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  1. I cannot find my inbox or profile access. The site obviously went through some changes. How do I navigate it!?
  2. Male spanker seeking CT female bottom. Role play, therapy, discipline, or just share a fun experience. It’s certainly been a stressful, anxiety ridden several months. Blowing off some steam would be welcome. Inbox me! I’m 49, 205 lbs, bald. Let’s chat!!
  3. I’m looking to connect with a female to role play online a discipline scenario from my youth. Drop a line and I can go into more detail. Be safe !!
  4. Some anxiety and depression fueled by covid related issues caused me to fall off a bit Looking to connect with mother figure to discuss transgressions and guide a much needed spanking. Elder woman preferred but not a show stopper if older. Be safe!!
  5. I was disciplined by mother and have desire for a female to provide assistance with a self spanking. I have been with out a partner for many years and c-19 put a damper on meeting people. Age isn’t important. Hope to hear from you. Be safe
  6. Hi. If ok with a male, drop me align. I a very attentive listener and I’m sure can assist. Be safe!
  7. Hi. A male. If father figure works, reach out Corey
  8. Looking for a female top/switch to assist with self spanking via email or PM. Isolation sucks! Can create the scenario etc. Message me! Thanks and be safe
  9. Curious if any female tops or switches would be interested in guiding me through a self spanking. Message me. I’ll be in and of the site over the next couple hours but will be on look out for messages.
  10. Hi!! Must say I loved what you wrote. I don’t think I could have said it better. I enjoy being a top and bottom. When a top, giving what you state above to someone provides a certain pride. They trust me and know the purpose. When a bottom, there is a definite zen sense. The pain is part of it but I look for the release in it. Feel the endorphins, etc.
  11. On one occasion I spanked a girl I was dating in the car. We had been together for a while and spanking was already in our relationship. I picked her up to go out and she had just gotten into a bad fight with her mom. She was super stressed and asked if I could spank her to relieve some of that stress. We found a commuter lot near by. She reclined the passenger seat, unbuttoned her pants, turned over and exposed her bare bottom. I proceeded to give her a quick yet thorough hand spanking.
  12. Sent a reply. Sorry been a while since On here. Where ya from! my mom would use a wooden spoon when very upset. Hand mainly. Funny how as adults we look at it differently. Spanking I mean. It’s been a part of my life for quite a while but been absent for a while
  13. Hi!! Yah I hear ya. I’ve got that also. From my mom. She was the disciplinarian. Where are you from?
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