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  1. I wish people would be more specific on their profiles of where they are located other then stating USA. It would make it much easier to reach out to people who may be in the same state.

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    2. FemSpankeeNeedsRTSpanker


      you're welcome 🙂


    3. DaChief


      A lot of the people who don't put location info in their profiles fall into two major categories; those who aren't looking to meet anyone and just want a cyber thing, or scammers. There are exceptions of course, but the two items above account for probably 85% of those who won't put locations. 


    4. Chastener


      I'm in agreement with FemSpankee.  New Yorkers are fact specific.  [Smile]

  2. To all that dont pay attention to profiles....many of us ee's and er's express what we seek in our profile under the About me tab...it would help a great deal if you take a minute on clicking on that tab  and reading to find more info on the individual person you are viewing so conversations can move along.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FemSpankeeNeedsRTSpanker


      DaChief...Yes that too! thanks 

    3. nicoleS39


      Yes...I totally agree.

    4. Chawsee


      Well said. Thank you!

  3. Got to love when someone contacts you and says "your loss" after my response saying sorry but not seeking anyone far from me nor seeking anyone alot younger than me. So immature! I wish people would read profiles!

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    2. FemSpankeeNeedsRTSpanker


      Zhal...It sure does help weed out the creeps...unfortunately that is what I mostly spend my time doing on here. I dont get what is so hard clicking on a profile to see what is shared on each individuals profile...I have had people PM me caling me Sir! Im like how the heck is someoene calling me Sir when I clearly state that I am a female spankee in my screenname and just like you I state my gender in my profile. There is no other way but to do as you said...weed out the creeps and hope to find that right person!


    3. RIspanko


      It's unfortunate that too many people won't even spend a minute reading someone's profile before engaging

    4. Geoffreaux


      I always read profiles. I might follow people with different preferences, but I don’t wish to waste anybody’s time. I wish everyone would show some consideration. Just like IRL, a few self important jerks, ruin it for everybody. 🙁

  4. I have never clentched during a spanking...I have tried to move or block but that made the situation even worse since I was told not to do so or it would be worse for me
  5. My thinking of a cure in this situation is to get what is needed and desired...this situation is not a disease..it is something we as spankees and spankers are the only ones who understand the dynamic of the need and want for this in our daily lives. unfortunatly there are things in life that get in the way of getting what we need fulfilled but I keep looking for it when time permits me to do so until I find it.
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