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  1. Tate999

    Acronym Fun

    A Naughty Angel Gets Spanked. SOMES
  2. Tate999

    Acronym Fun

    Just Insist Good Girls Like SPANK
  3. 192 it refers to the same person @PBM was when it was crazy in the early days 3 of us would get together and bump the number right up and it was to stop that
  4. Just keep an eye on those EE's they have a habit of creeping down the score. maybe @AfterGeometrymight even put in a show
  5. Meeting the right person is not something that comes with luck it is hard work and needs "you" to be able to put the time and effort in. Fetlife is very good for meeting people local if you have the energy and time to weed out all the rubbish. Its like anything in life you only get out of it what you put in and yes there is some luck involved the right place the right time and being prepared to wait for that right person.
  6. February seems a perfect time that will be 2 years since we started and for me a special milestone in my life the year I thought I would never have. Hopefully this new variant will be under control by then and things will have started to return to normal
  7. well do i finish it @shygurlits nearly 20, 000 posts page 795 and over a year a very good game that has fond memories and thankfully I am still hear to see the end of it @Correctmeplz46 @
  8. 198 Who is going to finish this or are the EE's going to wake up and post
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