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  1. Over the lap in a bed where the only discomfort is on my cheeks. The hand on the cheek is my implement of choice.
  2. Bare direct contact with the hand to the cheek is my preference.
  3. In my teens I was into "fun" hand spankings that were erotic in nature. In my twenties I got into punishment strappings and did not find them erotic while the belt was in play. In my thirties I began a long term spanking relationship with a male friend and co-worker. I would lay across his lap sometimes for more than an hour alternating between spankings, conversation and relaxation. These spankings were both fun and painful, though not brutal, and unlike my earlier strappings did not leave welts and bruises only a nice red bottom. I can appreciate each individuals personal needs and expectations when it comes to spanking. Be safe and have fun.
  4. I have found mirrors an integral part of my spanking over the years. As a kid I had a full length mirror on a closet door that was used to view my reddening butt. My long term spanker liked to arrange mirrors so I could visual enjoy the spanking. I still use mirrors when I self spank.
  5. I enjoyed a long term spanking relationship with my best friend. Sadly he moved south this past fall and I have yet to resume a new relationship. I miss the intimacy being over the lap and getting a hand spanking. self spanking may give the burn but lacks the connection.
  6. Oldspankee


    A little self spanking. I miss the real thing.
  7. In my twenties I took many beltings while restrained, and clenching of cheeks and moving was part of the experience. When I began getting long session lap spankings by hand I find keeping the cheeks relaxed for each swat more intimate than clenching. However, as the spankings draw out the cheeks will quiver.
  8. Hopefully you have begun your spanking adventures by now. Would love to know how you made out.
  9. Had to postpone meeting up with a new spanker. Self spanking until this comes to an end.
  10. Mine was when I resumed my love of a spanking as an adult. After a night of drinking my friend talked me into letting him give me a belting. We went to his apartment I stripped and he tied my hands and feet to the legs of this bed, and proceeded to give me an intense, and rather long strapping. We continued to have a relationship for several years. However, we would set the limits for the session in advance. When this relationship ended I never went back to punishment spankings.
  11. I like laying over my spanker's lap as they sit up in bed. I will raise my butt and squirm, but keep my hands away from the action.
  12. Deist. I believe in God and accept the cultural necessity for an individual's religious need.
  13. I have engaged in video chat spankings and to my knowledge they were not recorded. However, for that very reason, I do not show my face during these sessions.
  14. My spanker sitting up in bed I laying over their lap hand spanked on the bare butt.
  15. My significant adult spanking relationships were similar in that both developed with a co-worker and different in terms of an emotional attachment. My first spanker enticed me one evening after some drinking. He wanted to tie me to his bed and give me a strapping. we went to his apartment I stripped and he proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the legs of the bed. We had no safe or stop word and he was in total control. It was intense, but too long. Before we did it again we agreed on some controls. The strap would be limited to 25 swats, or another method, in his words 10 crossed Ts. The Ts were crisscrossed marks left from a riding crop 5 Ts on each cheek. I considered these sessions punishment spankings and it would take a few weeks for the bruising to fade. That lasted for about 3 years about the time he became engaged. The next I have described in previous posts was the result of what could have been a playful dare, an over the lap bare bottom hand spanking that resulted in several decades of emotional attachment centered on our spanking relationship. In this relationship I could control the intensity, and length and neither was disappointed with the result. So, I transitioned from intense, punishment spankings with no real emotional attachment to my spanker, only the spanking, to a long term emotional attachment to my spanker and my spanked butt my gift to him.
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