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  1. I need to let people who care know things.


  2. quite colourful 

    because I want to.jpg

    1. hungsmall


      At least four things to like: red, every night, i want to, and his left foot on tiptoes.

    2. Airman


      Don't you just love a dominant woman  :spank:

    3. cowboy


      My kind of household....

  3. That is an issue with some video's no storyline, bit like watching the Titanic film you know how it ends !! lol
  4. Just thinking off all you Guys and Girls being effected by the winter storms in the USA .

    Especially in Michigan.  Take Care and keep safe. 

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    2. Airman


      Sorry to hear that Maam, but I am positive you have ways to keep warm :coffee:  :behindsofa:

    3. Ms.Mary


      6ou know the ee's can all go outside and make snowboard LOL

    4. Airman


      Hide things in the snow is good when nobody is watching. :oops:

  5. Well that depends on what the joke was ?
  6. Airman


    Well maybe the paddle would be more appropriate , duel purpose really .................. one on mixing the cookies and one dealing with the sassy ladies 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
  7. Airman


    You are both as bad as each other , nothing a firm hand is needed there. . good to hear from you .
  8. Airman


    As we have had this pandemic for over a year now . How do people get on with there life's . As on my own it is quite tough , yes I have hobbies but most are outside . I struggle to find my sense of humour and the stress is building. I find when people joke it is hard to tell the difference. How do others find it ? I would like to chat to others but also find it difficult at times.
  9. What aspects of spanking play is most compelling to you? Exchange of power , The idea of inflicting pain. , drama of role play or sexual arousal .
  10. How many times when away on holiday/vacation do you wish you could find a person who enjoys the spanking scene. I have enjoyed a few trips to USA touring . enjoying the scenery . Would have been great to meet up and make friends.
  11. Very true in the sense what both parties want. Why make excuses . Just bend over and enjoy.. Thank you for your comment .
  12. OK on giving application to the sit spots and the lasting effect. Thank you for your comments .
  13. We all enjoy a good spanking but do we actually need a reason for it?
  14. I am led to believe that the wooden paddle is more of an American implement where as in the UK it is cane and tawse.. Interesting to know you favour the cane.
  15. What is your favourite implement that you like to use, or what you like to feel. I like a leather strap as it stings Not use to the cane so cannot comment . Some implements sting and others Thud .
  16. Hi UKspanko do you ever walk though a hardware store and think ,that would make a good spanking tool? Or that is where they got that implement.
  17. So you have been caught out after you done something bad. Are you scolded before the discipline and does it make it worse if you try to state what happened.
  18. Hi I am from Kent and would be pleased to meet people.😀 recently joined , but not new to the subject.
  19. I am finding a lot of people are using zoom meet ups. Where at the moment we cannot have munches , due to covid.
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