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  1. I play Hearts online. The other 3 "players" are the computer. I imagine that the winner (lowest score) subtracts his score from the highest score and gives that number of swats. Then the 2nd place player subtracts his score from the third place score and then gives that number of swats to the third place player. I come in first or second sometimes and sometimes I come in third, or fourth. Sometimes I come in last big time and am happy it's only a game. If we were to play any game for swats, I would like it to be males only for modesty reasons...I know this might be a minority opin
  2. Thanks momma_s_boy for sharing what you are doing. And thanks to you, Wifey, for your comments and good wishes. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.
  3. Bad Old Boy here in Central Virginia. I was never spanked as a child and always wanted to be. Now I'm in my early 70's and find myself getting heavier and heavier I have little self-discipline and covid-19 has not helped any. I would like to meet once or twice a month to get on the scale to see if I have met my goal(s). I believe regular discipline would be most helpful. I know I do not really know what I'm getting myself into, but I really need help. I have been looking for a few years with no luck. This would be completely nonsexual. I am in my early 70's and checked in at 256l
  4. Hi old salt, you name is very descriptive.  I would like to hear about your most memorable spankings given to others.  Are you a switch or just a spanker?

  5. I am looking for non sexual spankings to help me reach my goal of loosing weight. Is there anyone who is willing to help me? I am straight and have always desired a spanking and I hope this will help me to be accountable.
  6. I am in central VA. Do you play cards?
  7. The original information was most helpful as well as the subsequent comments. Does taking Advil or Aleve before the punishment help in any way?
  8. Welcome and hope you find a spanker. If you get down south we can trade swats.
  9. Thank you for your welcome note.

  10. I would like to meet and talk with you. Let me know if you are still offering spankings.
  11. If you are ever in VA let me know
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and hope to make new friends and find a spanker/mentor who will help me to lose some weight. I've been interested in being spanked for a long time and hope to combine this interest with a big problem I have (my stomach). I would prefer a spanker who is a 50+ male, but would like to chat with anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand. I am new to this area (central VA) and as they say, hope to receive a warm welcome. Thanks for friendship, Old Bad Boy
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