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  1. I can't always cry Crying is a sign of truly giving in.............I've cried from a hand spanking and been barely anything from a paddle...........it's all about trust.......and I sooo crave the cry and stress release and .........power exchange........
  2. I'm an EE but-She or he may be doing said behavior to earn that hard spanking so craved. Maybe DO NOT spank for the rule. Hell maybe reward with a desired spanking each time it's followed? Find something that works, like a LONG cornertime, being denied what they love..........and see if that helps?
  3. I wish I read this, my 1st yearssssssss ago was with a drunk, sadist. He "spanked' my skin black-for six weeks black. He was a blackbelt-he should had never beat me as he did . Legally, you can't as one. Also he drank and drank. He made me question so many times, then mind f&*ked me into saying how easy he went on me. Lots of it I blacked out somehow? TALK to us! Your 1st? Go slow. Get a handspankng.......you have tons of time to get more. If you want add one impliment. Also, see how an adult spanking is to your skin. Sure , maybe you got paddled in high school-this ain'
  4. Bo and Hope's wedding vows.............ahahha
  5. I wonder if anyone who see us buying them are also spankos and wonder or if the casiers are.....they wonder what they're used for?
  6. Thank you for your service Sir and to all those who served!
  7. How many have noticed spanking references in songs? I have in tons, then again I listen to country! Anyone else? Name them!
  8. yes I've recieved many!!!! one or two sharp swats gets me to behave then after were home I would get it more!
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