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  1. Welcome to the site. I'm in Ontario and always willing to chat with like-minded folks!
  2. There are very few of us in Ontario unfortunately.
  3. I'm a big believer in Yoga Pants and Leggings, especially for punishment spankings. They provide much less protection early on and they definitely increase the intensity of a spanking. It's also far easier to aim if you're using an implement on a non-bare bottom. Don't really care what's on top but T shirts are always good. With those on, I don't really care if the EE is wearing panties underneath, if the spanking is eventually going to be bare, it just adds another dimension to the spanking. Skirts are also fun, but more so in a playful sense.
  4. It depends on the situation on my end. If I'm over the knee, all the way off gives my legs more control so having them on often decreases control on my end. If I'm bent over or on a bed taking the cane, having them on doesn't really add restraint, but it does increase vulnerability on my lower thighs. Personally, I'd treat them as two stages, one with them partially on, then completely off.
  5. Which is a more embarrassing bare bottom spanking to you? A nude spanking or a bare bottom spanking with a shirt (or other coverings) on? I find the latter to be the case, largely because when I'm fully nude, I feel as if the focus of the punishment isn't on the spanking. When it's just my bottom that's bare (or even no pants but a shirt), I feel as though the spanking is the main punishment and where all attention should be focused. What are your thoughts?
  6. Ever since I've been spanked in person as an adult, self spankings haven't been the same. I at least need someone to direct my punishment.
  7. Canes if I'm the bottom, and riding crops if I'm the top. Canes sting more than leather implements and have the impact associated with wooden ones (like paddles).
  8. Our terms are 4 months in length, and since our program is a co-op program, we alternate between studying and work. Starting may I'll be in a study term and we'll have online classes.
  9. Things are going to be so difficult come May.
  10. Using the wooden bath brush, you will smack your behind a specified number of times for procrastination, based on the weight of the exam. For this exam, multiply the weight of your exam by 2 (ie a 30% exam * 2 = 60 smacks). 30 strokes with the drumstick for watching netflix. No netflix until your exam is over. If you watch Netflix before your final again, you will receive 10 strokes with the bath brush, and read your notes in the corner with your pants down for 10 minutes. I did poorly on a term test.
  11. 1 stroke of a hairbrush (if you don't have a hairbrush, an implement of your choice of equal pain level) for every wasted dollar you've spent. Corner time — 1/4 the amount of time you stayed up late. Woke up too late and was late to work by 30 minutes.
  12. Left work early when I could have started tomorrow's work.
  13. LazyNerd


    I'm also 20.
  14. For every hour you waste at work, take a heavy implement of yours (Cane, Hairbrush, thick strap), and administer 12 swats. If it's a lighter implement (including your hand), triple that number. After each set of 12 swats, 5 minutes of corner time. Have not been keeping my room clean and have regularly wasted money on trivial things.
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