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  1. Very comprehensive coverage - every spankable inch was relentlessly pursued, yet danger spots were meticulously avoided. The coloring is mostly uniform with minimal splotching, suggesting the spanker's intent was to walk the tight rope of an intense yet ephemeral hand spanking - one that leaves you thinking your buttocks are on fire, yet quickly fades into memory. Clearly this is the work of someone who has previously given spankings extensive thought, then carried this one out with deliberation, meticulous attention to detail, patience, and persistence. Some spankers never muster the self-discipline necessary to achieve this, yet this spanker is evidently only 26. I'm impressed.
  2. 50 y/o WM, 5'11", 194 will be in Salinas 2/17/20-2/21/20, otherwise live in SF. I'm a clean-cut, sober, ddf, polite young man, in a long term committed relationship. I do like getting spanked, however, and my partner allows me to pursue this interest on the side. I'm not looking for sex, but out of an abundance of caution I am HIV negative and only comfortable with the same. I'm interested in single spankers and couples of any gender or combination thereof. As far as spankings go, I'm especially interested in parental household discipline ageplays that culminate in ultra-traditional, otk, pants-down hand spankings. I am more interested in psychological weight than physical intensity. I don't mind getting my underwear-clad or bare bottom spanked until it's red all over, but I don't like searing swats, bruises, and soreness that lasts for days. I do like preview swats on my jeans to let me know I've passed the point of no return; being told how there's a lot more where that came from while I'm hustled off to a dedicated spanking spot; scolding and being told in embarrassing detail what I'm in for during and after forcible pantsing; spankings that make up in duration, persistence, and thorough swat placement whatever was lacking in brute force; lecturing during the spanking about how naughty I've been, how thoroughly I'm going to be punished, and how in this house naughty boys will get spankings, spankings, and more spankings! In sum, it's a humiliating and thorough little boy spanking, not a beating. It's intended to take a brat who's gotten too big for his britches down several pegs by reminding him that he is still subject to ongoing discipline, that he has parents who believe in spankings (plural), and that he's gotten himself on a short enough leash that Mom and Dad will not hesitate to stop whatever they're doing and take the time to do elaborate, feature presentation discipline rituals.
  3. Interested - live in SF but visit Sacramento several times a year
  4. 50 y/o GWM, 5'11", 195, interested in being spanked by someone or a couple of any gender. I like receiving thorough but not cruel otk pants-down hand spankings. I don't mind being spanked red, but I'd like to be back to normal in a few hours, not sore for days. I'm very fond of parental household discipline roleplays, but that's optional. I'm not looking for sex, but the spanking can be somewhere between erotic and punitive, though I'd like the spanker to keep his or her clothes on. I think along the lines of a serious spanking for a kid rater than a grown-up S&M spanking, but this kid is getting spankings that are almost a little inappropriate because they're intended to hurt the pride more than the bottom. I'm quite safety-conscious, so am HIV neg / STD free and looking for the same. I can host, but want to get acquainted in a coffee shop or park first.
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