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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. I will put aside this idea. You all have been very helpful.
  2. I have become close to my coworker, who is in her late 30's. She is leaving for another job, and we have promised each other to keep up, meet for coffee, etc. She is attractive, but I feel towards her as a father, uncle, or teacher, and I have a kid her age. She grew up in a remote small town in the upper Midwest. She gets down a lot. I have recommended she take an antidepressant med, but I also think she might benefit from spankings, if she is into that. I want to ask her but am afraid she will think I'm a "weirdo." I am a switch, but more towards a bottom, and my wife is more than happy to take care of my needs. My wife thinks it's a crazy idea to ask her (and my wife is not into spanking girls). I would be happy to just be a dad substitute (and maybe involve my wife, the perfect mom). I still wonder if my friend is into spanking, for as we here all know, many are dying to get one. What should I do? I'm probably too chicken, but should I ask her?
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