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  1. I am very interested, if nothing else, to get a thorough spanking from you. your reputation precedes you.
  2. I have no issue with a male spanker. It was told to me that a woman should never spank a man, as it emasculates them. I disagree, but certainly can see that side of it.
  3. I have no preference when it comes to discipline. I need a thorough spanker that knows what they are doing. I generally do not like spankings, they hurt if done properly. I have been spanked by both men and women.
  4. Hello Maam. I am new to the site but welcome back. I would love to talk with you and maybe eventually get spanked by you.
  5. I am Alan, a 48 year old male looking for a relationship, friendship, or a good game of battleship. I am a switch and would be interested in either dynamic with a lady. I am also looking for a regular disciplinarian, male or female. Hope to hear from all of you soon.
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