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  1. Lita, Did your best friend ever spank you again? She sounds like the perfect mentor, in that she is someone you are close with, and she cares about you, and she seems willing to do it.
  2. Sarah, are you back to living with, and getting spanked by your Aunt? It must be tough for a young adult trying to go out on her own these days, with the pandemic and its economic consequences.
  3. Thank you, Lita. OK Hannah, I guess maybe I will suggest the belt, although after what you have said maybe I'd better not.
  4. She only wants to use a household object as an implement, as she feels weird and unnatural spanking me with a purposely made implement. Maybe the end of a belt rolled around her hand would be OK. She would probably worry that it wouldn't hurt enough, though.
  5. "So are you saying that one of the aims of your wife spanking you is to somehow increase your loyalty and commitment to her as her husband?? It almost sounds like she is spanking you so you don't just up and leave her altogether. Certainly that was probably not what you meant. By 'devotion' in this context, could you possibly mean an increase in love and connection? " It is the latter.
  6. Has this happened to anyone else? With all of the being shut in and not working I've been feeling a little down, and my wife has been giving me more spankings to try to help me (and to help me feel more devoted to her). She uses a somewhat heavy wooden spoon as I lie prone. She has been complaining that I don't have a large enough area to spank. I have been working out a lot to try to be anti-depressed, and I guess I've gotten a little bit skinny. She tries to stick to spanking the fatty less firm areas of my bottom and thighs, but there just ain't that much there. She's afraid that if s
  7. How did you meet the couple who mentors you?
  8. Jaded, she would never hand spank me. She feels that it would not be effective and would make me numb earlier. But she does watch closely and usually does not cause marking that lasts more than a day or 2, or other injuries. A warm up sounds good to me, though.
  9. I wonder what you all think about repeat spankings for punishment. My wife is concerned when spanking me that I am getting numb and often asks me if I still feel it. She knows, because I guess I wriggle less. She says she doesn't want to just be beating me, that the spanking must be felt to be effective or meaningful. One thing I think she could do would be to ask me to stand in the corner for 15 or 20 minutes, which is how long I assume it would take for the numbness to resolve (she uses a hefty wooden spoon--used to use a hairbrush, but now she has an easier time wielding the spoon, with
  10. Also, I think my wife spanking me is a way of her showing love and concern much as an idealized parent might, and that helps to buoy my spirits. What do y'all think of the therapeutic whippings being given in Russia?
  11. Has anyone else used spanking as a treatment for depression? I suffer from periodic depression, although generally I function well. Regular exercise helps me. If I confess to me wife that I'm feeling down, she will say "get over the bed." Or I ask for a spanking. It hurts a lot, but it does give me a feeling of well-being, and at least temporarily alleviates my depression. I also get spanked for punishment, usually for being snarky, and for "good measure." Does anyone else spank or get spanked as an informal treatment for depression? Has anyone heard of the Russian practic
  12. I am a 69 y o retired professional. My wife spanks me, mostly at my request. She does enjoy it, but overall we are more equal, or maybe I'm a little in charge, so we are not FLR, and she feels more comfortable if I ask for it. If I do, then she goes for it. She uses a medium wooden spoon while I lie bare on our bed. It really hurts, but I don't usually have marking beyond 24 hours. It does make her feel more loving towards me, and I do feel more devoted to her. We have been doing it off and on for 40 years. It helps us get over bumps in our relationship, but in times with tension and not getti
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