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  1. I was once told by a female friend who attended a UK boarding school that a "friendly" female teacher advised her before her first caning to "try not to clench your cheeks and to concentrate on your breathing and try to breathe as normally as possible. She said this would make it "a little easier to take" How true this is I don't know !
  2. A little about me first, I started in the spanking world as a teenager. In my early 20's I met my first true submissive and the world opened up, I spent years in the CP, Domestic discipline and BDSM worlds. Then I made a huge mistake I fell in love with a vanilla and convinced myself I could live without the things that I found most exciting. So for years I left the world I loved. When I left we had numerous chat rooms and a great social scene. ninety nine percent of the people in the rooms were genuine and "played" in real life. We all met up on a regular basis for a drink and a meal, so
  3. SirCanes


    Lovely position for a strapping
  4. SirCanes


    That's a very smackable bottom
  5. SirCanes


    What a lovely little bottom
  6. I have kik as well, if we must get political I voted leave but rejecting the clutches of the EUSSR doesn't mean we rejected the people of Europe
  7. Hi Phil, Welcome to the site
  8. I use the full range of implement's and everyone of my spankee's have said without exception the cane is the worst
  9. First of all doe's spanking someone get me sexually aroused, in my younger days instantly was the answer. I found it a huge sexual turn on, not these day's I'm afraid guess it's the declining testosterone levels. I've been spanking now for over ( cough, cough) 40 years, what I have found over this time is a very distinct change in attitudes. In my younger days spanking was a very common thing, it took places in most homes and of course every school. It was heavily featured in a lot of UK comic books, Beano, Dandy etc. During my early formative years spanking was a form of sexual foreplay,
  10. I think we can all agree that introducing the subject of spanking is not an excepted practice while having a drink or dinner with a new date. Imagine this then your in a public place, a pub, club, supermarket etc when your eyes are drawn to a person. You make the effort and strike up a conversation, you both laugh the conversation flows easily and before you know it your having a drink later that night. When they arrive you find you can't take your eyes of them, your loving every inch of their body, the ways they dress, talk and smell. Inhibitions loosened by alcohol later that evening your ri
  11. You can add me as well, only one female so far😭
  12. You have to find a weak spot, get inside her mind find something she dreads. That might not be physical punishment. If your using the carrot and stick approach ( no pun intended) then the stick has to be something she fears and wants to avoid at all costs.
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