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  1. She also must be terribly embarrassed and must keep her legs open.
  2. A well spanked woman is one who no longer kicks or struggles . She is broken in spirt and accepts her punishment
  3. The next morning Mike announced I was do a " maintenance session. He brought me to the living room and put me on the naughty stool. He brought the phone in and it was Debbie . She said that her husband had signed her up for an over night stay at the clinic . " I,I also m terrified about it " I told her to come over and I'd give her the brochure. When she arrived I was still on the stool. I also was painfully aware Mike had lubed the stool with ginger root . I watched Debbie's face go pale as she read the ad for the clinic." Oh my God " They will spank me "? and , give me an enema ? I assured her they would definitely would do that " and worse " At this point Mike came in and helped me off the stool. " Karen is due for a spanking, so make your self comfortable . " You can watch " He used the hair brush in his normal routine Spanking with the flat side and " Polishing " my red bottom with the bristles. Debbie excused herself after Mike said Karen still needed her liniment rubbed in . When you get home you and your husband should come over and we can compare notes .
  4. When I got to Debbies house both girls were in the punishment room. Amber was still strapped to the table . Her legs were over her head and Buffy waited for her turn. " Oh good your here" she said .I'm going to scrub Amber . The tooth brush was on the table next to the tweezers . Well the outside is done so now time for the butt hole Debbie did not hurry her daughters punishment. Methodly moving the tooth brush in and out of her crying daughter's bottom. I suggested an insertion of the ginger suppository at bed time. Buffy was next and her pussy was scrubbed with the stiff nail brush. " I don't think they will be in a hurry to touch each others cunt tonight"
  5. When I went to get my daughter, Ambers mom , Debbie told me that morning when she went to wake the girls she found Buffy with her head under Ambers night gown . " it seems their bad habits are returning" she said . I told her I would come back later . " yes and bring your Dr bag ." They need a stronger reminder." I suggested Buffy be treated as amber was. " she is going to be scrubbed back and front with the fingernail brush" " Yes very good " Be sure you clean her properly " I will loan you my " grooming " tools . To reach those sensitive pubic hairs she is supposed to keep shaved . The sliver small tweezers make that an unforgettable experience" " Be sure you have a towel reading because Buffy is likely to wet herself."
  6. That evening when we were back home Mike decided to she if my visit to the clinic has hard the desired effect. " Tonight darling we will see what you have learned ."He took me from behind for what seemed an eternity .." keep your head down and your ass up .! When he at last came ..I said the things we were taught at our first training .I debases my self Begging him to stop and .using the words she has painfully been taught ." Please Mike . " " I show my pussy and you can put it in my cunt !" When he came . I was ordered to use my mouth to clean him up .
  7. When Mike arrived t o take me home . I had just finished my last lesson. <Maron had spanked me and with help from her assistant rubbed liements onto my bottom.. . When my cloth's were returned I found my bra and panties were filled with nettles. As Mike asked about my" stay" He also said he had arranged fore two more visits . " The next is after tommorow and they call it " Toliet trainig !"
  8. " She's not trying hard enough." My matron nodded to her assistant and the huge plug was pushed further up my bottom. I screamed but it was muffed because my head was pushed into the girls crouth " We will teach you how to service your husband " the matron said . It seemed like hours until I finally felt the young girl I was "servicing" stiffen up and thrust her hips up squealing as she came OHHHHHH AWAAAAAA. Then go limp . " she will be fine for her bed time spanking the matron announced. At the end of my in house session the matron showed me what was going to be sent home with
  9. The " chair " was the responsibility of the matron the girls called " 2 clicks " This referred to the sound the chair made as she cranked the dildo further into the girls ass or, for married woman. her pussy . The hour I spent on this cruel device was an eternity . Unfortunately it was only the beginning. The matron put me in one two of the restraints the first held my mouth open and the second spread my ass cheeks ." "Your husband says you denied him access " " These will prevent that " Then to make it even worse I was paraded in front of the younger girls to " model " the outfit . The face piece was removed and the matron announced " Since Karen has her daughter to us because of what she describes and preverse behavior she can now demonstrate what she meant . " The matron lead me to one of the younger girls and after having her take her panties off said " Show us ! "She led me with the leash and I was forced to my knees in front of young girl . The matron positioned her with legs open . She pushed my face against her pussy . "Make her cum Karen !" Like your daughter was doing with her friend .!Then to other matron who was standing behind me pushed, what felt like a huge dildo, up my spread open ass.
  10. At the end of the week, when Buffy and Amber were sent home, their mothers were determined to continue the lessons from the clinic. The clinic had sent them home with some " instructional training aids ". The ladies compared notes ." Buffy was sent to school with nettles in her panties Karen said and Ambers mother had used a ginger suppository' as her" reminder" . For my part My husband had made an appointment at the clinic foe me as an " out patient " He was anger because I would not accept his request for anal sex. " they have devices to help you with that!" he said After filling out the paper work I was turned over to the matrons as the girls had been. I was given a gown (backless } and told to undress. The clinic was by design not sound proof so I couldn't help but over hear the other " patients " Reaction to their training . The sounds of female backsides being spanked were easy enough to identify but the screams of NOOOOOO were less so, and more terrifying to the imagination. My spankings from Mike were fairly normal, panties down over the knee, although he some times took the opportunity to punish my butt hole with a finger . In the examination room the matron probed my every opening. She was very rough to the point of enjoying my humiliation . " You are quite tight " We have equipment to correct that "I remembered the girls talking about " The chair " and could hear the ones on that now .
  11. The girls were taken to watch a naughty wife outfited with the harness. The first was for her head and held the mouth open. Her husband it was explained need not fear being bitten and could penetrate as deeply as he wanted. That explained the male voices yelling " Swallow "! the second device fit around the waist and spread the ass cheeks ." In case she doesn't like there and won't open up for her husband " That explained the female screams .
  12. The " clinic had services for both rebellious teens and older woman who were brought by their husbands . Usually these were on an out patent basis. Provided for the men were devices for mouth opening and others for spreading the ass cheeks .What was over heard from this side were " Swallow" Bitch " and " Take it all the way in " The sounds from the younger woman's side were more often screams and " PLEASE NO ! " The morning routine for the six of them was when one of the group was confronted by a matron holding a dog lease . All the girls wore a collar when they were admitted for their stay. The unfortunate girl was lead away closely followed by two other matrons who used their riding crops to urge girl on. The place the girls were taken to they referred to as the" Chair ". In the week long stay each had the opportunity to spend an hour on this torture device . The older woman who , with special permission where given this , at their husbands request . There screams filled the room for the prescribed hour as their already pernitrated bottom had the dildo adjusted to their vagina. The dildo was lubed with ginger root.
  13. When Karen saw her daughter grinding her hips as Buffy fingered her she and Ambers mother sign them up for a week at the clinic. The woman had see the Ad and sent for the brochure. Along with the consent form was a list of practices avilable and offered to the mothers of girls brought there for "training ". These included daily spankings a frequent enemas .
  14. The next morning Buffy awoke to find Ambers hand down the front of her panties ." What are you doing " ? She asked her friend." Shhhhh she replied you are very wet ." Mother will punish you severely if she finds out !" Now hold still,!" Buffy gasped as she felt her friend moving her finger in and out of her ass . " Quiet now ." Can you come quietly ? NOOOOO Buffy said "Please ..But Amber contiued . Do you want mother to do this ? " She will give you the root ! Tommorw when we are at your house you can sit on my lap and I will make you come .! " I heard your mother say she thinks you need toliet training . Do you know what that means ? The last time Buffy remembered that punishment she was over her mothers knee while her father held her and stroked her hair as the syringe was slide into her bottom . " There There " " Just let it come in .Mother says you need to learn to accept this "The stream of warm soapy water did not lession the ordeal .. When Amber arrived the bulge under her skirt suggested she was still wearing a diaper ;
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