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  1. Hello I've been on here for a but haven't posted recently. I'm looking for an er in the ne ohio area im a 25 year old male and can travel anywhere within a few hours distance message me if your interested.
  2. Thats would be nice but easier said then done
  3. Did you move to Ohio i know we talked before if you moved a little closer I would be very interested
  4. I am very interested sending you a message now
  5. Yes many of us are streight and are still spanked by other men
  6. I used to get spanked in a cemetery that is right behind a presidential monument me and my old spanker went there a lot because it was very close and there was hardly ever anyone back there normally she spanked me in the car but not always
  7. That makes me think I should get checked out because it realy does seem to help
  8. I always cover my ears for some reason like if I cant hear it it wont hurt
  9. Bringing up birthday spankings on my 21st birthday got me my first real spanking and many more
  10. I saw a article not very long ago saying how adult spanking was a mental illness and you could be legally hospitalized for it till the 50s I think I cant find the article again
  11. Shoot me a message if you want to talk about this
  12. This probably should go in introductions and the regional directory if you want to meet anyone
  13. He didnt say he was looking to hookup welcome spankoman there's all sorts of people looking for different things let me know if you want to chat
  14. To get spanked by is natalie dormer it's the way she smiles like she knows something.
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