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  1. I’m so glad we are learning g about these deep topics. Couldn’t be a more fitting place to learn them than a spanking site!
  2. Thanks Chawsee. I said doing something is cheap, not that those who do it are cheap for life. If we are going to scientifically dissect the words, let’s at least do it accurately.
  3. I’m a guy but I’ve definitely ran across “women” on here who I suspect as not being one. Confused as to why they do it and then contact me.
  4. Yes I often find it funny the people that think that they can safely do anything as long as they’re wearing a mask. You can get anything you want at Allison’s restaurant. You can do anything you want as long as you’re wearing a mask.
  5. Yes! Talk to your pastor too!! Surely it will go well. He, he.
  6. Google researchers are now trying to find out why people are using google translate for spanking talk.
  7. Just send a general email around via whatever tenant communication platform they have. This way, everyone knows it’s consensual, then no police will come!!! Problem solved!!
  8. I heard they are coming out with once called Microsoft Spank, a plug-in for Microsoft Teams!!
  9. Ha. No. Just wanted to be the first one to post here. Must be a lonely place for the o’s out there.
  10. Put posting this in the “in the news” section is quite apt. Because if this gets exposed in any coach, it will be in the news.
  11. Hard to imaging that a walloping would help a football player run across the field the next day. I think we all know that this thing, at least with coaches and coaches, is rare at least these days, as it would invite all kinds of liability.
  12. This is kind of crazy these corporate warrior traveler spanker types. Great way to get in trouble for your use of the company vehicle or time. Headed to Mars on company spaceship. Willing to spank anyone on the way.
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