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  1. I was in a long term spanking relationship where my spanker and I enjoyed mutual pleasure form the experience. My spanker responded to my need in terms of both intensity and duration. Sometimes we would include counting usually for the more intense smacks.
  2. I welcome private chat but seldom initiate one. If I chat with someone I will always say good bye unless it is someone, very few , that I block. However, I find that there are some people here that start a chat and just go away.
  3. Oldspankee


    These cheeks could really use a hand.
  4. After rereading this thread I thought of how I miss those feelings. It has been over a year since I was over my spankers lap. As the hand to cheek increased in number the more intense the erotic response became. Memories.
  5. My favorite was when my spanker would say "it's time to pull those pants down"!
  6. I have only self-spanked during the past year. I find the most enjoyable spankings come when cam chatting with a spanker.
  7. Not in person, but have self-spanked on cam for a few I met on this site.
  8. I recently dreamed I met at a coffee shop with someone from this site. Neither could host at the time so we went to a shopping center parking lot and he gave me a spanking in the front seat of his car. I would not mind this dream coming true.
  9. I like spanking tube male spanks male videos. I prefer hand spankings and wish I was the spankee.
  10. As a young man I liked the welts left from a good strapping. As I got older I like warm red glowing cheeks from a thorough hand spanking.
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