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  1. Hello. I’ll be headed to AC on 8/14 for Phish show. Friends backed out and have tickets and hotel booked. Before I attempt to sell the tickets, I am reaching out to see if any ladies would be interested in meeting, chatting intentions, and possibly a session. Could even come to the show w me! im a switch - best way to explain my role. I’ll be your top and if you are a switch or just curious what it’s like to be a top, we can swap. DM for more details. I’ve been a spanko since my early 20s. Have experience w both roles. To be clear - looking for a spanking session females
  2. Hi! I’ll be in AC for the phish show mid-august. May have a ticket also. Seeking females for session while in town. Switch or bottoms interested feel free to message me with questions etc. Cheers and enjoy the day!! CJ
  3. Hi! I’ll be in AC mid-Aug to see Phish (might have an extra ticket). Seeking females only for some spanking fun post-show. If you’re going, could meet there to chat see if a vibe Message me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Corey
  4. Hello. From CT! Welcome!
  5. Hi I’m in CT. Looking for a little spanking therapy.
  6. I introduced spanking to a girlfriend when in my 20’s. My first experience with spanking and the bedroom occurred when in college. Dated a bi-sexual and she was into B&D. She had asked me if I ever participated and I was honest and said no. She then say “let’s play!” She had me get down to my underwear then over her knee. Otk hand spanking over the underwear then she pulled them down and proceeded. I remember a euphoric feeling more so than the swats she had me get up and we switched places. I was now in control and did the same otk, bare bottom spanking but then she bega
  7. Hi So, I’m writing seeing if a female would like to engage in some conversation and coach me through a therapeutic self spanking. i recently lost my father and am looking for some sort of release. So, I turned here. Can message me if you would like to engage/assist. Thanks! CJ
  8. Hi, wanted to engage in conversation with a female regarding spanking. A slew of topics and directions this can go. I have specific connections or experiences with females being both a top and bottom with them and enjoy understanding some of the psychology of it all. Message me if want to dive in. Take care!
  9. Hi. I’m in CT. If still seeking, reach out. Corey
  10. Hello. Father figure you seek? Message me of still looking. Thanks and good luck corey
  11. I cannot find my inbox or profile access. The site obviously went through some changes. How do I navigate it!?
  12. Male spanker seeking CT female bottom. Role play, therapy, discipline, or just share a fun experience. It’s certainly been a stressful, anxiety ridden several months. Blowing off some steam would be welcome. Inbox me! I’m 49, 205 lbs, bald. Let’s chat!!
  13. I’m looking to connect with a female to role play online a discipline scenario from my youth. Drop a line and I can go into more detail. Be safe !!
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