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  1. For me I’ve found my desire and level of submission depends on my relationship with my Dom. I’m naturally submissive and prefer to be so, but have also always had certain limits. I wanted to keep certain things to my own independence. However with the relationship my Master/Dom and I have built, I have no limits. I am completely submissive to him, his needs, desires, and expectations. I want him to have 100% control of anything he wants. This is an evolution that I never expected, but love that I have found.
  2. He does not give a set number of swats and does not require me to count them. Both good and bad imo. I’m not sure I could concentrate on counting, however at least with counting I’d know when to expect it to end. Lol
  3. I have reached subspace from intense pain and intense pleasure, I’m not sure if it could be reached from significant punishment spankings but I’d venture to think yes. As described it is a euphoric floating feeling, an altered state where I remember a warm and happy feeling and vaguely remembering all that’s happening. Much of it is based of the relationship with the Top (ER, Dom, etc). With a deep connection the subspace becomes very intense and easily reachable.
  4. I have a few I keep noted, the first is my favorite: “The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances.”— Mel Robbins “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernhard Shaw “Happiness isn’t something that’s achieved, it’s a skill that’s cultivated and practiced daily. It’s mastery comes from serving others.”
  5. Today I am grateful for 1. painfully realizing something you thought was real, actually wasn’t. 2. having an amazing support system of friends 3. Knowing others have been given 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (etc) chances but refuse to do the same for others
  6. Mornings! I am typically up at a decent hour of the morning but I am not functional. Takes me some time and coffee to embrace the day! I would probably be a bit defiant 😬
  7. Mentally I want to be still and compliant but he makes me squirm, kick, block etc very quickly! He is able to grab my attention instantly. He tells me to stay still, but I just can’t seem to. As soon as his hand, belt or paddle starts to meet my behind I’m unable to control myself. In the moment I just want it to stop, but once he stops I just want to be there again.
  8. It kills me to disappoint my Sir. The worst punishment is the terrible feeling of knowing I’ve disappointed or upset him. Any punishment given is to help clear the slate and I will accept any punishment he feels is suitable to get to the issue cleared. I always want him pleased
  9. Today I am grateful for 💕 1. Sir 2. Walls 3. Pain relief
  10. I’ve talked about my kinks and needs with friends in the past. I don’t speak of it now except with my very best friend and another very good friend. The topic is avoided otherwise.
  11. Today I’m grateful for 1. Life 2. Regret 3. Off the chart 💕
  12. Today I’m grateful for 1. My family.. their health, happiness and and stability. 2. The Fire and the Flood 3. A relaxing weekend
  13. “A Dangerous Method”, although it is more on the sexual spanking end of the spectrum
  14. 1. My family. That to this point all have remained healthy, happy, and safe. 2. My Dom/ER. How he is with me, what he gives me and how we are growing 3. My job. For abruptly helping change the way we work so I can still be employed and paid without change during this
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