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  1. I don't care about your religion as long as you don't use it as a means to judge everyone but yourself.
  2. Political views are important to me, and are a dealbreaker. If I'm spanking you without any personal connections then I'm not going to ask, like if we're at a play party. However, some political views are extremely dangerous to me, my rights, and devalue me as a human being. If you espouse any of those views then I will absolutely not spank you, nor would I want to be your friend. I don't have time to debate whether people deserve rights and help you be reasonable. If I have to have a Green Book moment to spank you, then hell no. I'm not into extraneous emotional labor.
  3. We don't fail to see that. Their feelings/beliefs don't play into it. You have the right not to be shot in the street, thats due process. You don't have a right to overturn an election that has been investigated When you are denied a proper legal remedy that protects an actual right, when there is an infringement on that right, a riot is MORE appropriate. Especially when you are denied that legal remedy after the violation is on camera. When you are flaccidly attempting to revolt at the orders of an outgoing government ment official to usurp the peaceful transfer of lawful president
  4. I think nuance or context and double standards are very different, but acknowledge much of your point. While a riot is a riot, I do not quite think all riots are created equal. I do think anyone who attempts voter suppression is a racist. I do not think every member of the Republican party is a racist. I do however realize that unless you intimately know Georgia's political history and its long standing tradition voter suppression based on race and class the statement could easily be seen as party-based. I also would not call an attempted insurrection as a r
  5. You know, I will concede that I did indeed make the OP more antagonistic than absolutely necessary. For that I will apologize. Articulating in the original post that I am a nonpartisan operative would have saved some of this. However, I do not believe that I further perpetuated any hate. Racists should be shamed. Especially when they kill people down the street from me. If I wanted to drag the entirety of the GOP, I would have. But I didn't. What someone says and what you feel like someone says are very different, and should be treated as such.. Much of the chagrin that this pos
  6. However, if you can find a specific instance where I did so. Then I'll drop it because thats a violation of the rules. But I'm fairly sure I didn't. And I'm a little salty that the reality of my experience is overpowered by the feelings of people who honestly could have ignored the post if they didn't want a spanking from me.
  7. I specifically did not mention party. I said that I kicked their racist asses because I'm black, from Georgia, and do anti-voter suppression work year round so I know exactly who I'm fighting and who they are targeting. Voter suppression is aimed at a specific group, usually, and regardless of your party if you try to keep people of color from voting you're a racist ass. I know what liberal racism looks like and don't spare them any quarter on racist assery. But I was specifically fighting racist asses in Georgia. My home. As a black man. The race was won by a specific party, sure
  8. The post was originally about my nonpartisan voter turnout work being over and that I wanted a new spanking buddy because I had the time. I didn't call any single person a racist nor did I mention a political party. Not once. Not even the President.
  9. Only for COVID safety. Once its over I plan to spank in a more traditional fashion. You becoming aroused is fine as long as you respect my limits.
  10. First. MY WORK AGAINST THE RACIST ASSES WAS NONPARTISAN. I will say this. I'm from the South, and specifically in Georgia we know how to work together because we have no choice. So I am excellent at having a civil, policy based conversation with any person of any political ideology. And am happy to do so here at anytime bc civil discourse is critical. But I'm a firm believer in calling a spade a spade. The work I do is anti racist. Always will be. Unfortunately, it often, but certainly not always, comes from one direction. Thats the trut
  11. Sounds like you should have saved this rant for Parler. If you don't think that a group of people who manipulate complex laws to disenfranchise people who don't look like them, try to cheat when those people come out to vote anyway, and then storm the Capitol in the lamest temper tantrum of the century with shirts depicting nazi and proudly imagery are racist, what would you call them?
  12. I'm a spanker, disciplinarian, and general dom. I especially like providing discipline because I have an annoying need to maximize people's potential and while I enjoy the act of spanking I enjoy helping you get your shit together more. I accept women, men, and couples of any sexuality or gender. I am straight, if that matters but will not pursue any sexual relationship with you under any circumstances. My partner (cishet female if that matters) is supportive of my spanking activities and may want to watch occasionally if you are not being disciplined but that is not a necessity. On a vanilla
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