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    We had been chatting for about 6 weeks and decided it was time we actually met. Jan is fun divorced and only ever been lightly spanked before. The meeting was a local pub for Breakfast as she had work at 12.30. I wanted to leave time to take her home if we clicked. I will add here Jan has asked me to write she will be so turned on reading and knowing this is about her. Meeting her outside as you never let a lady, let alone a Babygirl walk into a place by herself. We greeted with a cuddle. Jan chatted a lot and was very nervous she had been given strict instructions. Black matching underwear and stockings with a dress that I could easily check on her underwear. She chatted constant knowing how nervous she was I let her talk with the occasional question or comment. ordering and eating breakfast. After a while I decided it was time to test just how submissive she was and how open she would talk about The Baby Girl she describes herself as. She fiddled with the buttons on her dress nervously before showing me her black bra. Just a glimpse but enough to show she was obedient. After 15 minutes chatting about the babygirl open enough for the next table to hear, a reminder about safe words and what they meant and our second pot of tea. Time I took you home I told her I am going to unwrap my parcel and spank your bottom. Jan started to shake a little but looking me straight in the eyes and after a minute or two nodded Yes Sir. We Drove the short distance to Jan's house and she let us in. I could see how nervous she was but at the same time excited. We headed for the lounge and she stood hands by her side in front of me, we had spoken plenty about how I would unwrap her delicious body. Her Dress buttoned up the front and I started at the top slowly unfastening them all the time staring into her eyes she was almost shaking. She went to remove her Cardigan, Smacking her bottom she got the message and hands back to her sides. Gently reassuring her my fingers trailing over her lovely breasts, and down her tummy, her dress laid open her matching bra and panties on display. Slipping her cardigan off i gently kissed her followed by her dress. My fingers trailing over her delicious body she was trembling but a smile on her face said it all. Her Hands obediently behind her head slowly inspecting her, Jan's bra slowly removed and knowing her nipples are wired to her clit pulling them, her face melted as I kissed her with a long slow kiss. Her Period meant her knickers had to stay on. Hands on the couch i whispered in her ear as she bent forward I spanked her bottom and top of legs for a good few minutes. "Stand" she faced me a few hard spanks and twists to her now hard nipples and lovely tit's her face grimacing every so often. Go and get your leather paddle and flogger I instructed she almost ran up the stairs and was back presenting them to me her lovely nipple begging to be played with. We had about 20 minutes of impact play her bottom tits and back flogged and paddled. with lots of rubbing in-between her coming very close to her limit on many occasions before I gently rubbed and massaged the offending area. I took a seat on the sofa and told her to kneel in front of me, her hands went to my belt and I told her "No" flogging her lovely tits and playing with her nipples Please Sir she kept saying I want to please you. Eventually i released my throbbing cock and allowed her to suck which she hungrily and gratefully did. Only allowing for a few minutes before sitting her back on her haunches hands behind head. Leaning forward kissing her softly before biting her nipples Jan was gone her pussy begging for attention' it got a few from the flogger before sitting her up, head on my lap and 20 minutes of cuddles and kisses with lots of gentle rubbing. Jan was told to see me out as she was and the look of horror on her face, but was going to obey. As we headed out the lounge i slipped her cardigan on her after all they are her neighbours. A long kiss and I was gone she only had 5 minutes before work. The promise next time she will be shaved and spanked far more,
  2. Tate999

    Acronym Fun

    Make my medicine more memorable. PAINS
  3. Tate999

    Acronym Fun

    Spanking time is not going. AWAYY
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