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  1. @Rae This behavior is unacceptable young woman. Drinking has severe consequences that will affect your physical, mental, and social health. A spanking is most definitely in order for this. The lack of you completing your household chores is also not acceptable, and procrastination will not be tolerated. We will separate your punishments, and each one must be completed on separate days. 1. Drinking. Drinking is not acceptable, and you will warm up with the leather paddle over a clothed bottom, preferably leggings or a skirt, 2 minutes of non-stop spanking. Any stopping, you will add 25 with the hairbrush at the very end. You will use this time to think about the implications of your drinking. After completing said exercise, you will remove your first layer of clothing and pick up the plastic spoon. 60 smacks, non-stop. Same punishment as before if you are late. You will then lower your knickers and continue with the plastic spoon, another 60 smacks. I want you to think about your behavior Rae. Once the warmup is over, corner time with your hands behind your head, 5 minutes. You even think about rubbing that bottom of yours, expect another 25 with the hairbrush, plus you will start over. Once that corner time is over, pick up that hairbrush. For every drink in excess you've had, 20 licks. You can stop after every set of 20 Finally, you will count the number of drinks you've had, and follow each count with a stroke of the spoon, and a response: "I will drink responsibly, and never excessively" You'll do your penalty swats if you have any, then another 10 minutes in the corner with your hands behind your head. You will go to bed with a bare bottom and think about why you deserved such a punishment. 2. Procrastination I have very little tolerance for procrastination Rae. This time, we will stick entirely with the hairbrush. Start on leggings or a skirt, 1 minute continuous. 10 extra if you stop for any reason. You will then lower said clothing and will smack your panty-covered bottom for 3 minutes, alternating cheeks. Again, if you stop for any reason, 10 extra at the end. You will then lower your panties and take 100 strokes with the hairbrush. You have a maximum of 5 seconds in between strokes. Once complete, 5 minutes in the corner, hands behind your head! You will then proceed to do one of your chores with that bare bottom of yours exposed (if possible). After you complete each chore, you will receive another 50 strokes on your bare bottom and 5 minutes of corner time. Repeat this step with all your chores until you are all done. Again, you will go to bed with an exposed bottom so you can think about what you've done. Shame on you and your procrastination. I have been swearing excessively, particularly around my younger cousins.
  2. Welcome! Stay safe since this is a risky interest!
  3. A+ Caning right there.
  4. Absolutely lovely story Rebecca! Well done.
  5. I have been failing to pick up my room and do my laundry.
  6. You need to watch your language young man! You will take that liquid soap and wash your mouth out thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, then you will stick the bar of soap in your mouth, and stand in the corner for 5 minutes, no pants, with your hands behind your head. After that, you will take the wooden spoon, and apply 20 licks of that implement over your underwear-covered bottom. After which, you will remove your undergarments, and apply 60 strokes with the bath brush. Finally, you will take that cane and apply 15 strokes, saying: "I will watch my language" after every stroke. You will put that bar of soap back in your mouth, and hold that cane between your bottom cheeks for another 10 minutes once you are done. We all expect better of you.
  7. Definitely go for something tight when wearing clothing. It's all the more humiliating.
  8. My work term has been fun. really not looking forward to the Winter term.
  9. I like this, though for me and those I've talked to, I'd definitely make It the "B" rule.
  10. The thread was moved over to a public thread under Pen Pals/Online Dynamics. It's right below the Regional Directory.
  11. Welcome to the site! There aren't too many of us in the GTHA but we exist! Feel free to chat with us. I recommend checking out the Canadian Spankos group as well.
  12. I think it really depends on what the punishment is, indeed for. Obviously burnout and perhaps wasted time is a very real fear and if the offense isn't that severe, it might justifiably be lowered. Some ERs definitely take punishments way too far. That being said, depending on the offense, sometimes seeing it through can be extremely important to one's development. I've experienced a spanking similar to this where I wanted to stop midway through, but came to realize that my debt wasn't fully paid until I actually finished the punishment. Ultimately, I think you should talk it over with the ER, perhaps explain the situation, how you're feeling, and what you're willing to do to ensure you've learned your lesson. This may mean that if the offense is repeated in the future, you take an even longer punishment.
  13. Naughty naughty! Each day off deserves a different spanking session (3 separate ones). For each day, you will pick one of the 3 implements mentioned and do the following. 1. Stand in a location where the spanking will take place, remove your pants and undergarments. 2. You will look down at your implement for 5 minutes and think about the punishment you are about to receive 3. You will administer 150 strokes with the chosen implement, 5 strokes per cheek, alternating. 4. You will kneel on all 4s, place the implement on top of your bottom and wait there for 5 minutes, thinking about the consequences of skipping work. (Penalty swats if the implement falls off you: 30 strokes, add 10 for each additional time it falls off) For all the time you've wasted on your video games and surfing the web, you will repeat the same procedure as above, but with your pre-spanking reflection will be 6 minutes, your spanking will consist of 100 strokes with each implement, and your kneeling reflection will be 10 minutes long. I've been wasting money needlessly.
  14. Things are online now (just started yesterday) and it feels like our profs have just stopped giving a damn.
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