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  1. Thanks a bunch! There’s more to come!
  2. From Smoking Green to Smoking Red "Coronavirus...coronavirus...Trump..." Michelle said aloud to herself disappointingly as she scrolled through her phone at work. Sitting at her desk, the 24 year old was fully immersed in the depressing world of social media in the year 2020. Thank god she was considered essential and still had a workplace to be at, though. "Emure, you okay?" asked Brad, a 26 year old coworker who peeked into her cubicle. "You sound pretty miserable." "It's the news," Michelle said, looking up from her phone and breaking herself of the spell. "The world is a depressi
  3. The Therapist "And I hope you're able to put these ideas into practice, and thanks for being able to come in at 2 instead of 7," Dr. Olivia Crenshaw said to her patient as she held open the office door open for him."Thanks again Doc, see you next week," said the elderly man as he walked out. Dr. Crenshaw called out to her secretary,"Lau, who's next?""Michelle Emure, Doctor Crenshaw.""Right. Send her in, please."The 43 year old African American therapist returned to her chair in the corner of the room as Michelle walked in. In her red hoodie and jeans, the 23 year old walked in wincing but tryi
  4. Are you referring to this website? Or people out in real life?
  5. Both have their reasons why they’re appealing - for me personally, the spanker removing them adds to the embarrassment and the lack of control the spankee has in the situation, feeling vulnerable and helpless, which makes it the better choice to me.
  6. So this story has twice the amount of views as the first 12 stories. Is anyone actually reading these? Does anyone like them?
  7. Mean New Deal Michelle went to bed that night incredibly sore. More sore than she'd ever been in her life. She took a 45 minute spanking from Marsha that included the hand, hairbrush, paddle, and a 15 minute caning. She was also sore in the front - Marsha took the liberty of shaving Michelle spotless, and had made a few cuts as she went. Marsha had just moved into the apartment across the hall that day as a way to be present to help Jane discipline Michelle when necessary - something Michelle was very much not pleased about, as Marsha was a spanking machine. That night, the poor girl cried her
  8. Marsha's First Night / Michelle's First CaningAfter a disastrous morning meeting, Michelle spent the rest of the day in her bedroom. First, she went through her underwear drawer and removed any thongs or g-strings and dumped them in the little trash can next to her nightstand. All the money she spent on nice, sexy underwear, wasted because her older roommates didn't approve of them. As she tossed out each thong, she remembered back to when she first moved in all that time ago, when Jane collected ALL her underwear and burned them in the building's incinerator. What seemed so far away, and so s
  9. Marsha Moves InMichelle woke up at around 9am the next morning. Whereas the previous morning she woke up feeling dandy, this morning she felt even worse than ever before. Today was a big day, and not necessarily a good one. She got out of bed and wandered out into the living room. No sign of anyone. She didn't know if she was supposed to be getting a daily spanking, but with Jane not around, she guessed not. She walked into the kitchen and decided to fill the void in her stomach with actual food. Checking through the pantry, she found a box of chocolate donuts. She took one out and, as she hea
  10. Michelle's Day OffBZZT BZZT BZZTLike a solemn church bell tolling on a dreadful Sunday morning, Michelle's phone alarm woke her up to let her know that it was time for a new day. Of course, Michelle never woke up happy or excited to start a new day. She looked at her phone - 7:50AM. Out of bed, the 23 year old sluggishly headed into the bathroom to answer nature's call. Exiting the bathroom after washing her hands, she headed into the living room where a prim and proper Jane sat in a long red dress, as opposed to the younger girl in an oversized Green Day t-shirt and black panties with cartoon
  11. For the record, THIS is the 9th chapter in the story of Michelle and Jane, NOT “Mini Spankings,” which is the 4th chapter. Daily SpankingsBRRP! BRRP! BRRP!Michelle awoke the next morning to her phone alarm going off, signaling that, unfortunately in this case, it was time to get up. She checked her phone - 8:30AM. A half hour before judgment day was to begin. She'd gotten a full night's sleep but felt a terrible feeling in her chest like she didn't get enough sleep. It felt like waking up after a night of intense drinking and not knowing where you were, what happened, or how you go
  12. AmyA year and a half passed since we left Michelle and Jane in their apartment. As the year passed, the 23 year old started getting paid for her internship. She and Jane became closer friends. Lucky for her, she hadn't seen Marsha since last time. The spankings she was accustomed to were less frequent - about once every two weeks. Michelle had simply gotten used to them. They still hurt like hell, but she was ever so used to them. Especially since they were never for anything major.Butttt then this happened...One night in March, Michelle got to the apartment building at midnight with her frien
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