened? And when these things were either okay or tolerated, they may not have been widespread but there were more stories of them. A banker in China recently was fired for spanking all his employees for failing to meet quotas! The British military used to do it.
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