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  1. The real history of Sabina Spielrein shows she was infatuated with punishment and spanking. Something that became part of her therapy sessions with Jung (though it's said Freud did not approve). Still Freud's daughter Anna's most famous paper is about her own dream phantasy of watching a boy being spanked - make what you will of that.
  2. Hey I'm a spanker with real DD experience from London and living in Spain. I spend the year between the two places. My special interest is spanking for actual discipline. I see so many of my mentees cannot get a person to spank them properly for discipline which is a real shame. As if it's hard to slap a butt and mean it, but that's the problem. Most people don't mean it.
  3. I am in a DD relationship, I wish it for everyone who likes it. However, I also mentor with spanking and those relationships are also meaningful in their way I think.
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