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  1. Welcome! Stay safe since this is a risky interest!
  2. A+ Caning right there.
  3. Absolutely lovely story Rebecca! Well done.
  4. I have been failing to pick up my room and do my laundry.
  5. You need to watch your language young man! You will take that liquid soap and wash your mouth out thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, then you will stick the bar of soap in your mouth, and stand in the corner for 5 minutes, no pants, with your hands behind your head. After that, you will take the wooden spoon, and apply 20 licks of that implement over your underwear-covered bottom. After which, you will remove your undergarments, and apply 60 strokes with the bath brush. Finally, you will take that cane and apply 15 strokes, saying: "I will watch my language" after every stroke.
  6. Definitely go for something tight when wearing clothing. It's all the more humiliating.
  7. My work term has been fun. really not looking forward to the Winter term.
  8. I like this, though for me and those I've talked to, I'd definitely make It the "B" rule.
  9. The thread was moved over to a public thread under Pen Pals/Online Dynamics. It's right below the Regional Directory.
  10. Welcome to the site! There aren't too many of us in the GTHA but we exist! Feel free to chat with us. I recommend checking out the Canadian Spankos group as well.
  11. I think it really depends on what the punishment is, indeed for. Obviously burnout and perhaps wasted time is a very real fear and if the offense isn't that severe, it might justifiably be lowered. Some ERs definitely take punishments way too far. That being said, depending on the offense, sometimes seeing it through can be extremely important to one's development. I've experienced a spanking similar to this where I wanted to stop midway through, but came to realize that my debt wasn't fully paid until I actually finished the punishment. Ultimately, I think you should talk it over with
  12. Naughty naughty! Each day off deserves a different spanking session (3 separate ones). For each day, you will pick one of the 3 implements mentioned and do the following. 1. Stand in a location where the spanking will take place, remove your pants and undergarments. 2. You will look down at your implement for 5 minutes and think about the punishment you are about to receive 3. You will administer 150 strokes with the chosen implement, 5 strokes per cheek, alternating. 4. You will kneel on all 4s, place the implement on top of your bottom and wait there for 5 minutes, thinking about
  13. Things are online now (just started yesterday) and it feels like our profs have just stopped giving a damn.
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