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  1. I love it. Any pictures from during or after?
  2. spanked_son


  3. What color and style of underwear do you have on right now? Ill start- cheetah print bikini
  4. This is wonderful to watch. But I’d also trade places with her in an instant. 


  5. Mmm. Yes please. 


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    2. underpants down

      underpants down

      it can be i suppose


    3. sweetpea


      Safety is a must everything in spanking always must be negotiated between a Top and bottom. If a bottom or spankee wants to leave his or her underwear on that is their choice. 

    4. underpants down

      underpants down

      Yes it is and i agree with you on that point, i always give the spankee the choice to leave underwear on if they choose 

      the style and colour of underwear is their chice too.

      Bring bare bottom is a matter of total Trust in the spanker by the spankee, and that trust needs to be built up slowly,

      as is the force of the spanking and implement choice, especially on the first spnking meet, though i prefer to give and recieve mine bare bottom , other spankees have the choice of how i spank them.

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