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  1. Ukspanko, oh boy do I agree w ur last statement! I wish I had been w my fiancé in my twenties. I definitely cldve used a good otk spanking, maybe I wldnt have gotten myself into so much trouble. 😬 I still do a lot of “naughty” things to get myself upended but they’re silly, small things.. I kno better than to get myself in serious trouble w him 😉 I love over his knee hand spankings but the discipline bath brush I cld do wo. 🤨 lol
  2. Discipline vs play for me, are very different. The play/erotic spanking is not too hard & certainly makes sex better. Discipline is something my bf & I discussed b4hand & when I’ve misbehaved the spanking I get is harder, makes me cry, especially when bf is telling me, calmly, how I have misbehaved. I usually already kno what I’ve done but having him explain, ask why etc. makes this type of spanking much more intimate. I trust his judgement completely
  3. I’m sorry I’m kinda new here, I don’t understand the #’s.
  4. Oooo role playing sounds fun. I def need a good otk spanking. I’ve been so naughty this week
  5. Anytime to get an otk, bend over the side of the bed, spanking is great. I actually like not knowing when it’ll happen. My bf is always spanking me lol. But the good ones are when he just pulls me down, holds my legs between his, puts his arm across my back (so I literally can’t move) & starts slowly spanking me. He starts w a little scolding, spank, rubs, spanks, rubs all while he’s telling me what I’ve done to deserve this spanking. I lovvveeee it.. teehee wait, I think I might’ve went off topic, lol oh well. I love when HE spanks me good!
  6. Naughty Phil, oooo yes I love w my bf holds me firmly in place! Yum!!
  7. Hellooo all, I’m Jen. I think I’ve always loved the feeling of being spanked but just recently am able to explore & enjoy it. My bf at first was worried he’d hurt me but after a lotta discussion & research he’s totally on board! I’m soooo thankful! I’ve read some posts from ppl in relationships that their partner isn’t into it & that must b such a let down. Just wanted to introduce myself 😋
  8. Helloo there, I’m Jen 😊 I’ve never spoken to any females that like to B the spanker. Do u also enjoy being spanked? Otk is my fave place

  9. Oh yes. I get aroused when I kno I’ve done something naughty & my bf will def b disappointed. I’m so turned on when he’s scolding me in a very calm voice while he’s putting me over his knee. The anticipation so sexual I cum just thinking about it
  10. Definitely the talking about what I’ve done wrong will bring me to tears b4 the actual spanking. I’ve never felt that way w anyone. My bf is kind, always puts me first, takes care of me etc.. but will Not put w me lying to him (even white lies) or a bratty/whining attitude. He’ll warn me when I’m on shaky ground. Depending on if I want a good spanking, I’ll adjust my attitude accordingly. Teehee.. except he’s pretty smart when it comes to those shenanigans.
  11. My boyfriend is able to bring me to tears while spanking me mostly bc of the calm way he’s speaking to me (about what I’ve done/he’s very disappointed). I love & respect him very much so if I’m over his knee I already kno I’ve disappointed him & I feel so bad. The spanking plus talking while spanking is def enough for me to cry.
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