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  1. Part 3 is posted. Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy! :)

    1. rubyredd


      @spankguy777- awesome... I can't wait to read it. Was worried you had left the site.

  2. Saturday Evening Part II A sore and angry Kim threw her soda in the garbage outside the Target. “Motherfucker!” she yelled. She wanted a nice cold drink; instead she just got an ice cold soap flavored soda. She even threw out half of her burger and almost all of the fries because it just all tasted soapy. She had no time to properly rinse before leaving and now she couldn’t even enjoy a meal because it all had that fresh, Dove taste. What a waste of money. Trying to avoid rubbing her sore ass in public, she walked into Target and headed straight for the women’s intimates section. There she found a nice assortment of lingerie and fancy underthings - the exact opposite of what she needed to get. Kim browsed around the section until she found a 5-pack of Hanes granny panties. They were plain colors - green, white, pink - the perfect size to completely cover up, and best of all, they hadn’t been worn by other people before her. She grabbed the pack and headed for the register and bought it. As she opened the Uber app, she checked the time - 8:29. Perfect - she was just a 7 minute drive from the bed and breakfast. She was gonna make it! And then Uber said “no drivers currently available.” “What?! No no no I just got here, there HAS to be a driver...” she moaned to herself, refreshing and refreshing the app. Nope. “No drivers currently available” kept popping up. Panicked, she opened Lyft, but no drivers available. “Are you kidding me?!” she yelled. Kim frantically sat outside Target on one of the big red balls, switching from uber to Lyft and waiting for an available driver. Finally - at 8:40, Uber had an available driver. She booked it- and the app said 17 minutes away. She went wide eyed. No. No no no. Kim freaked and hit “call driver” and threw the phone to her ear. “Come on, come on...” she muttered into the receiver as it rang. After 2 rings someone picked up. “Hello? Hi is this Brad?” “Yes, is this Kimberly?” “Yes! Hi! Thank god you picked up!” “Yep, I’m on my way to you now. GPS says I should be there in 26 minutes or so.” “26? What? No no no, mine says 17.” “That’s weird. It probably hasn’t updated to show the traffic I’m in.” “Fuck! Traffic?!” “Yes m’am, sorry about that.” “God dammit! Is there anyway you can get here faster?!” “No m’am; not unless the Lord blesses my car with wings.” “Ugh. I’m so done hearing about the fucking ‘Lord’ today.” “Whoa m’am, you need to watch your manners. Your mama should give you a spanking.” “What did you say?!” “I said if your mama tanned your hide, maybe you wouldn’t be so disrespectful.” “Listen here, pal. I’ve had a long fucking day, do you understand me?” -click- Realizing she’d been hung up on, Kim returned to the Uber app to call back - only to see “looking for a new driver for you.” “Are you fucking kidding me he canceled the trip?! Motherfucker!” Kim yelled out loud. 9:22PM read Kim’s phone clock as the Lyft she finally managed to get pulled up to the front of the Smith Family nightmare house. She’d checked it over and over as the ride went, desperately praying for either the car to speed up or for time to rush backwards, but unfortunately neither were in the cards for her. With a pit in her stomach a mile deep, Kim thanked her driver and got out, carrying her Target bag and approaching the front door. She could see through the window that the light in the lobby was on. Very carefully, she turned the knob and slid the door open, trying to avoid any incriminating noisiness. Once she was inside, she slowly shut the door behind her, closing it without so much as a creak or a thud. She turned around and noticed Melissa, sitting at her desk in a long pink nightgown, and let out a loud scream in fright. “Welcome back, Kimberly.” “Oh, uh yes hi I’m back. Just in time.” “More like 22 minutes late,” Melissa remarked, standing up. “You were told to be back here by 9pm.” Melissa came out from behind her desk and stood in the foyer of the lobby with Kim. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get an Uber in time!” “Mhmm. Slow time of night. No traffic. Target isn’t far away, and yet you got back here at almost 9:30. You’re lucky I didn’t go to sleep or I would’ve locked up, and you would’ve spent the night outside. I waited for you.” “Thank you, I really do appreciate it and I’m so sorry I’m late. It won’t happen again.” “Mhm. So what’s in the bag? Appropriate panties, I imagine?” “Yep, went out and bought proper underwear. I’ll go put them on.” “Now hang on, let me see and make sure,” Melissa said, walking over to the wall opposite the front door where there were 2 chairs, an umbrella holder with umbrellas in it, and a small table on which sat the lit lamp and below it sat a little trash can. Melissa sat on the chair to the right of the table and turned on the lamp. “Come here, let me see.” Fighting the urge to run to her room and lock the door, Kim walked over to Melissa and handed her the Target bag. She reached in and pulled out the package of panties. Kim stood and watched anxiously as Melissa examined the package, reading the label and analyzing the underwear inside. Melissa looked up at Kim, “You didn’t open them yet?” “No? I was waiting until I got back here.” “Alright, well hurry up.” Melissa handed the package back to Kim. “What?” “Put them on.” “I will, once I get back to my room.” “Now.” “What?” “Put them on so I can make sure they’re appropriate.” “What, right here? In front of you?” “Yes? How else would I make sure they’re proper panties?” “You can literally see them in the bag!” “And I need to see them on you.” “Then I’ll go back to my room and put them on and come back.” “What you’ll do is put them on right here, right now. This isn’t a request, Kimberly. Respect your elder and caretaker and do as you’re told.” Kim scowled, knowing there was no way out of this. “Fine,” she groaned in a voice dripping with attitude. “What was that? How do you respectfully respond to an elder, young lady?” The young lady paused for a moment, not sure, before realizing her error. “Yes, M’am.” “Good. Now, take off the panties I gave you and put on the new ones. You ARE wearing those panties I gave you, right?” Melissa asked as if she didn’t already know the answer. SHIT! Kim totally forgot she was wearing that frilly black thong again, which was the very reason she had to run out to Target in the first place. Kim paused for a moment and turned towards Melissa’s desk. “Of course I am,” she lied. “I’ll just change back here so you don’t see anything.” As she took a step, Melissa grabbed her by the wrist. “No no. I want to inspect your bottom anyway to make sure it’s healing. Now hurry up, please,” she said with a tinge of sternness in her voice as she forcibly led Kim directly in front of her before letting go of her wrist. Kim placed the package of panties back in Target bag before placing the bag on the floor. She slowly kicked off her shoes, moving them against the wall. She put her hands into the sides of her shorts, making sure to grab the thong too, and pushed them down together, in a last ditch effort to hide her forbidden underwear. Of course, the second they were down low enough for Melissa to look into Kim’s shorts, she peeked in and saw the thong. “Is that that thong I told you not to wear?!” Melissa asked. Fuck. Busted. “After the spanking you JUST got? And I even GAVE you panties to wear?” “You gave me USED panties!” Kim cried, still gripping the sides of her shorts and thong. “I didn’t want to wear someone else’s underwear!” “You were given panties and told to wear them. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand new or worn by 100 woman. You were given something to do, as a guest in my home, and after giving you two chances to do the right thing, you’ve deliberately disobeyed me. Again.” “Used underwear is disgusting!” “Kim, I don’t want to hear another word about it. Especially since I went back into your room after you left and even saw the panties I gave you left on the bed. So you lied directly to my face.” “I’m sorry, I-“ “It’s too late for that. Now, take off your shorts and take off that disgusting thing.” Knowing there was no way out, Kim pushed her shorts all the way down to her feet and stepped out of them and kicked them next to her shoes. “And give me that thong,” was the next response. Without thinking twice, Kim let the thong fall to her ankles before lifting them up to her chest with just her foot and taking them off. Once she had it in her hand, Melissa held her hand out for it, and Kim handed it to her before using her hands to cover her groin, which wasn’t covered up for 5 seconds before Melissa asked “where are your hands supposed to be?” Kim rolled her eyes and lifted her hands and placed them on her head as Melissa had instructed her to do earlier, leaving her exposed again. Melissa, meanwhile, crumpled up the thong and tossed it in the trash can under the little table. “Hey, that’s mine!” Kim protested. “Not anymore. It’s in the garbage now with the rest of your so-called underwear.” “Excuse me?! You threw out my underwear?” “I did. Every last disgusting pair. You had your chance to do the right thing but you didn’t, so now you lose all your gross thongs.” “Oh what the fuck? Are you going to buy me new underwear to replace them?” “No, you already did that yourself tonight, Kimberly. Speaking of which...” Melissa bent down and reached into the Target bag and took out the panty package and ripped it open, pulling out a pink pair. She held it out to Kim, “here. Put these on.” Kim took her hands off her head and took the panties from her tormentor. She put them on, slipping them up carefully around her still sore butt. Once they were on, Kim barely let her arms hang before Melissa said “hands?” Kim instantly put her hands back on her head. “Now turn around,” came the next command. Kim did as she was told, turning her back to Melissa who inspected her panty-clad butt. The panties did what they were supposed to do and covered her entire rear. “Very good, appropriate panties,” Melissa commented. She then reached forward and stuck her pointer fingers into the back of the waistband and began pulling them down. “Let’s see how your bottom is looking...” She got the panties down just below Kim’s ass and saw that her cheeks were now a faded pink. There was a little color, but not as red or severe as it had been before. “Nicely healed...all ready for punishment number 3,” she said, pulling the panties back up to normal. “Punishment number 3?!” “Yes? You came home late, disrespected me, put on that thong and lied to me. Did you think you wouldn’t be punished for that?” “But it’s after curfew?” “Discipline doesn’t have a curfew, Kimberly. Although it seems your manners and decency may have had a curfew of a few years ago that never ended. So I think you know how we’ll be dealing with this.” “Another spanking?” Kim moaned. “Another spanking,” Melissa confirmed. “Turn around and face me.” Kim did as she was told, never taking her hands off her head. “Is everything okay out there?” came a strange voice from down the hall. Kim went wide eyed and red faced. “Yes. Is that you, Mrs. Willoughby?” Melissa called out. Out from another bedroom wandered a little old white-haired woman in her late 60s in a bath robe. “Yes it’s me, I heard a commotion. What seems to be happening here?” she asked as she entered the lobby. “Oh nothing. Kimberly, this is Mrs. Willoughby. She checked in after you this afternoon. Mrs. Willoughby, this is another one of our guests tonight, Kimberly. She seems to be a pretty proud sinner so I’m punishing her the way the Bible instructs us to deal with naughty youth.” “I see... since she’s in her underpants I imagine it’s with a good beating on her behind?” “That would be it.” Kim just stood there silently, wishing she could die from embarrassment. “Good for you,” Mrs. Willoughby encouraged. “Youth these days get away with so much. No discipline. It’s good that you have a strong sense of discipline in this house, even for unruly guests like this one.” “Unruly?! Don’t talk about me like that you judgmental old bag, you don’t even know me,” Kim blurted out, frustrated. She regretted it immediately and knew she just dug herself into a deeper hole, but she just couldn’t help herself. “Excuse me, young lady. I know Melissa Smith and her husband are devout followers of Christ and his teachings. If they deem you a sinner, it must be true. And that attitude you carry towards strangers only confirms it.” “Agreed. Mrs. Willoughby, would you like to stay and observe Kimberly’s punishment? I think a little extra embarrassment is in order for her, especially after the way she just spoke to you.” Kim squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head. “I’d love to,” was her unfortunate-to-Kim’s-ears answer. “Right. In fact, since she mouthed off to you and insulted you, I feel it’s only fair that you get to punish her yourself, if you’d like.” “You know, after being called an old bag, I wouldn’t mind.” Kim, speechless and upset, just shook her head “no” a bit. This couldn’t be happening. “Kimberly, you don’t get to say ‘no,’ here when you clearly deserve this. Here, move back.” Kim took 2 steps back so Melissa could stand up. “Mrs. Willoughby, please have a seat.” “Don’t mind if I do,” the old woman said as she sat down. “Come here, Kimberly.” Kim stood back in front of Mrs. Willoughby. She chuckled, “Looks like you’re already off to a start, she’s already got her pants off.” “Yep. I was about to take her panties down when you came out.” “Oh, do you want me to spank her with her panties down?” “That’s up to you, Mrs. Willoughby. I would. Especially since this is her THIRD spanking today.” “Third?! Goodness, she really must be a brat.” “Very much so. Disrespecting the Lord, using his name in vain, breaking curfew, not wearing proper panties. She just went and bought those - she was wearing a thong earlier!” “Ooh, I don’t like those at all. She seems like a little brat.” “She is. But what else could you expect from an atheist?” “An atheist?! Oh my, that’s not good at all. No wonder you’re getting punished 3 times today, dear.” “Just because I’m an atheist doesn’t mean I’m a bad person!” Kimberly argued. “Maybe it’s a coincidence then,” Melissa said. “But I doubt it. I’ve never had a guest here get spanked 3 times on their first day with us.” “She truly does deserve it on her bare butt then, if all that is true and she’s as bad as you say,” Mrs. Willoughby said definitively. “Agreed. So feel free to take her panties down and spank her, or have her take them down if you want.” “I’ll do the honors,” Mrs. Willoughby said, putting her cold, bony fingers into the sides of the waistbands of Kimberly’s panties and beginning to unroll them down. Once they were down towards Kimberly’s knees, she let go, leaned back on the chair and pat her lap. “Come on over my knees, Kimberly.” Trying not to scream or cry, Kimberly took her hands off her head and carefully bent over the senior citizen’s lap in the chair, putting her hands and legs on the floor. Her panties still sat down around her knees, leaving everything bare and ready for punishment. Mrs. Willoughby looked at Kim’s already-pink ass. “I can see she’s already been punished today. How many hits should I give her?” “As many as you want. She disrespected you, so let her have it,” Melissa answered. “Right. It’s been so long since I disciplined my own kids. First spanking I’m giving in 30 years or so.” “Well, have at it.” With that, the old woman began spanking. She smacked Kim’s ass cheeks back and forth, and Kim moaned and groaned as she took surprisingly somewhat-tough hits from a wrinkled hand on her already sore ass. Melissa stood a few feet away, watching approvingly. After a few moments of smacking a little wildly, Mrs. Willoughby found a steady rhythm of hard smacks and began doing a steady pace back and forth across the naked ass cheeks in her lap. “Ow! Ouch! Ah! I’m so sorry for disrespecting you!” Kim cried as Mrs. W smacked her. “You should be, but that’s not going to stop me just yet,” came the merciless answer. The old woman finished after giving her 20 or so good smacks. Kim felt a bit of confused relief as she stopped and put on hand on her back and the other on Kim’s ass. “Well, I think that might do it. Unless I’m allowed to keep going. I never gave my kids that much of a long beating. Just a few smacks.” “You are more than welcome to keep going,” Melissa advised. “I see. Whenever I spanked my kids it was never more than a minute or two. But then again they were kids, and Kimberly is a grown woman.” “Yep. All the more reason her spanking should be longer. If you feel you’ve taught her, you can let her up.” Kim silently begged for this to be the case. “Since she’s an adult and she’s clearly capable of knowing right from wrong, why don’t I just give her 10 minutes over my lap.” “10 minutes?!” Kim cried. Melissa reached over and slapped Kim’s ass hard. “OUCH!” “Hush, Kimberly. 10 minutes sounds perfectly fine, because then it’s my turn. I’m gonna go use the bathroom, so Mrs. W, please continue.” Melissa nodded and headed off down the hallway towards her own bedroom and Mrs. Willoughby resumed her spanking. For the next few minutes, the lobby of the Smith Family Christian Bed and Breakfast was filled with the sounds of an ass being slapped and a young woman’s cries and yelps of pain. SMACK! “Ouch!” SMACK! “Ow!” SMACK! “I’m sorry!” Mrs. Willoughby was hard enough at her slaps to make Kim sore and sting, but nothing like the hairbrush or paddling she took from Melissa, or even from Melissa’s hand. After a few minutes, Melissa returned from the bathroom and found Mrs. Willoughby still going on Kim’s ass. Her ass was darker than pink now, more a light red. “2 more minutes, Mrs. Willoughby.” “I’m a little tired,” the old woman said, putting her hand down. “I think I’ve taught her enough. You’re going to respect your elders, right Kimberly?” “Yes m’am,” Kim whined. “Good. Please get up.” Kim got herself off Mrs. Willoughby’s lap and stood up and stretched back a bit before starting to rub her butt. “Kimberly. Hands,” instructed Melissa. Kim silently pouted and put her hands back on her head and turned away from Mrs. Willoughby, who stood up and sat down on a chair on the other side of the room. “Kim, don’t turn around. Face us,” Melissa instructed. Kim hesitated before turning and facing the 2 women. “Alright, now I want to drive home a lesson here with something more than my hand, but my husband is sleeping and I don’t want to wake him by going into our room and digging for implements...” Melissa thought to herself out loud. “You could always use a switch. I’m sure you could find one outside,” Mrs. Willoughby suggested. “Hmm, no, too late for that. Besides. We have a cane we can use for that...” “How about that duck?” “Duck?” “Yeah, that wooden duck.” Melissa looked at where Mrs. Willoughby was pointing, at the upside umbrella in the umbrella holder. The bottom of the handle was one of those old-time wooden duck heads - except instead of being round, it was long and completely flat. “Hmm...that could work.” Melissa took the umbrella out of the holder and inspected the duck handle. Kim watched worried as Melissa knocked on the handle and felt it. “Yes, this can do in a pinch. It feels like it’ll pack a bit of a sting. Good thinking, Mrs. Willoughby.” “It’s what I’m here for,” she chuckled. Melissa went to the chair that Mrs. Willoughby was just sitting in and placed it in the center of the room, with the seat facing the wall and the back facing Mrs. Willoughby. Melissa looked down and noticed Kim’s panties bunched around her feet. “Okay Kimberly, first, take your panties off and place them on your shorts. Then come to the chair and bend over the back of it, and put your hands on it.” Taking her hands off her head, Kim kicked her panties off and placed them on the table before walking over to the chair and bending over it as instructed, her ass facing Mrs. Willoughby. “Stick your butt out,” came the instruction. Kim bent forward a bit more, sticking her butt out. Melissa inspected it - it was a light red all around her cheeks. “Very good... now let’s see if the duck works.” Melissa stepped back and away from Kim, and the top of the closed up umbrella, she pressed the wooden duck against Kim’s left ass cheek as if she was holding a cane. After a few pats, she pulled back and swung, smacking the cheek. A traditional WHACK! was heard and Kim let out a little yell of pain. “The duck works,” Melissa said happily. Mrs. W nodded. “Okay, Kim. Since you were 22 minutes late, you’re going to get 22 hits with this on each cheek. Do you understand?” Kim nodded, gripping the side of the chair in fright. “I said ‘do you understand?’” “Yes m’am.” “If you move position or leave the chair, I start over. Remember that.” “Yes m’am.” “Okay. Here we go.” Melissa gave Kim’s left sit spot a quick, hard smack. “Ow!” Kim dug her nails into the sides of the chair and tried not to scream. Melissa then moved the duck to the right cheek and gave it a smack in the same position, with the same reaction. Soon, 1 smack per cheek became 5, became 10. Melissa kept a steady pace going back and forth between the cheeks, hitting Kim’s sit spots and around her cheeks. Her ass was starting to get red little marks in the shape of ducks as the spanking continued. By spank 6 Kim was sobbing and wiping tears from her eyes from the pain. “I know it hurts, but it’s for your own good,” Melissa said. Kim nodded, not believing it for a second. The spanking continued, the smacks of wooden fowl on naked ass cheek, Kim’s cries and moans and “ows!” following each. After a few more per cheek, Melissa lowered the duck. Kim was crying. “You took 20 on each cheek. And you’ve taken it very well. Time for your last 2 per cheek. They’re going to be fast and hard. Hold your position.” “Yes, M’am” Kim squeaked out between sobs. Melissa raised the duck to Kimberly’s left ass cheek. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Melissa did 2 on the left, 2 on the right. With the last 4, Kim let out a scream and continued crying hard. Melissa put the umbrella back in the holder and bent her arm a bit from holding it out the last few minutes. Mrs. Willoughby stood up and approached Melissa and Kim. “I think she really learned her lesson,” she said. “I hope so. Or we’re going to have to keep doing this, won’t we Kim?” “Yes m’am,” came the sobby response. Mrs. Willoughby rubbed and felt Kim’s re-reddened ass and nodded. “Hopefully this is the last of it and she respects her elders. Speaking of which, I’ve got to get to bed. Have a good night, Melissa. Kimberly, behave yourself.” “Good night, Mrs. Willoughby.” “Yes, M’am.” Mrs. Willoughby disappeared down the hall and returned to her room. Melissa rubbed Kim’s ass a bit. “You understand why we did what we did; right? Why it’s necessary?” Kim nodded, not understanding. “Yes m’am.” “Now, fly right or you’re going to keep ending up with a sore bottom. I don’t WANT to have to spank you, but I WILL if I have to. And at this rate your spankings will only get more severe if they need to happen again. Do you understand?” “Yes m’am.” “Good. Now, stand up, place the chair back against the wall, and go stand in the corner. You’ll stand there until I tell you. If you come out or rub your butt, I will spank you again. Do you understand?” “Yes m’am.” “Good. Now go.” Kim stood up off the chair, picked it up, and placed it back against the wall where it started. Melissa went back behind her desk and began filling out paperwork as Kim walked to the corner of the lobby next to the front door, placed her hands on her head, and stood in the corner, still letting out sobs. After 10 excruciatingly long, burning minutes, during which Kim actually began silently praying to the Lord she didn’t believe in for some relief, Melissa stood up from behind the desk and came around. “Alright, come out from the corner now. Put on your new panties, and go to your room.” Kim took her hands off her head after what felt like an eternity and came out from the corner. She carefully slid her new panties on, making sure to not rub the fabric against her burning ass before doing the same with her shorts. Melissa held her arms out for a hug. Kim winced and hesitantly went in and hugged back. “Say thank you for spanking me.” “Thank you for spanking me...” “You’re very welcome. I love you. Jesus loves you. You know that, right?” “Yes...” “Good. Now, go back to your room. Breakfast is at 5am sharp so please don’t be late.” Kim, not even processing what she was hearing due to the immense pain on her ass, nodded. She put her shoes back on, picked up her panty pack and Target bag, and headed for her room as Melissa went off towards hers. Alone in her room, Kim locked the door, and threw the bag and panties on the floor. She took off her shorts and panties and tossed them on the floor as well. Naked from the waist down, Kim climbed on to the bed, laying on her stomach, dug her face into the pillow and cried. She rubbed her again red and sore ass, crying. How much more of this could she take?
  3. So... when can we expect your next story? 

    1. spankguy777


      It’s posted :)

  4. Part 3 of Smith Family is gonna be a good one! ...as soon as I write it. 

    1. rubyredd


      I was just wondering yesterday when you would be posting. Get to work, man!

  5. Part II - Saturday Evening 2 hours later... Kim stood in the bathroom, still naked from the waist down, looking at her ass in the mirror. It’s shiny red glow had finally dulled down to a light pink, but it still stung. She had also managed to get herself to calm down and stop crying from the experience she’d just been through. “Fucking nonsense. Spanking me, making me cry...” she muttered to herself as she rubbed her butt for what seemed to be the zillionth time, trying to ease away the lingering soreness. She’d never been spanked before that afternoon, and she certainly never wanted it to happen again. Kim looked at the clock - 7:15pm. She was starving. She needed food in her stomach and her ass away from this place. Picking up her thong from the spot on the floor where it was earlier, she gingerly slipped it back on. She looked down at her jeans, then felt her ass - still sore, definitely NOT in the right mood for jeans. She flipped her suitcase on to her bed and opened it, rooting around she found a pair of basketball shorts. Very carefully, she stepped into them and pulled them up from the sides, making sure they went carefully up around her behind. Once she had them on, she decided to take the sit test - she slowly sat down on the bed. She winced a bet - the sting of the paddle still lasted. Not as bad as she thought, at least. Kim stood up and just finished putting her shoes on when there was a knock at the door. She walked over and opened it and found Melissa, holding a supermarket bag. Kim was uneasy about her presence. “Hello!” Melissa said cheerfully. “Uh, hi?” “Might I come in for a moment?” “Uh. Sure, it’s your house.” “True, but it’s your room for the weekend. Wouldn’t want to invade your privacy.” “My butt was pretty private until you and your husband invaded THAT,” Kim thought to herself, instead saying out loud, “no. Come in.” Melissa walked in and closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat down where she sat before, right next to the still-opened suitcase. She placed her supermarket bag of mystery beside her. Kim felt nervous. Not again. “How are you feeling?” “Uh, hungry I guess.” “No no, I mean your bottom. I heard you got 25 with the paddle.” “Oh yeah, I did. It still hurts.” “I see I see. Of course, you understand WHY we had to do that, right?” “I...guess. I don’t agree, but I guess I see why you felt you had to.” “Good. And we forgive the sinner, hate the sin. So it’s all good now.” “Good. I’m glad.” “Me too. Just, do me a favor please? I want to make sure he didn’t do too much with that paddle. My husband can be a bit feisty. Come here?” “You, you what?” “Come here, please, Kimberly.” Kim winced at the possibility of wherever this was going and walked up and stood before Melissa. “Put your hands on your head, please.” “What?” “Please. Just do what I ask.” Fearing what the consequence would be, Kim raised her arms and put her hands on her head. “Turn around, turn your back to me please.” Kimberly did what she was told, and as she stopped, she felt Melissa’s fingers in the sides of the waistband of her shorts, pulling them down. Melissa pulled them down so they fell down around Kimberly’s feet, then reached and grabbed the black thong again, pulling it towards her. “Didn’t we discuss this? Wearing appropriate underwear?” “Come on, now.” “We did. We agreed you’d follow the Biblical command for wearing underwear that covers up. This thing covers nothing,” she said, letting it snap back. “And now it really won’t cover anything,” she said, gripping the sides and pulling the thong down, letting it fall down inside Kimberly’s shorts. Kim went red faced - she JUST covered herself up down there, and now everything was pulled down. Again. “Bend over, please,” was the next command. Kim squeezed her eyes shut and bent forward. Melissa rubbed the back of her hand against Kim’s cheeks. “Alright...nicely healing. No bruises. No welts. Very good. Does it still hurt?” “It’s sore...” Kim moaned, feeling the older woman rub her hands across her butt cheeks. “Yeah; it’ll probably stay that way for a bit but the redness is fading. A spanking is meant to hurt but it’s not meant to torment or permanently mark. Just to teach you a lesson, which it seems we mostly did...” Melissa took her hands off Kim’s ass. “Mostly?” “Yes, there’s still the matter of your underwear...” Kim stood there before Melissa. Still facing forward, still with her hands on her head, still with her shorts and thong around her ankles. After a few moments of silence, broken only by the sound of a zipper being unzipped and Melissa quietly humming to herself, she asked, “can I pull my shorts back up now?” “No...not with those things...I see...another...and another...” Confused, Kim turned her head around and saw Melissa holding up a green frilly thong, looking in disgust. The clothes in her suitcase looked disturbed, and the zipped up compartment where Kim had packed her underwear was wide open with some pairs sticking out. “What are you doing?!” Kim dropped her hands and turned around, covering her groin. “I’m taking a look to see if you have ANY appropriate underwear. Doesn’t seem like it.” Melissa put the thong down and turned to the suitcase, pulling another pair out and examining it. “Put those down!” Kim yelled. “Hey! Hands back on your head, young lady!” Melissa’s cheerfulness and empathy was long gone. “What?!” “Now! Respect your elders and do as you’re told. Unless you want another dose of the paddle?” “No!” “Then do as you’re told!” Kim scrunched her face and put her hands back on her head. “Now stand there until I’m done.” Kim went to turn around again to hide her groin, but Melissa said “I didn’t say turn around. Stand where you are. Don’t move.” Kim stood, wishing her shirt was a few inches longer to cover her groin. She watched, hands on her head, in helpless frustration as Melissa pulled out each pair of her underwear, one by one. She held each pair up, unfolded them, and looked at them all with disgust before dropping each pair on to the bed next to her and moving on to the next. All different designs, all different colors, all thongs. “Another thong...another thong...another thong...do you wear any appropriate underpants? What’s the appeal of this?” “What does it matter? It’s MY underwear.” “It matters under this roof. You won’t be wearing these while you stay here.” She went through the remaining 4 pairs, all thongs, casting them all useless and leaving them in a crumpled pile on the bed. “Do you have anymore stuffed in your suitcase?” “No, that’s all of them.” “I see. 12 pairs of underwear, and not a decent pair in the bunch. Luckily we can remedy that...” Melissa stood up, picking up the bunch of Kimberly’s underwear and stuffing it back into the zipped up compartment of her suitcase. She turned to Kim, “Alright. Take off your shoes.” Kim scowled as she bent down and took off each shoe. “You can just put them over by the wall, for now.” Kim picked up her shoes and waddled, shorts and undies around her socks, carrying her shoes over to the wall and walking back to the bed. “Alright. Take your shorts off, put them on the bed.” The younger woman kicked off the shorts and laid them on the bed. “That thong. Take it off. Give it to me.” Kim held back a sigh as she kicked off of the thong and picked it up and held it to Melissa. Melissa took the thong and turned back to Kim. “Hands back on your head, please.” Kim rolled her eyes and did it as Melissa turned her thong inside out, getting a good look at the inside, front and back. “Alright...all clear.” “All clear for what?” “Meaning they’re clean. You know, cleanliness is next to godliness. Heaven knows you wear this disgusting thing and it’s up your bottom. Just needed to make sure you’re clean.” She then crumpled up the thong and shoved it into the zippered part of Kim’s suitcase with the other pairs and zipped it up. “Of course I’m clean! I’m always clean.” “I hope so.” “So what? Am I supposed to go commando now since you don’t like my underwear?” “Not at all. It’s why I brought you these. Just in case you didn’t have any appropriate pairs.” Melissa turned to the shopping bag she’d brought in with her, unscrunching it and opening it. She reached in and pulled out a pair of pink granny panties. “Here we go, perfect.” Kim went wide eyed. “Are you kidding?” “Nope. As long as you stay here, you’ll wear appropriate underwear. These should be about your size...” “Did you really go out and buy me panties?” “Not at all. These are panties that former occupants have worn if they didn’t have any appropriate ones of their own.” “What?!” “Yes. Appropriate panties. I think they’re a size large...” Melissa checked the tag - “Yes, large. That’s been good enough for the other dozens of girls who’ve stayed here and worn them.” “Okay, ew NO. I’m NOT wearing used panties.” “You most certainly will. Unless you have regular panties in your suitcase, these are what you’re wearing. And look, I’ve got a few choices you can choose from!” Melissa dumped the bag open on the bed - multiple granny panties, all the same size as the pink pair, came out. They were all different colors and designs - red, blue, polka dot, stripes, etc but they were all large, and all previously used. They looked a bit worn. Melissa took the pink pair and held them out to Kim. “Here. Try these on.” “Absolutely NOT. I’m NOT putting on underwear other women have worn.” “They’ve BEEN washed and disinfected, Kim.” “But still!” “No buts - except yours in these panties. Now put them on.” Melissa held them out with a look of sternness in her face. Enraged, Kim took the panties from her and turned around, back to Melissa as she put them on. She got them to about below her ass when she stopped. “They’re a little tight...” “Nonsense!” Melissa took the sides of them and yanked them right up so they fit snuggly around Kim’s sore bubble butt. “There we go.” “Ugh. This is DISGUSTING,” Kim whined. “Too tight, and I’m still sore,” she said, pulling at the back right leg hole of the panties to pull them off her butt a bit. “They’re fine, they’re just your size.” She pat Kim’s pantied behind, pulling them up a bit so they fit snug. “All the pairs are this size. You’ll just have to wear these while you stay here, and wash them before you go and return them.” “Okay, again I am NOT wearing used underwear. The Bible doesn’t say anything about having to wear someone else’s panties!” “The Bible very clearly states underwear must cover up. Yours don’t, and these do. So if you want to go to the store and buy your own appropriate panties, that’s fine. But if not, these are what you’re wearing. Is that understood?” “Fuck no. This is so gross!” Melissa shook her head. “Disrespecting an elder AND swearing. Oh dear...” Melissa walked over to Kim’s dresser, taking her brush off of it, and returning to her original spot on the bed and sat down, placing the brush next to her. “Kimberly, put your hands on your head and come here.” Kim shook her head no in fear, knowing what was coming. “No please, not again.” “Yes. Again. You didn’t learn a good enough lesson the first time, it seems. Do as you’re told.” Kim whined and put her hands back on her head and stood in front of Melissa. “Last time we started on your pants,” she said, sticking her pointer fingers into the sides of Kim’s “new” panties. “But now I think we need to get right to business,” she said, unrolling them so they came down below Kim’s ass. She lowered them a bit more and let them fall down around Kim’s ankles. Instinctively, Kim quickly put both hands down in front to cover her groin. “Hands back on your head, Kimberly.” Kim groaned and put her hands back on her head. “Just as an FYI - when you’re being punished, you keep your hands on your head if you’re not over a lap or getting spanked.” “You don’t need to see everything,” Kim argued. “I’m not looking to see anything besides your butt. That I’ll always see if you’re getting a spanking. If you’re getting spanked, it’ll be on your bare butt. No excuses. But embarrassment is part of a spanking punishment. Can’t imagine how embarrassed you must be, getting a spanking at your age. On your bare bottom, no less.” “Mhm...” “Right. Now, again. If you’re not told to take down your pants or underwear yourself, or you’re not bent over a lap, or bent over anything, you keep your hands on your head during punishment. Unless you’re told otherwise, as long as you’re standing. Hands on head. No covering anything up. Do you understand?” Kim nodded. “Good. I saw the way you tried to cover up your bottom when Gregory walked in, as if he wasn’t going to spank you as well. I don’t care if he walks in, if my father walks in. Heck, I don’t care if a complete stranger walks in. When you’re being punished, keep your hands on your head, and if you’re over a lap or something, keep your hands where they are. You are NOT to cover up until your punishment is over.” ”Strangers?” ”Yes? This is a bed and breakfast and we have other customers some times. Not to mention we do Sunday afternoon mass here and we usually get a good flock of folk who come. But if you’re getting a spanking in here and someone even drops in here looking for the bathroom, you don’t cover up. Respect your elders and take your punishment. You ain’t got nothing we haven’t seen before. Am I clear?” ”Ugh. Yes.” ”Good. Now, speaking of uncovering, step out of your new panties, please.” Kim stepped back out of the panties, and Melissa picked them up, folded them and placed them on the bed behind her. “Bend over my knees, dear. NOW you can take your hands off your head.” Kim took her hands off her head and reluctantly resumed her position over Melissa’s lap, bending over so her top half was on the bed, her ass in Melissa’s lap and her legs off the bed with her feet on the floor. Melissa began rubbing her butt cheeks. “Already getting punished again. Almost back to white and I have to make it red again. And last time I warmed you up with my hand first. Now we’re starting right with the brush,” she warned, picking up the brush and patting it against Kim’s ass. Kim hung her head down. “No, please...” “Too late for that. You’re going to get 100 swats with the brush.” “100?!” “Yes. 100 smacks on each cheek.” “What?!” “Mhm. I’ll count for you. And Gregory told me how you stopped mid-paddle, so let me be clear. If you curse at me, if you jump up, if you get off, I will start the spanking over right back from 1. Whether you’re at 10, 50, or 99, if you curse or get up, it goes right back to 1. If we have to restart more than once, I’m adding an extra 100. Do you understand?” “Mhm.” “Okay. Let’s begin.” With that, Melissa gave a hard swat to Kim’s left ass cheek, then a hard one to her right. “Ahh! Ooofff!” Kim moaned. “Yeah, it hurts when you’re getting it on an already sore bottom, huh?” “Yes!” SMACK SMACK! “Ouch!” “That’s 2...” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK came then next 6 hard ones in rapid succession. Kim began kicking her legs up and down and moaning in pain. “Keep your legs down.” “It hurts!” “It’s supposed to. Now shush and take your punishment.” And so Melissa returned to using Kim’s own hairbrush against her, giving her hard smacks back and forth, doing one cheek at a time so she could keep count. Kim managed to avoid cursing, but she couldn’t help herself letting out “OW!”s and “AHH!”s as Melissa did her thing. 2-3 minutes passed with Melissa taking a break after every few spanks, and she put the brush down. “Are we done?” Kim asked hopefully. “Not yet. That was only 50. Halfway there,” she said, rubbing Kim’s red cheeks. “Getting red again quicker...” “It hurts...” “I know it hurts. Hopefully this way you’ll stop being disrespectful and you’ll wear these panties until you get a proper set of your own...although...” “Although?” “Tomorrow’s Sunday...stores will be closed...so I imagine you won’t be able to until Monday at least...you might be wearing these all day tomorrow...” “I’m gonna go to the store tonight after this spanking I promise.” “Well curfew IS 9pm...” “Curfew?” “Yes, Kimberly. Curfew. You need to be in the building and in your room by 9pm, as per the contract you signed. This isn’t a come and go free for all, you know.” “What time is it now? I still haven’t eaten.” Melissa looked at her watch. “It’s 7:37. Cutting it close now, especially since you don’t have a car.” “Please just finish my spanking. Please. So I can go out.” “Alright, dear.” Melissa picked up the brush and returned to Kim’s ass. “Do you want these final 50 fast?” “Ugh...” “The faster they are the more they hurt.” Kim thought about it - she didn’t want it to hurt any more than it already did, BUT she was hungry and she didn’t want to wear used panties for a full day. “Okay okay fine, go fast please so I can go.” “Alright, you asked for it.” Melissa began an attack of hard, fast smacks across Kim’s butt cheeks. She kept aiming for the lower half of her cheeks as she went. Kim gripped the comforter of the bed as hard as she could and scrunched her face, trying to take the pain as best as she could. After a few moments she started kicking her legs again, causing Melissa to stop. “What did I say about kicking your legs?” “I can’t help it, it hurts!” “You asked me to go fast and that’s what I’m doing.” “I’m sorry, it’s involuntary!” “Keep your legs still. You’ve got 22 more to go.” “Yes m’am.” Melissa restarted her spanking, this time harder, and Kim bit her tongue trying not to scream as she went. A few moments of nonstop spanks came before Melissa stopped. “Are we done?” “Nope. 10 more.” “C’mon, please do them!” “You’re going to count them.” “Okay!” “And ask for forgiveness.” “Alright!” “And say that you’ll wear these panties.” “Ugh okay!” “Ready?” “Yes!” SMACK! SMACK! one to each cheek. “Ow! One! I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ll wear those panties.” “Good girl.” SMACK! to the left, SMACK! to the right. “Ow! Two! I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ll wear those panties.” SMACK! SMACK! This went on for 3 more sets of spanks until they got to 6. SMACK! SMACK! “Oww fuck!” “What did you say?!” “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’ll wear those panties!” “You swore at me!” Kim started to cry. “I’m sorry it was an accident!” “Oh well, back to 1.” “No please! I have to go out and get something to eat!” “Uh-huh...” Melissa thought for a second. “Stand up.” Kim stood up and began rubbing her butt. “Hands on your head.” Kim scrunched her tear-stained face and put her hands on her head. Melissa walked over to the bathroom. “Come on.” Kim followed Melissa to the bathroom, confused. Melissa turned on the light inside the bathroom and stood at the sink, and Kim walked in and stood next to her. Melissa turned on the sink, then took the bar of soap sitting there and ran it under the water so it got wet. Kim went wide-eyed. She knew where this was going. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” came Melissa’s command. Kim shook her head no. “It’s this or back to 1. Your choice.” Kim thought about it for a second and consented, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. Melissa began rubbing the soap all over Kim’s tongue. Kim made a look of disgust and scrunched her face at the taste as Melissa rubbed the soap back and forth into her mouth, covering every inch of red with white soapiness. “Hopefully this cleans out your dirty mouth. Doesn’t taste so good, huh?” Kim shook her head no. “Alright, bite down on the soap.” Kim did as she was told, and Melissa turned to the toilet, closed the lid, and sat down. “Over my lap.” Kim crawled over her lap, leaving her hands on the tub and her feet under the sink. Melissa brought the brush up to her red behind. “Alright. I’m gonna give you your last 10. You don’t have to count, you just have to keep that soap in your mouth. If you drop it, we restart the 100 from 1, no excuses. Ready?” Kim nodded. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Melissa began her attack harder than ever. Kim moaned and groaned, biting on to the soap for dear life. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Halfway there. The tears flowed from Kim’s eyes fully now as the suds from the soap flowed from her mouth. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Kim sobbed as Melissa worked. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Finally, it was done. Melissa put the brush on the sink counter and began rubbing Kim’s butt, all red now. “Alright, stand up.” Kim stood up, still openly sobbing. “Open your mouth.” She did as she was told and Melissa took the soap out, rinsed it under the water, and placed it back on the sink. “Alright, your punishment is over. Hopefully that’s the last of your dirty mouth and the last of your underwear discrepancy. Now, you’ve got an hour til curfew. Go get dinner and if you can, appropriate panties - I hope your dinner tastes good.” Kim scowled through the tears as Melissa walked out of the bathroom and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Still crying, Kim rubbed her burning butt over and over before going to the sink and rinsing her mouth out 2-3 times. She looked at her phone - 8:02pm. Shit. She pulled up Uber on her phone, saw McDonalds was 12 minutes away and booked the ride. Kim rushed out of the bathroom and looked at the panties on the bed. Used panties, worn by who knows how many people? She thought about how much it was gonna hurt to wear those, pressed tight against her burning ass before reaching into her suitcase, unzipping the section with her underwear and pulling out the thong she’d worn earlier in the day. Kim put the thong back on and slipped back into her basketball shorts, this time feeling them sting as they brushed against her butt. With the taste of soap still in her mouth and and her butt on fire, Kim wiped her eyes dry and headed out to meet her Uber. She checked her phone again - 8:06pm. Kim had to get food, get “appropriate” panties and get back in just under an hour. She could make it before curfew, right? A few minutes passed when the door to the bedroom opened and Melissa returned with her shopping bag. “Kimberly are you still here?” She looked around and shrugged before heading over to Kim’s suitcase. “Just to make sure...” She noticed the section with Kim’s underwear was opened. She reached in and pulled out each thong one by one, noticing the black one Kim had been wearing was gone. She then turned to the panties she’d given Kim, including the pink ones she’d told her to wear, all still on the bed. Realizing that Kim was wearing that thong again, Melissa scowled and opened the plastic bag and began placing all of Kim’s thongs in it. “Disobey me? I punished her and gave her a chance to do the right thing...” she muttered to herself. Finally, once all of Kim’s underwear were in the bag, she tied it up. “Trash underwear belongs in the trash...” she muttered again. Leaving behind only the used “appropriate” panties she’d given Kim, Melissa took the tied up bag of thongs with her as she left the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.
  6. Part I - Saturday Afternoon Some people believe in God. Some people believe in karma. Some people believe in luck. And some people believe in nothing at all. And then there’s Kimberly, who couldn’t believe her awful luck. The 27 year old New York City native was on the side of a random highway in the middle of Alabama, watching smoke come from the hood of her car and billow into the blue afternoon sky. “Fuck fuck fuck. Why me, why me?” she asked out loud. Thank god her phone had power, she thought, as she called 311 looking for help. A short while later, a tow truck came and picked her and her car up and dropped her off at an auto repair lot. She sat in the office silently freaking out - if her car was busted, how was she getting out of there? After a half hour, a mechanic wearing overalls and a name tag reading “Ed” came into the office. “Kimberly Jean?” he asked. “Oh, that’s me!” Kimberly said. “Right, M’am. Your engine’s blown. Looks like we’ll need to do some work on her to get her back up and running again.” “Alright. And how long should that take? 2 hours? 3?” “Ha! Sorry m’am but we’re closing in half an hour and it’s gonna take more than just a few hours to get it fixed.” “Shit. Well I’ll come back tomorrow.” “Tomorrow? Tomorrow’s Sunday. We’re closed.” “What?? I don’t live around here, where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do until Monday?” “Well I’m sorry to hear that m’am, but Monday might be a bit too soon because we still have other work to do. By Tuesday morning is more like it.” “Are you serious?? I’m stuck here until Tuesday?!” “Afraid so, unless you have friends or family who can come pick you up.” “I don’t! I live in New York and I was on my way to Florida to meet up with a friend for a few days.” “Florida? How’d you end up here in Westchuck, Alabama then?” “I have no idea. Must’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.” “Seems like it. If I were you I’d start looking up hotels because you ain’t going anywhere.” “Great.” Kim just wanted to scream - but she knew that would do her no good, so she looked up and started calling hotels in the little town of Westchuck where she was trapped. There weren’t many options - and one by one, they all let her know they had no vacancies. “Shit. Shit shit,” she thought as she hung up on the last hotel in town. Thinking for a second, she typed “bed and breakfast” into the maps app and decided to call the first one that popped up - Smith Family Christian Bed and Breakfast. A half hour later, Kimberly got out of the Uber with her suitcase and walked up to the entrance of the Smith Family Christian Bed and Breakfast. It was a lovely little old fashioned home down some side street in the middle of nowhere - much like the town seemed to Kimberly. She rang the door bell which was answered by a taller, stocky woman with glasses and curly hair in her mid 40’s. She was wearing a long red dress as opposed to Kim who was in a black shirt and blue jeans. “Hi, are you Kimberly?” “Yes, are you Melissa? We spoke on the phone?” “Indeed, please come in!” Kim walked in with her suitcase into the house - and found herself in a little foyer with a desk. To the left was an opening into a large living room, complete with hanging tv on the wall and a fireplace. To her right, a kitchen area. And in front was a staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. “Thank you so much for letting me come on such short notice,” Kimberly said as she stepped up to the desk. “Not a problem. We’re happy to have customers. You’re our only customer at the moment so we wanted to make sure we’re extra hospitable to you,” said Melissa. “So what brings you to Westchuck?” “I was driving to Florida but my car broke down and apparently it’s gonna take a few days to fix. I just need a place to stay for a bit.” “Ah, while I’m sorry to hear about your car troubles, I am grateful that you decided to come stay here with us. I am of course Melissa Smith. I run this bed and breakfast with my husband Gregory. It’s actually owned by my father Richard. So this place will kinda be my inheritance one day, haha.” “Aw that’s cute,” Kim responded as she looked through the contract on the desk no before her. “Indeed. So those are the rules and regulations we follow and expect our guests to follow as well. Nothing crazy, but this IS a Christian household so we abide by the Bible. That’s the only real rule book and we follow and uphold its words like the laws that they are. Is that clear?” “Uh, I guess?” “Wonderful. My parents are super religious as am I so we try to follow the Bible to a T every day in all aspects of our lives.” “Oh. Hehe...I’m an atheist myself,” Kim said, not thinking anything of it. Melissa’s eyes went wide. “An atheist, huh?” She began to slide the contract back towards her. “Maybe this isn’t the best place for you to stay.” “What? Why?” “Well, this is a Christian home and we abide by the Bible best we can. And from the looks of it...I don’t think you do.” “Excuse me?” “The tattoo on your wrist?” Melissa pointed to a little black tattoo on Michelle’s wrist of a heart. “Yeah? It’s a heart. So what?” “Tattoos are forbidden as per the book of Leviticus.” “I...what?” “Yeah. I apologize but this really isn’t the right place for you.” “What?? I have nowhere else to go, you can’t turn me away, my god. Please.” Melissa raised her eyebrows at the mention of “my god.” “Well...I suppose we can let you stay. So long as you’re aware that while you’re here, you follow the Good Book, NOT Facebook. Is that understood?” Kimberly began to regret coming, but she had no other choice at the moment. “Yes,” she answered. “You’re sure? The Bible is no easy thing to live by. Especially for an atheist trying it out now.” “I’m sure I’ll do my best. I just need a place to stay for the night.” “Well then. Alright!” Melissa slid the contract back over to Kimberly, who quickly signed it without reading it and slid it back. “Perfect. Let me show you to your room.” Kimberly put her bag down on the floor of the little bedroom and looked around. It was a fairly furnished room - a couch, a bed, a dresser with a tv hanging off the wall above it - the whole nine yards. There was a cross with Jesus on it hanging on the wall near the door, as well as a giant portrait of a church. “Sheesh. Lots of Jesus freaks around here,” Kimberly said. A few minutes later, as Kimberly was laying on the bed looking at her phone, there was a knock at the door. She answered it and found Melissa, standing there with a large black bag. “Oh, hi.” “Hi Kimberly. How do you like your room?” “It’s nice. Really. But god damn, this really IS a Christian place, huh?” “...yes. May I come in?” “Uh, sure.” Melissa walked in and shut the door behind her, walking towards the center of the room. Kimberly followed. “I really do like the room though, it’s cozy. I just didn’t expect this many things of Jesus hanging up. In my room at home I have pictures of Brad Pitt up. Not quite Jesus but he’s cute. Haha.” Melissa just shook her head. “Kimberly, you agreed when you signed the contract a little while ago to stay here that you’d follow and abide by the rules and morals of the Bible.” Her demeanor was quite different from how she introduced herself to Kimberly only 20 minutes ago. “What?” “And here you are, with a tattoo violating Leviticus. You’ve taken the name of the Lord in vain at least twice, saying the Son of God isn’t cute AND worshipping a false idol?” “Excuse me?” “You’ve sinned multiple times since you’ve gotten here and if you’re going to stay here we need to address that, right here and right now.” “I’m...sorry? Do you think I just got this tattoo on my wrist in the last 20 minutes?” “No, that’s circumstance and will still need to be addressed.” “How do you-“ “Let me ask you, please; did you make communion? Confirmation? Even get baptized?” “No no and no. Why?? Why does that matter?” “So you can’t even make confession to ask for forgiveness.” “What the fuck are you even talking about?” Kimberly was getting upset. “And swearing. Using foul language at the host of the home where you’re staying? Clearly you are a sinner who desperately needs to be punished for her sins.” “What do you want me to do? Do an our father? Say a prayer?” “You can pray to god and beg for his forgiveness for being such a brat later. But first you’re going to get a spanking.” “A spanking? Excuse me?” “You signed the contract for our bed and breakfast agreeing to abide by biblical law. Proverbs 13:24 states ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’” “I’m not your child!” “You aren’t, no. But you’re a child of God, whether you believe it or not. And clearly you’ve been spared the rod for too long and now you’re a spoiled, sinful young woman. That needs to be corrected for both the good of your soul and for you to be able to stay here for the weekend.” “Okay, this is crazy. You are NOT giving me a spanking because the Bible says so.” “Then you can leave.” “What?!” “I’ve already discussed it with my husband once I saw your tattoo and heard you take his name in vain. If you can’t follow the good book, you can leave. You have 10 minutes to vacate the premises.” “What?! No! I have literally nowhere else to go, every hotel is booked-“ “Not my problem. So either you stay here and abide by the rules of the Bible, or you can leave with no refund and find somewhere else to stay. The choice is yours.” “I..what do you mean no refund?” “You agreed to the terms of the contract. No refund will be given for expulsion or early leaving the bed and breakfast. No exceptions.” “And where is your husband?” “He went out but he’ll be back at some point soon, and I called him and he agreed with my thinking. So what’s it going to be?” “I...fine.” “What?” “Fine. If I have to follow your rules so I can stay here, I’ll take the spanking. I have nowhere else to go.” “Alrighty. You’re going to be disciplined by my hand for your sins in hopes that it’ll make you see the error of your ways.” “Fine. Please let’s just get this over with.” “Indeed,” Melissa said, placing her bag on the dresser before walking over to the bed and sitting on the edge of it. “And hopefully this will be your ONLY spanking.” “Excuse me?” “As long as you stay here, you’ll be expected to follow the rules and principles of the Bible. If you can’t, you’ll be punished. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Is that completely understood?” Kim thought for a second - there’s no way she could get punished again if she just stayed in her room and avoided Melissa until she left, she figured. “Yes. Understood.” “Alright. Now respect your elders and call me ‘M’am’.” “‘M’am’? Are you serious?” “Very. As a young lady, especially a guest in our home, you should be grateful and show respect. Lack of respect only makes your punishment worse.” “Ugh...okay M’AM.” “An attitude, I see. Well let’s see if we can’t fix it. I want you to bend over my lap, please.” Kim went and stood before Melissa, hesitantly starting to bend over, not believing this was happening. Melissa took her hand and helped her over so she bent over, laying on the bed over Melissa’s lap. “Now what I want to hear from you,” Melissa began, “is for you to ask me to spank you.” “What?!” “I want you to ask me for a spanking. To please ask me to spank you because you’ve been naughty and so you may learn your lesson and be forgiven.” “Are you serious?” “Do I sound like I’m joking?” “Ugh...okay. Please spank me.” “What was that?” “Do I have to say the whole thing?” “Yes.” “Ugh...please spank me because I’ve been bad and I want to learn and be forgiven.” “Forgetting something?” “M’am.” “Alright. I will, so you may be forgiven in the eyes of the Lord.” With that, Melissa began spanking Kim’s jean-clad butt. Kim went wide eyed after the first hit - she didn’t expect this woman to have such a firm hand. Melissa did a nice steady rhythm across Kim’s cheeks, about one slap every 5 seconds, causing her to moan and “ow” a bit. “Please know that this isn’t about hurting you,” Melissa said after about 2 minutes, not stopping her spanks. “Ow. Could’ve fooled me. Ah! This hurts.” “Well it’s supposed to hurt. But it’s meant to teach you a lesson and hopefully set you on a better path. This is purely for your own good, for the good of your soul.” “Ow, I wish it was good for my ass, ow! God dammit!” “Again taking the Lord’s name in vain!” Melissa yelled, giving Kim a hard smack on the right cheek. “OUCH!” “Clearly the lesson you need needs to be drove home a little harder. Stand up, please.” Kim felt relieved for a second and quickly stood up. “It’s over?” “No dear. Unbutton your pants and take them down to your ankles please.” “...what?” “Unbutton your pants and lower them to your ankles.” “Why?” “Because clearly just spanking you over your pants isn’t going to do anything. Now do what you’re told and don’t talk back.” Kim didn’t know what to do and stood there paused for a moment. “Today, please.” Kim slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, pushing them down to her ankles. “Alright. Back over my lap.” Kim bent back over Melissa’s lap, who took the opportunity to look at what was in her lap - Kim’s slightly pink ass in a black lace thong. “What is THIS?” she asked, pulling up on it and snapping it back. “Ah! That’s my underwear?” “This trash isn’t underwear; and it’s certainly not Bible approved.” “What?! Where in the Bible does it say I can’t wear a thong??” “Exodus 28:42 - underwear was made to ‘cover their naked flesh. They shall reach from the hips to the thighs’. I don’t see this thong doing that.” “You’ve gotta be kidding.” “I’m not,” Melissa answered with a hard smack on Kim’s left butt cheek before resuming the spanking. “So what? Ow! You’re allowed to spank me but I can’t wear my own underwear? Ow!” “In this home, yes,” Melissa answered without breaking her spanking flow. “Sinners get spanked. Whether you’re 22 or 92, a sin is a sin. And if you’re staying here, you can’t wear this trashy excuse for underpants.” “Ow! What’re you gonna do? Ow! Check inside my pants to make sure?” “If you get spanked again, and you haven’t changed into appropriate underpants, then we’ll have to take action then. In the meantime, hush.” She began another round of steady back and forth spanks across Kim’s partially exposed ass, which was transitioning from white to a nice pink with each hard smack. For a few moments, the room was filled with just the orchestra of steady, firm smacks from Melissa and a flow of “ow!”s and “ouch”es from Kimberly. “This is good old fashioned Christian discipline. Meant for bad boys and girls,” Melissa said proudly. “Ow! Ow!” Kim’s answer came. “I see I’m doing a good job, look how red your bottom is getting,” the older woman said, pausing to admire her work. “Do you feel like you’re learning your lesson?” “Yes,” Kim responded begrudgingly. “Mmm. Sounds like you’re not really learning. You just want the spanking to stop, is that right?” “No no, I am learning my lesson I promise. I won’t take the lord’s name in vain or break any other commandments, I promise.” “I see... and what about your underwear?” “I’ll wear appropriate ones, I swear.” “Hmm...” Melissa gave a few harder smacks to Kim’s rear, causing her to kick her legs a bit. “Ahhh! Are we almost done, M’am?” “Almost done? We’ve just gotten started.” “Started?? It hurts and it’s already been long!” “Dear, it’s been a few minutes, and minor sins aside, you broke 2 commandments. We’ve still got a ways to go. Here, stand up, please.” Kim did as she was told. “Now take down your underwear.” “Excuse me?” “You heard me. Pull that flimsy excuse for underwear down. The rest of your spanking is gonna be on your bare butt.” “Whoa whoa whoa. Spanking me is one thing. Spanking my bare ass?” “Cursing again is only making your spanking worse. Punishment of this nature is supposed to be delivered on a bare bottom.” “But I’m wearing a thong, you can already see my bare, uh bottom. I’ve *felt* your hand on my bare bottom. Why does my underwear *have* to come down?” “Kimberly, I’m not arguing with you. So unless you want to leave, which I’m more than happy to help you go,” Melissa took her pointer and pointed down. “Okay okay fine.” Kimberly took the sides of her thong and slowly but surely started pushing them down. Once they were a just below her ass, she looked at Melissa. “All the way down to your ankles,” came the command. Kimberly kneeled a bit to take her thong down a bit more before letting go, letting it fell into her jeans below. She quickly used her hands to cover her groin. “Good. Now back over, please,“ Melissa said, holding out her hand. Kim took her hand and was led right back over Melissa’s knee, this time her bottom completely bare. Melissa gave the pink behind a bit of a rub once over before she began her reign of terror again, slapping the cheeks left and right. Kimberly began kicking her feet a bit and moaning in pain as Melissa’s firm hand brought down spank after spank. “Please don’t kick,” the elder warned. “Your spanking *is* going to get worse, so I can’t have you already kicking and being fussy.” “Worse?!” “Yep.” “How? Ow! How could this OUCH! get worse??” “You’ll see when we get there.” Melissa resumed the spanking, now picking up the pace by going faster and harder. She made sure to smack hardest on the lower half of Kim’s ass. Kim moaned and groaned the whole way through as this religious whacko warmed her bottom even more. She kicked her legs, yelping out “ow!”s and “ouch!”es as the punishment went on. “This is for your own good, you know,” Melissa said after she stopped after 2-3 minutes. Kim’s ass was now a light red and Melissa rubbed each cheek a bit. “Are you sure?” “Positive.” SMACK! “Ouch!” “I know it hurts but it’s meant to punish you for sinning and making you a better person.” “Haven’t you heard of hate the sin, love the sinner?” “Of course, and I abide. I love all humans no matter their sins. That’s why you’re being punished. To help you learn right from wrong so you too may enter the kingdom of Heaven one day. Hopefully a long long time from now.” “Thanks, I appreciate that.” “I hear the sarcasm in your voice. Hopefully one day you’ll learn that he loves you, despite your sins. Speaking of, you still need to learn your lesson. Stand up, please.” Kimberly stood up off Melissa’s lap and turned her front away from the older woman and began rubbing her sore ass. “Now, what I want you to do is go to my bag on the dresser, reach in and pull out the hairbrush and bring it to me please.” “A hairbrush?” “A hairbrush, yes. Your spanking isn’t over, Kimberly. Now go get me the brush, please.” Still rubbing her butt, and with her jeans and thong around her ankles, Kim waddled over to the dresser and opened Melissa’s bag. Inside she saw a wooden hairbrush and a wooden paddle. Her eyes went wide. “What’s with the brush?” she asked. “You’ll find out soon enough,” came Melissa’s cold answer. “What? No you’re not spanking me with that, no way.” “You will be spanked how I see fit, or you can leave.” “That’s not fair!” “It is completely fair. Now unless you want the paddle first, which I wouldn’t recommend, bring me the brush now.” Kim reached in and grabbed the brush with her right hand and brought it back over to Melissa, covering her groin with left hand. She waddled over uncomfortably, trying to keep her balance. As she made it halfway across the room, she stumbled over her jeans and fell down to the floor, letting the hairbrush out of her grip as she collapsed. “Fuck!” she let slip out. “Language! Again!” Melissa yelled. Kimberly got on to her knees and began picking herself up off the floor. “It was an accident, because I tripped over my pants and literally fell to the floor.” “I saw. In the interest of comfort, why don’t you just take your pants and underwear off?” “They ARE off,” Kim replied, reaching down with one hand to pick up the brush and covering her groin with the other hand. “I’ll take that,” Melissa said, holding out her hand. Kimberly handed the brush to Melissa and put her hands together to cover her groin. “And no, I mean off all the way. You don’t need them right now and I don’t want you to fall.” “Are you serious?” “Off.” “Ugh...” Kimberly reached down and pulled one leg of her jeans off, then the other. She tossed them on the floor before kicking her thong off with her feet and letting them fall on to the jeans crumpled on the floor. “Good. Now back over my lap, please.” Melissa patted her lap as Kimberly climbed back over, resuming her position. Melissa placed the hairbrush square center on Kim’s right butt cheek. “Now, you didn’t make confirmation or communion so you can’t go to confession. But, as there are still 50 beads on the rosary, I’m going to give you 50 hard spanks with the brush. Do you understand?” “50 spanks?!?” “I could spank you nonstop for 50 minutes if that’s more your speed...” “No no no! 50 spanks is fine.” “That’s what I thought. And with every spank you’ll count it and say ‘forgive me Lord, for I have sinned. Are you ready?” “Ugh. Yes.” “Good.” With that came the first SMACK! of the hairbrush on Kim’s right cheek. “Ow!” Kim cried, kicking her right leg up and holding it up for a second before lowering it back to the floor. Melissa held the brush against her left cheek, waiting. “Well?” “One. Forgive me lord, for I have sinned.” “Good.” Melissa then gave the left cheek a smack, prompting Kim to yell out in pain before counting it out. For the next few minutes, Melissa gave slow but hard spanks to the red butt in her lap, with each smack being followed by Kim moaning or yelling before counting out the number and asking the lord for forgiveness. It was right after spank 37 that the door to Kimberly’s room opened and a skinny, bald man with big glasses in his 40s entered. Kim went wide eyed and flung her hand back to cover her ass, which Melissa used her free hand to pin down against her waist. “You have nothing to hide, dear,” Melissa said. “This is my husband, Gregory. Dear, this is Kimberly.” Gregory closed the door behind him and bent over Kim, kissing his wife on the lips before getting a look at her red ass. “Ah, hello Kimberly. The two commandment breaker, huh?” “And she’s got an awful potty mouth.” Gregory put the back of his hand up against Kim’s burning behind. She pulled forward a bit. “Ow! Hey!” she yelled. “Kimberly, hush,” Melissa warned. “I’ve been punishing her for her sins as the good book recommends.” “I see. Gave her a nice shade of red across her bottom. What’ve you used?” “I used my hand as a warm up before I started giving her 50 with this brush. Almost at 40.” “50 for the rosary?” “Indeed.” “Were you about done after that?” “No; I was going to give her the paddle.” “The paddle?!” Kim cried in disbelief. “Yes. Now shush unless you want it to get worse,” said Melissa rolling her eyes. “I see. Well if you want, you can finish up with the hairbrush and I can apply the paddle.” “That’s good. I can get dinner started then. Kimberly, what number were we on?” “38...” “Right, 38. 12 more to go.” Gregory took a seat on a chair and watched as his wife gave 12 more smacks to the young woman’s rear, each one followed with a cry and a plea for forgiveness. SMACK! “Ouch! 50! Forgive me lord, for I have sinned.” “There we go,” Melissa said, placing the brush on the bed beside her and rubbing Kim’s tender ass. She was all red on the lower half of her cheeks, and Melissa gave each cheek a little rub. “Better be sore down below now, or you end up sore down below later for eternity,” Melissa said sternly. “Now stand up, please.” Kim did as she was told and turned away from Gregory and rubbed her ass. “Ouchhh...” she moaned. Melissa stood up and stretched before taking her brush and heading for the door. “I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re finished,” she said to her husband before taking her wooden paddle out of her bag, taking her bag, heading out and shutting the door behind her. Gregory stood up and took the paddle off the table and turned his attention to Kim. “Alright Kimberly. Now I want you to come stand in the center of the room.” Moving her hands to her front to cover her groin, Kim walked to the center of her bedroom. “Now, bend over, and hold your hands behind your knees, please.” She did what she was told, assuming the position with her red ass towards the older man. “From what I’m told, you’re an atheist who took the name of the lord in vain multiple times AND worships false idols.” “That’s not the way I’d put it,” Kim sighed. “Well, my wife told me everything. We’re a Christian household, do you understand that? We abide by the rules set forth by the scripture and from he who is I am.” “Oh trust me, I know...” “So you understand why you’re being punished?” “I do. I don’t agree but I do.” “Well as long as you understand, it doesn’t matter if you ‘agree.’ If you’re staying here for 3 days, you’re to abide by the laws of god in this house for 3 days. And you’ll be punished for not following his word as such, be it by me or my wife. We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Do you understand.” “Ugh. Yes.” “Alright. Now I’m gonna give you 25 swats with this paddle. You don’t need to count, you don’t need to ask for forgiveness. You just need to stay in position. Are you ready?” “I guess...” “Good.” Gregory lifted the wooden paddle - a foot and a half in length - up to Kim’s ass, pulled back and SMACK! right upon her. Kim’s knees buckled and she fell forward. “OUCH! THAT HURT!” she cried. “It’s supposed to. Back in position,” Gregory said with no remorse. Kim propped herself back into position for the next one. By the 4th paddle hit, Kim was fighting back tears. By the 7th hit, she was crying. But the hard hits kept coming, and she did her best to take them. On the 14th swat to her sore and swollen ass, Kim jumped up and down, grabbing her ass. “FUCK! IT HURTS!” she cried, jumping up and down. Gregory lowered the paddle to his side. “Back in position,” he sternly demanded. “No more! Please! I can’t take it!” “You can and you will.” “No! No more! It hurts so much!” “You break commandments, you pay the price.” “I didn’t realize I was breaking any!” “Ignorance is no excuse, dear. Bend over.” “Please!” “Bend. Over.” Kim let out a whine and a sob as she reluctantly bent back over, sticking her butt out for more damage. “You have 11 more. If you jump out of place again or curse at me, it’ll be 31 more. Am I clear?” Kim let out a large sob as a reply. “Good.” The swats continued as Kim let out screams of pain, holding on tight to her hands behind her knees, trying not to move from position. Finally, after another few minutes, the 25th paddle smacked across both her cheeks. “OW!” she screamed. Gregory placed the paddle down on the table and moved towards Kim, rubbing her ass. “There. Your punishment is over. I hope you straighten up and fly right while you’re with us. We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Do you understand?” “Yes,” Kim moaned. “Good. The lord is about forgiveness, and he forgives you. And so do I and Melissa. Now what do you say?” “I don’t know.” “Thank you.” “What?” “Say thank you.” “Thank you,” Kim sniffled. “You’re welcome. Now, I’m off to see my wife for dinner. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come see one of us. Alright?” “...alright.” “Good. And welcome to the Smith Family Christian Bed and Breakfast, we hope you enjoy your stay,” Gregory said with the cheerful attitude of someone you wouldn’t expect just severely paddled a stranger half his age. Gregory picked up the paddle and exited Kim’s room. Still sobbing, Kim stood up before falling face down on her bed. She curled up, holding and rubbing her butt, wondering what she got herself into and if she could survive the weekend.
  7. Thanks a bunch! There’s more to come!
  8. From Smoking Green to Smoking Red "Coronavirus...coronavirus...Trump..." Michelle said aloud to herself disappointingly as she scrolled through her phone at work. Sitting at her desk, the 24 year old was fully immersed in the depressing world of social media in the year 2020. Thank god she was considered essential and still had a workplace to be at, though. "Emure, you okay?" asked Brad, a 26 year old coworker who peeked into her cubicle. "You sound pretty miserable." "It's the news," Michelle said, looking up from her phone and breaking herself of the spell. "The world is a depressing place and the news doesn't make it seem much better. And trust me, I used to work for a newspaper before I started working at this start-up. Everything is just so depressing and it freaks me out." "That's too bad. It's why I stay off social media. I can't be bothered." "I can't help it. I love what it used to be, but now it's all flooded with awful news stories 24/7. It really freaks me out and gives me anxiety. I'm always worried about something terrible happening." "That makes sense. Although, if you want a little something to take the buzz off, I think I have something that might get you feeling a little more.. relaxed?" Brad reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint. Michelle went wide-eyed. "DUDE! We're at work!" she whispered as loud and furiously as she could. "Relax, the boss is on lunch and there's no cameras in here. And I'm not telling you to smoke it now, obviously. Smoke it next time you're overwhelmed by the news and off the clock." Brad handed Michelle the joint, which she took kind of hesitantly and examined. "Ever try it before?" "Can't say I have," Michelle said, studying the joint. "Cute. Well hey, first time for everything. Let me know if you like it. This one's on the house. Next one will cost ya." "Thanks Brad, I think." Michelle discretely slid the joint into her jacket pocket. "No problem. Hey, did you say you used to work for a newspaper? What made you quit and come here?" "Newspapers are going out of style since everyone gets news off social media, like me. I guess I'm a hypocrite. Either way it didn't pay enough to pay my rent and my roommate would get pissed." "Ah, no good. Did they threaten to evict you?" "No, just to spank me." "Ha! That's a good one." "Yeah. Ha ha. A real riot." The courtyard for Royal Green was a quaint little fenced in area, about twice the size of a children's playground. It had a few benches, some trees, a little jungle gym, and a large dumpster for residents to throw their trash. During the day there were people who came outside to read, to take in fresh air, to let their kids play. Around 8pm though is when a few residents of the apartment building would come outside to loiter, drink or smoke. There was never much security or anyone watching, so it was a bit of a rules-off area, so residents could get away with a bottle of liquor or smoking cigarettes, or other substances, which 2 teenagers were taking advantage of tonight. Once they were done smoking, they headed out. 10 minutes later, Michelle wandered into the courtyard, fresh from work. Not having made it upstairs yet, she liked to come here before heading upstairs to relax for a bit and let herself be calm before heading upstairs to the apartment she shared with Jane. "Oof. Looks like someone already beat me to it," Michelle said to herself, taking in the courtyard aroma that was now filled with the smell of marijuana smoke courtesy of the 2 teenagers who just left. Still in her khakis and blouse from work, Michelle put her bag down on a bench and sat down, happy to be off her feet. She reached into her jacket and pulled out the joint, taking a look at it again. She imagined smoking it and what it would do - she'd never smoked before. Would it get her high? How fast? Would she fall asleep? Get hungry? Get paranoid? Not be affected at all? It was a crapshoot. Michelle studied the joint a bit more, realizing she didn't even have a lighter so it was pointless to even have it out. In fact, she was so tantalized by the drug that she didn't even realize Marsha had come downstairs into the courtyard with a garbage bag to throw in the dumpster. As Marsha turned away from the dumpster, she took in that horrible smell. "Ugh. Pot," she muttered to herself, looking around for the culprit - and her eyes locked on Michelle with the joint. Marsha stormed over angrily. "MICHELLE!" she yelled. Michelle freaked, trying to quickly stash the joint away. "Is that POT I smell?!" Michelle began to stutter, "N-no! Well y-yes! B-but!" "But nothing! That's ILLEGAL! And you're sitting here in the courtyard getting doped up?!" "NO!" "Then what's that smell?" "I don't know! Okay, yes it's pot but it wasn't me! I didn't smoke anything!" "You have a joint in your hand and the whole place smells like pot and you're not responsible? Yeah, okay. You must think I was born yesterday." "I don't!" "Give it to me." "What?" Marsha held out her hand. "Give it to me right now." Michelle just shrugged as she handed it to Marsha, who walked over to the garbage, ripped it up and tossed it in. Marsha walked back to the bench. "Stand up," she demanded. Michelle, ever afraid of Marsha, stood up. Marsha sat back down on the bench. "Let's go, you know what to do." "What?!" "What, you're so high you forgot how to prepare yourself for punishment? Bare your ass and bend over." "I'm not high!" "Then you shouldn't have any trouble doing what you're told." "You can't spank me out here!" "I most certainly can." "I didn't even smoke it. That joint wasn't even lit! It wasn't me!" "You weren't smoking it? Then what were you doing with it?" "I was..." "You were GOING to smoke it. You probably smoked before. That's an awful shitty habit and not to mention illegal. Getting high like some sort of bum?" "I wasn't high!" "The only thing too high besides you is your attitude and your pants. Get them down NOW." "We're in the courtyard! Let's go upstairs." "You want to go upstairs and tell Jane you were getting high in the courtyard? She'll throw your ass out TONIGHT. You KNOW how strict she is on that kind of thing. She'd spank you for smoking cigarettes, but POT? She'll have you out the door in a heartbeat. Is that what you want?" "No!" "Then do what you're told. Before we take it to her." Michelle stood there for a second thinking about her options, but it seemed pretty hopeless. Once again, she'd have to take getting a hot ass so she wouldn't have to sleep on the cold ground. Michelle took her jacket off and placed it on the back of the bench. She reached for the button her khakis and began unbuttoning them. "What if someone comes outside?" "Then they're gonna see you learning a lesson. Stop stalling." Michelle undid her khakis and slowly slid them down to her knees. As she bent back up to get her panties, Marsha stopped her. "To your ankles," she commanded. "Oh come on, what difference does it make?" Michelle whined. "It'll make a difference in how sore your ass is gonna be if you don't cut the crap and do as you're told. Unless you want to take them all the way off, pants to your ankles." Knowing Marsha meant business, Michelle just sucked it up, and shoved her pants all the way down until they were bunched around the tops of her sneakers. "Turn around, ass to me," was the next command. Michelle did as she was told. Marsha took the back of Michelle's panties and pulled them towards her a bit, reaching in and pulling out the tag and inspecting it. There in sharpie read 'MICHELLE.' "Appropriate panties. Not a fan of the design but it's whatever. Got your name, very good, let's make sure they're clean," and with that Marsha unrolled Michelle's panties down, and once they were below her ass she checked them. "No stains, very good." With that, Marsha actually pulled Michelle's panties back up. Michelle breathed a little sigh of confused relief. Was she not going to get spanked? Once she pulled Michelle's panties back up covering her ass, she said "Alright. Turn around, panties down." "Why did you pull them back up?" Michelle asked as she turned. "Because I was just checking to make sure they had your name in them and they were clean. Besides that, it's not my job to pull them or your pants down. I don't know why Jane does it for you. When I'm spanking you, you take them down yourself like you're supposed to. I'm not going to prepare you - you prepare yourself for ME, and when you prepare yourself, that means pants at your ankles, panties at your knees, and your bare ass in my lap ready to be punished. Speaking of, why is that not the case? What're you waiting for?" Michelle quickly shoved her panties down to her knees and bent over Marsha's lap. "The longer you take, the longer you're gonna be out here," Marsha said as Michelle got into position. Marsha rubbed Michelle's ass as the young girl felt the breeze down there. She'd been spanked 1000 times by now, and each time was embarrassing, but this was her first time being spanked outside. She felt bad goosebumps and a chill up and down her spine, almost as chilly as the night air on her bare butt. Marsha began slapping Michelle's ass, going back and forth across each cheek. Michelle dug her face down against the bench and began wincing already. It'd been a week or so since her last spanking, and Marsha's hand felt brand new as it rained down on her bottom. As Marsha began to slap harder, Michelle began to kick her feet a bit. "Stay still," Marsha warned, never breaking. "Ugh, it hurts," Michelle moaned. "It's supposed to." Marsha began doing 2 smacks on each cheek at a time, slapping harder and harder. As her butt began to sting, the cold air wasn't doing her any favors. Michelle cringed and whined "Oww... owww... ouch, dammit, ouch." 2-3 minutes of nonstop spanking passed and Michelle began whining. Marsha clucked her tongue. "See what happens when you break the law?" "I didn't smoke it!" "And lying about it no less? You're not making this any easier on yourself..." Marsha began doing harder slaps. Michelle's light red cheeks jiggled as Marsha brought the pain. After another 2 minutes, Michelle heard the unthinkable - the door the courtyard opened. She went wide-eyed and looked up, as Marsha didn't stop for a second, at the confused 70 year old African American woman who slowly wandered in, looking at the sight on the bench. Michelle flung her hand back to cover her ass. "Someone's here!" she cried. "Move your hand!" Marsha demanded. "I told you I didn't care. You deserve this spanking, I don't care who sees. Move your hand or I'll hold it down for you." Michelle let out a little whine as she moved her hand back and laid it on the bench. The little old woman walked over to the bench, observing the sight. She looked at Marsha, "A little old to be spanking your daughter?" Michelle felt like she could die right now and covered her face with her hands. Marsha briefly stopped spanking her and looked up at the old woman. "She's not my daughter. She's my friend's roommate here, who I caught smoking POT out here!" Michelle felt like insisting again that she wasn't smoking, but knew it wouldn't help, so she kept quiet. "Wow. Kids these days and their drugs. Not surprised she needs a whooping. Whooping her behind and evicting her oughta teach her." "No, she's not getting evicted. She gets spanked so she learns to behave so she DOESN'T get evicted. Right, Michelle?" "Right," Michelle quietly moaned. "Got some nice color on her behind," the old woman said, checking out Michelle's red butt. "My kids got spanked when they were naughty, of course that was a long time ago. Used to get em with my belt. And of course when they were really needing it, I made em fetch me a switch from the yard." "A switch? That's a great tool!" "Yeah, for punishing em. Looking at these bushes and trees here, you could probably get a good switch here." "That's a great idea. Michelle, get up, go over to those bushes and find a switch." Michelle let out a little whine as she stood up. She bent down to pick up her panties, but Marsha stopped her right away. "No no no. Leave those down where they are. We're not done. Go find a nice, firm branch. And don't you dare rub your ass." Michelle waddled over to the bushes best as she could with her pants around her ankles and panties at her knees, and began scouring the bushes under the tree looking for a branch. As she did, the old woman kept talking to Marsha. "Mind if I sit out here for a few minutes while you discipline that girl? I usually come here at night to take in the fresh air, but if you want some privacy.." "No no, please stay. It'll embarrass her more and hopefully she won't ever touch that nasty drug ever again. Go ahead, have a seat. My name is Marsha, by the way, I live on the 8th floor." Marsha stood up as the old lady sat down on the left end of the bench. "Nice to meet you, I'm Carol," said the old woman. "I live on the 6th floor." A minute or so later, Michelle waddled back, holding a thin, 3 foot long branch with one hand and covering her groin with the other. Her heart dropped at the sight of Carol sitting on the bench, realizing what that meant. "Let me see that," Carol said. Michelle handed her the branch and put her other hand in front of her crotch as well. "Hands on your head," Marsha commanded. Michelle rolled her eyes and lifted her hands and put them on her head. Carol examined the switch, pulling a leaf off of it and swinging it with her left hand. "Yeah, this should work nicely. 'Course it'll work much better in your hands, I don't much have the strength anymore to deliver a good switching. Here you go," she passed the switch to Marsha. "Alright. Michelle, this is Carol, she's gonna stay here for your switching." "Come on, no!" Michelle stomped her foot. "Young lady, you need to seriously learn to respect your elders," Carol lectured. "Are you really in a position to be fighting back against Marsha? Look at you, pants around your ankles, behind all red. You should be ashamed of yourself." "I am ashamed and embarrassed already!" "Michelle, enough." Marsha commanded. "I was going to have you bend over the bench, but since you wanna fight, stand here," Marsha commanded, tapping her foot 3 feet in front of the bench directly in front of Carol. Hands still on her head, Michelle waddled to the spot, facing the bench. "Turn around, ass to the bench. Bend over and touch your toes." Michelle swallowed any remaining pride as she turned and bent, touching her toes and sticking her ass out. "That's a good girl, following directions," Carol commented. "It's good when they do what they're told." "Mhm," Marsha agreed, tapping the switch against Michelle's red cheeks. "You were going to get 25, but since you wanted to mouth off and since Carol can't physically do any switching herself, you're going to get 50." Michelle began to tear up. "Understood?" "Yes," she sobbed. "It's too late for crying, I don't wanna hear it," Marsha said, tapping the switch against Michelle's cheeks, before pulling back and whack!-ing it. Michelle cringed and and clenched her ass, "Ouch!" "Unclench your ass. Stick it out," Marsha commanded. "I want you to feel these so you don't ever bring pot here again." Michelle unclenched and stuck her ass out a bit. Marsha tapped the switch a few times again, before smack!-ing it. A little line appeared across Michelle's cheeks as she groaned. "That's good switching. You just wanna be careful not to hit too hard, the branch might break and you'll need to find a new one," Carol advised. "Michelle better hope this switch doesn't break, or she'll have to go get a new on and we'll be starting over from 1," Marsha said in a commanding tone before smacking Michelle's ass again. Michelle fell forward a little before quickly getting back into position, trying not to cry. For 3-4 minutes, Marsha switched Michelle's ass, trying to go hard but light as to not break the switch. Michelle was crying, her ass red and covered in marks from the switch. After the 25th stroke, Marsha lowered the switch. "Halfway there," she said in an almost taunting tone. Michelle sobbed openly. "Looks like she's starting to blister," Carol commented. "Good. Hopefully she remembers this next time she brings drugs here." "You're a hard spanker. Shame that switch looks like it'll break any spank now." Suddenly, the door to the courtyard opened. Marsha and Carol looked over in curiosity as Michelle looked over in horror. Another African American woman, this one around 40 years old, walked in looking confused. "Mom? What're you doing out here? What is this?" "Ah Marsha this is my daughter Bernice. Bernice, this is Marsha. She lives on the 8th floor with Michelle here, who's getting switched." "Why is Michelle getting switched?" "She was smoking pot out here. Marsha is kind of like her guardian, and she spanks her when she acts up instead of evicting her. Thinks it'll teach her a lesson instead of just throwing a problem child out into the world." "Well really she lives with my friend Jane," Marsha corrected. "I moved here to the apartment across the hall to help with disciplining Michelle when necessary." Bernice nodded. "I get it. Kids these days get away with so much. They oughta be spanked, maybe there'd be less problems in the world. I know I got my fair share of spankings when I was a girl." "Michelle's not even a kid, she's... Michelle, how old are you?" "24," Michelle moaned. "Twenty fucking four." "Wow! Language! Drugs AND a filthy mouth. She really does deserve a switching, huh? Even better to be spanking her at this age - teenagers and kids in their 20s think they're invincible, they're untouchable now that they're grown. Girls like Michelle need a reality check to remind them that they're still supposed to be responsible, and never too old to get their ass beat when necessary." "Yep. She's halfway through a 50 stroke switching," Carol commented. Bernice walked over to Michelle and looked at her red, striped ass. "I see... doing some nice work." Bernice noticed the blood blister forming and rubbed it a bit. Michelle winced and muttered, "ouch, fuck!" Bernice was unimpressed. "She's still got that attitude though, cursing. Might need to do these last 25 a little harder." "I am," Marsha said, "but this switch is a little flimsy." "Not a problem. I'll find you one tough enough to give 25 good ones. Trust me, I've had to fetch the switch a few times in my life. Not at 'twenty fucking four' though, that's for damn certain." "Would you? That'd be great," Marsha said as Bernice headed towards the bushes. A few moments of searching later, Bernice came back with a 3 and half foot branch, slightly thicker. "Here, this should do the trick. I'll show you." Michelle's heart sank- this couldn't be happening she thought as Bernice tapped the switch against her ass. She swung back and CRACK! The hardest stroke Michelle took all night so far. Michelle let out a little scream and reached up and grabbed her ass. "OUCH!" "Back in position, Michelle," Marsha commanded. Michelle whined and bent back over. "Would you mind actually doing these last 25? Seems like you're a pro with a switch." "Of course!" Bernice agreed, raising the switch back to Michelle's ass, pressing it up against her sit spot. She tapped a few times before CRACK!-ing it again. Michelle cringed and whined. Marsha dropped her switch and took a seat on the bench next to Carol as Bernice continued the switching. "Bringing drugs around this place? I have kids who live here! I'm so angry you're luck that I don't give you 50," Bernice said as she gave Michelle her 30th and 31st hits. Michelle cried as Bernice kept dishing it out. By the 35th stroke, the blister on Michelle's ass was starting to bleed a little. A few minutes passed of WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! as Bernice doled out hits to Michelle's ass, making it more sore and marked up as Carol and Marsha sat back and watched. After the 45th stroke, Bernice put the switch up against Michelle's ass. "If I find out that you have drugs around this apartment building again, I swear I will find a cane and give you 100 strokes. Understand?" "Yes!" sobbed Michelle. "I have a cane you can use, we can take turns," Marsha chuckled. "That's good to know. Alright, these are gonna be your last 5 from me. They're gonna be fast and they're gonna hurt. Ready?" Michelle sniffled and nodded. Bernice pulled the switch up against Michelle's ass, and WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHAAACK! The final crack of the switch actually broke it in half as it crashed into Michelle's ass, sending the top half flying. Marsha and Carol laughed at this as Michelle cried, her ass more sore than it'd been in a while. "That's my girl," Carol laughed. Marsha stood up and walked over to Michelle's ass, which she and Bernice both inspected. "That's great work," she commented. "Thanks. I think I made my lesson clear, huh Michelle?" Michelle nodded. "Say thank you to Bernice," Marsha told her. Michelle sobbed. "Thank you, Bernice." "You're very welcome," Bernice said cheerfully, rubbing Michelle's ass. She noticed the blister and reached into her pocket and pulled out a tissue and began wiping up the blood drops that were spilling out of it. "You're all blistered. Might need to go take care of that. Unless, Marsha, you think she deserves a little more?" Michelle shook her head no furiously, praying for mercy. "No, please," Michelle cried. "That's not up to you, is it?" Bernice asked sternly. Michelle shook her head. "Is it?" Bernice asked again. "Nooo," Michelle sulked. "No what?" "No, Bernice..?" "No M'AM!" Bernice said, slapping Michelle's left ass cheek with her hand. Michelle let out a little scream. "No m'am!" Bernice nodded at Marsha, who smiled. "I like that. Commanding respect. I mean, I can take care of her any day any time. If you feel she needs any more..." "I can't get over her bringing drugs into this area. I just keep thinking about what kind of people she attracts, and the fact that she cursed at me. I know you can deal with her whenever, but for how angry I am and how disrespected I am both as a human being and as a resident of this apartment building, I just don't think she's been fully punished for what she deserves. And it's..." Bernice checked the time on her phone. "7:47 and the courtyard is open until 8. Oh, not much time left." "She can always come to our apartment," Carol suggested. Michelle closed her eyes as hard as she could to fight the tears and shook her head no. Bernice noticed. "Still saying no when it's not her decision. Is she always this bratty?" "Sometimes," Marsha said. "I see. Alright. Well I'd like to take her up to my apartment to discipline her a bit more, if you don't mind?" "No, by all means, go ahead. I have to get upstairs anyway and have dinner, I haven't eaten since breakfast." "Alrighty. C'mon mom, let's go. And you, Michelle. Pull your underwear and your pants up and let's go. I'm not done with you. And I can't evict you otherwise, but I CAN call the police. So unless you want a criminal record if you don't already have one, you'll do as you're told." Michelle nodded and slowly pulled her panties back up, resting them gently against her burning ass before pulling her pants back up. She followed the 3 older women out of the courtyard and to an indoor hallway with a split. Marsha turned to Michelle, "Alright Michelle, go with Bernice. Hopefully she teaches you a lesson you'll never forget. Have a good night," and with that, Marsha headed off to the left as Bernice and Carol took Michelle to the right. "I hope Ben and Michael don't mind company," Carol commented as they stepped into the elevator. "Ben took Michael to karate, they won't be back til 9," Bernice responded. Michelle just held her ass and cried. This was the epitome of unfair. It wasn't even her pot, and she hadn't even smoked it. A few minutes later, the 3 entered Bernice's apartment. It was similar to Michelle and Jane's in size and structure. It felt like a trap. Carol sat down on the couch as Michelle took off her jacket and put it on a chair. "Take your shoes off and place them near the door," Bernice instructed. Michelle kicked her shoes off and pushed them up against the wall by the door. "Can I use your bathroom?" Michelle mumbled. "Use your bathroom what?" Bernice responded. "Use your bathroom please, m'am?" "Yes you may. Hurry up." Michelle headed to the bathroom and peed, making sure to hover above the seat. After washing her hands, she washed her face, trying to wash off the messed up eyeliner from crying. Once she managed to stop crying, she lowered her pants again and looked at her ass in the mirror. Red, covered in line marks from the switches. She noticed the blood blister one her right cheek that was bright red at the top. She took a few pieces of toilet paper and blotted it, trying to get the blood up. Once she got it as good as she could, she put her pants back on, washed her hands and headed back out. "Alright. I'm not done with you yet. I'm gonna make you learn not to ever EVER bring drugs into our collective home ever again. Now get me that kitchen chair and put it in the center of the room." Michelle did as she was told. Bernice sat in the chair, reached forward and unbuttoned Michelle's khakis. On instinct, Michelle quickly put her hands on her head. "See, that's good behavior. I didn't even need to tell you to do that that. Maybe you're not a lost cause," Bernice commented as she unzipped the pants and began lowering them. She got them down to Michelle's knees before she bent back up. "Get them off." Michelle went wide-eyed and didn't move at first. "Hello? I said take them off." Michelle, still stunned, reached down and pushed her pants to her ankles before kicking them off. She picked them up and tossed them on the couch. "Part of the spanking isn't just the pain. It's the humiliation. And I - uh, hands?" Michelle quickly put her hands back on her head, facing Bernice, who continued "Good, and I want you to be as humiliated as possible so you learn, and that means your pants don't just come down, they come off. Understand?" Michelle nodded. "Understand??" "Yes m'am!" "Good. And that includes your underwear," Bernice said, reaching out and pulling Michelle's panties down. She let go and let them fall to the floor. "Take them off, put them on the couch." Michelle kicked her panties off, picked them up and placed them on the couch. She covered her groin standing in front of Bernice. "Hands?" Michelle inhaled and put her hands back on her head. "Now, you're going to go over my knee for my hand, and then I'm gonna finish you with the hairbrush. And if I think you're still attitudey, you're gonna go get the cane from Marsha. Are we clear?" Michelle began to tear again. "Yes m'am." "That's good. Over my lap now." Michelle climbed over, sticking her ass out. Bernice rubbed Michelle's ass. "So sore... too bad." She began slapping. Michelle began crying instantly, her burning ass getting another dose of spanks. Bernice spanked hard and fast, similar to how Jane used to spank back in the day. Michelle whined and moaned and cried as Bernice took no mercy. "Go ahead, cry, let it out. You deserve this," Bernice said. "She does, she does," Carol commented. A few minutes passed, and Bernice stopped. Michelle's ass was red all over, and the blister was starting to drip a little again. "Alright, that's enough with my hand. Time for my brush. Stand up and put your hands on your head." Michelle, still crying, got up and put her hands on her head. Bernice stood up and went to the bathroom, returning with her hairbrush. She sat down again, and pat her lap. Michelle climbed over. Bernice rubbed the back of the brush around Michelle's ass. "Alright, this is going to sting. Ready?" Michelle nodded. Bernice sighed. "Ready?" "Yes m'am!" "Good." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Bernice immediately began spanking Michelle, hard as she could inflict the brush's pain. Michelle immediately started wailing as Bernice brought down the pain of her hard plastic hairbrush. She did back and forth across both cheeks, hitting every conceivable area she could. After a minute or so, she rested the brush on the blood blister and gave it 5 good HARD smacks. Michelle screamed and cried and shook her legs. After the 5th spank, Bernice saw the blister was now bleeding and wiped the blood off the back of her brush before resuming the spanking. "Do a little harder, make her remember," Carol commented as Bernice began to spank even harder. After 5 minutes or so of nonstop SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! followed by countless "OW! OW!"s and cries, Bernice stopped. Michelle's ass was hot and red, and the switch marks were red from the hand and hairbrush spanks laid atop. Michelle sobbed as Bernice rubbed her burning ass. "Are you ever going to bring drugs here again?" "NO M'AM!" Michelle cried. "Because next time I won't just spank you. Next time I'll spank you AND call the police. Understand?" SMACK! "OW! YES M'AM!" "Good. I think that about covers it. Say thank you." Michelle coughed and sobbed. "Thank you, Bernice." "Good. Get up." Michelle managed to stand up and began rubbing her burning bottom. "Did I say you could rub?" Michelle immediately stopped and put her hands on her head. "I didn't think so. Now, you're going to go stand in the corner for 10 minutes. Nose to the corner, hands on your head. Not a word, not a rub, not a movement until 10 minutes. Go." Michelle rushed into the corner by the TV and stood in the corner, hands on her head, crying. Carol sat and watched TV as Bernice went to the bathroom and washed her hands and the brush. After a long 10 minutes, Bernice told Michelle "Alright, your punishment is over. Get dressed and get out. And don't let me catch you with drugs or being disrespectful around here again. Or it's gonna be worse. Understand?" "Yes m'am." "Good. Get dressed. Get out." Michelle, sobbing, put her panties and pants back on, grabbed her jacket and bag and hurried out the door to head to her and Jane's apartment. Once she was gone, Bernice turned to Carol, "Do you think I was too hard on her mom?" Carol shrugged. "I don't think you were hard enough." Bernice nodded. "Next time." A few minutes later, Michelle rushed into her apartment, holding her burning ass. All she wanted to do was shower - but there before her was Jane, sitting on the couch with a paddle and the belt sitting on the coffee table. Michelle's eyes went wide with fear. "2 hours later and not a warning? We've discussed this, haven't we Michelle? Come here." Michelle began to cry. "Please no," Jane glared at her. Michelle dropped her bag and jacket, kicked off her shoes and walked over to Jane and stuck her hands on her head. Jane undid her pants and pulled them down to her knees and took her panties and dropped them into her pants and pat her lap. Michelle bent over her 3rd lap in 2 hours, and Jane looked at the condition of the ass in her lap. Red, marked, a blood blister. "What the... why are you....Michelle... who did this to you?" Michelle managed to get out between sobs, "Marsha, and Bernice." Jane sat quietly and began to get angry. "And who the hell is Bernice?" To Be Continued...
  9. The Therapist "And I hope you're able to put these ideas into practice, and thanks for being able to come in at 2 instead of 7," Dr. Olivia Crenshaw said to her patient as she held open the office door open for him."Thanks again Doc, see you next week," said the elderly man as he walked out. Dr. Crenshaw called out to her secretary,"Lau, who's next?""Michelle Emure, Doctor Crenshaw.""Right. Send her in, please."The 43 year old African American therapist returned to her chair in the corner of the room as Michelle walked in. In her red hoodie and jeans, the 23 year old walked in wincing but trying to put on a happy face."Good afternoon, Michelle. Nice to see you again.""Hi Doctor Crenshaw.""I've told you over and over again, please, call me Olivia. Have a seat, let's get started." Michelle walked over to the couch and paused for a moment. Olivia observed as Michelle slowly lowered her behind to the couch and gently sat, making a face as her jean-covered behind met the leather. "A hard time sitting. Another spanking, huh?" Michelle nodded, trying to adjust herself on the couch to make herself comfy. "You know, in the months you've been coming to see me, I don't think I've ever actually seen you right after a spanking.""First time for everything," Michelle moaned."I guess that's why you had to push your appointment back an hour?""Mhm."Can you sit comfortably?""Not really. Jeans make it hard to sit in when your butt's sore.""I see. Could you have put on sweatpants, or leggings? Something that wouldn't have hurt as much to sit in?""I didn't have time to change. I got spanked right before leaving. I didn't even know I was going to get one." Michelle shifted again on the couch, trying her best to cool the fire she had to sit on for the next hour."Sweetie, if you want, you can pull your jeans down a bit past your butt and sit on a pillow. If you're comfortable with that, of course. Please don't think I'm trying to sneak a look at you or anything.""I.. can I?""If you'd like, if that would make it better for you. I'd ask that you keep your underpants on, though.""Of course. Thank you, Doc. Olivia." Michelle stood up and unbuckled her belt. Dr. Crenshaw picked up a clipboard off her desk and looked at it as Michelle unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to just below her ass. She placed the pillow that was leaning against the arm of the couch on the cushion and slowly sat back down."Better?" the doctor asked, looking up again."A little," Michelle said. She winced a bit and tried to adjust again. "Michelle, this is going to seem a little unorthodox, but before we get to today's session, would you mind letting me see what we're working with here?""Excuse me?""Your butt. Would you mind letting me take a look at what you're dealing with?""I.. guess?" "Again, I'm not trying to steal looks at you or take dirty pictures of you. I've just never seen you directly after a spanking, and I know you get them quite often. I just want to know what you've got going on back there so I can better understand your situation. You understand?" Michelle swallowed a gulp.""Yeah, I do." Michelle slowly stood up and slowly brought her hands to the waistband of her purple panties."Just, I don't need to see what's up front. Just come up to me, turn around and pull your underwear down. Let me see the damage." Michelle, as customary when dealing with the older women in her life, did what she was told. She walked up to the doctor's chair and turned her back to the therapist. She took the sides of her jeans and pulled them down a bit so they sat above her knees before she slowly reached back up and pulled the back of her panties down to just below her red butt. Olivia held the back of her hand up against Michelle's cheeks. "Wow. It's red and pretty warm. You were right, your roommate actually gives you real spankings.""Uh-huh," Michelle moaned, almost matter-of-factly. Olivia rubbed her pointer finger across Michelle's exposed ass. "Looks like a little bit of swelling," she said, before placing her finger gently on a little blister on Michelle's left cheek. "And a blood blister. Do you want any cream or anything? Any lotion?""No thanks," Michelle responded miserably. "If she sees that I put any lotion or anything to relieve the pain on, she'll spank me again.""And will she be looking at your rear end again today?""I don't know. She looks at it when she wants and she spanks me when she wants."""So you've said before. Well listen, sit back down again. And you can sit bare bottomed on that pillow if you'd like. Whatever's easier for you." Michelle hiked the sides of her jeans and panties up again and made her way back to the couch. She paused for a moment to think before leaving them down a bit and slowly sitting bare assed on the pillow. "Ow," she mumbled, picking her left side up a bit to alleviate the sting of the blister. "So, just to recap because this still seems so unreal to me. Your roommate Jenna is in her 50s,""Jane.""Right, Jane. She's your roommate because...""I moved to this city from another state for a journalism program. It's what I went to school for. The apartment was for rent to be roommates with Jane, and the rent is cheap and it's a nice area near the office. I couldn't pass it up.""And the rent is cheap but it came with a steep price. An almost malicious contract.""I wouldn't say it's malicious...""But it lets her spank you whenever she wants to. Like, a spanking like you're a child on your bare behind.""Yes. It's unfair and I hate it. Her requests and rules are absolutely insane and suffocating, and I'm constantly getting a sore ass because of it.""Is it all that unfair?""YES! She's constantly spanking me!""And you agreed to it.""Well... not exactly.""Right, you signed it without actually reading it and now it's too late.""Yep.""So it's been a two years or so and you get spanked pretty often. Weren't you getting daily spankings? From Jane and her friend?""Yes, her friend Marsha. They felt it'd be better for me if I got spanked daily as a reminder not to break any of their rules.""What happened with that?""Daily spankings?""Yes.""Well it stopped because they felt it was overkill. And they were right, it WAS overkill. I think spanking me is too much in general, but that's how they roll. So now I only get spanked 3-4 times a week.""And you consider that an improvement?""Over 7 days a week? Absolutely.""Alrighty then. So. What happened today that ended up with you here in my office with a red behind?" Michelle looked down at the floor, unable to look at the doctor as she told her story."Well..."7pm the night before...Michelle was putting on eyeliner in her bedroom as Jane entered."Michelle?" she began. Michelle swallowed - she hadn't been spanked in a few days, but was on her best behavior. Was she about to get one now? That kind of fear brewed in her mind and always jumped to the forefront whenever Jane entered the room. "Yeah, what's up?" she asked, returning to her eyes in the mirror."You're going out tonight, right?""I am.""Right. Would you mind being in by 1am?""1? It's Saturday, why 1? I'm going out with some friends.""I understand, but I worry about you.""You... worry about me?" Michelle stopped what she was doing and looked directly at Jane, who sat on the edge of her bed."Of course. There's a lot of dangerous people out there, and you're young, you'll be drinking. I just want to make sure you're safe and okay.""I'll be with coworkers from the job, I'll be fine.""I know, but I worry for you, especially if you're going out late on the weekend. I actually can't sleep when you're out, because I'm afraid you might not make it home.""Wow...really? I never knew that.""Michelle, I know we don't often have heart to hearts like this, but I do see you as my own daughter. You know I never had children myself, but I look at you as one of my own. So I may seem tough and strict, but it's because I worry about you and am protective of you. I want you to be the best person you can be, and I want you to be safe. So when you're out, I can't sleep because I worry. I know it seems silly,""No no, I really do appreciate that sentiment! It's very sweet.""Good, good. I just don't want you thinking I'm some sort of authoritarian monster." Michelle took that moment to think about all the times Jane invaded her privacy, the spankings she's gotten, the underwear checks she's received, the fact that the panties she was wearing at that moment (no thongs, of course) had her name written on the tag in sharpie, the fact that since Marsha moved in 6 months ago she'd had her pubic hair checked to make sure she wasn't growing it too long, and thought of all the awful things she wanted to shout in Jane's face before swallowing."No, of course not!""Good. So, please, for my sake, be home by 1am? And if you're gonna be late, just call or text me?""Of course, Jane. No worries.""Thank you sweetie. Have fun tonight!" she said before leaving Michelle's room. Michelle turned back to her mirror and went back to her eyes. "1 am. Got it."At 2:46AM, Michelle quietly turned reentered her apartment. It was dark. Using her phone flashlight to see, she took her shoes off as silently as she could and tiptoed towards her room. No Jane in sight, thankfully. A little drunk, she'd lost track of time completely and forgotten to let Jane know, and was fully expecting her to be sitting there on the couch with some spanking implements. Thankfully, not the case. Michelle got to her room and slowly closed the door, cheering on the inside and giggling a little that she pulled it off.At 11:30AM, Michelle's phone alarm went off. Knowing she had at 2pm appointment with her therapist, she wanted to give herself time to get up and relax a bit before getting ready. Getting out of bed, she headed out of her room and into the bathroom. She was in her PJs now but still had slept in her make up. Coming out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she looked around. No sign of Jane anywhere."Jane? Hello?" No answer. Michelle shrugged and made herself some toast and scrolled through her phone. After eating breakfast, she brushed her teeth and took a shower and got dressed in a grey shirt and jeans. As she headed outside of her bedroom at 1:15, she saw Jane sitting on the couch in the living room. "Hi Jane," Michelle said, having already forgotten about last night.""Hello Michelle. Headed out?""Yes, I have somewhere to be at 2.""I see. And you wouldn't want to be late, right?""No m'am," she said, putting on her shoes and facing the door."Good. Not like you were late last night, right? At 2:46 when you came in?" Michelle froze. Fuck. She slowly looked back towards the couch."I.." Michelle began, turning back towards the couch."I asked you to be home by 1, and you said you'd let me know. And you came in at 2:46. I know because, as I told you last night, I can't sleep when you're not in at night. So I was laying awake the whole time. I heard you come in trying to be quiet.""I.. I'm sorry. I lost track of time, and-""And you didn't even text me.""My phone died.""Did it? I saw you were active on Facebook at 1:30." Michelle gulped. She was busted."I..""You... forgot. Because I asked you to do something, not because I want to boss you around or make a demand, but because I worry. I told you last night how I feel, and you just slap me in the face. Like you don't even care.""Jane, I don't not care, I just..""It wasn't important to you. I get it. Well, wherever you're going now isn't important to me. So come here and bare your bottom.""Jane, no, please. Can't it wait until later?""Ha. No. Whatever you're supposed to be doing now can wait. Bare. Your. Bottom." Michelle pulled out her phone."Can I just make a quick call first?""Fine. Do what you have to do." Michelle scrolled down her contact list to Dr. Crenshaw and dialed. She got the secretary."Hi, I have an appointment for 2pm. I'm gonna be.. a little late. How late? Uh... 3?" She looked over at Jane. Jane nodded. "Yeah. 3, if that's okay. Thanks so much, I'm sorry, I have to... deal with something first. Yes, I'm okay. Thanks, see you then, bye." Michelle hung up and put her phone back in her pocket. She kicked her shoes off and walked over to the couch. "Hands on your head," came the usual command. Michelle did as she was told. As had happened dozens of times before, Jane unbuckled Michelle's belt and unbuttoned her jeans, taking them by the sides and pulling them down below her ass. "Legs together." Michelle did as she was told and Jane let go of the jeans, letting them fall around Michelle's ankles. "Turn around." Michelle followed the command as usual, wincing a bit as she felt the cold, bony fingers of her roommate reach into the back of her panties and pull out the tag. "There's your name, very good. Turn back around." Michelle turned back to face Jane, who took the sides of her panties and rolled them down below, letting them fall into her jeans. "Over."Michelle bent over Jane's lap, a position that felt as natural to her as sitting down, which was about to become hard to do. Jane rubbed Michelle's ass a bit."When was the last time you got a spanking?" "Uh... some time last week.""I see. So tell me, why are you getting this spanking?""Because I came home late and didn't call or text you.""Mhm. You deserve this, don't you?" Michelle dug her face into the couch."Mhmm," she groaned."Indeed. So you were an hour and a 46 minutes late. That's 106 minutes. So you're going to get one spank for every minute you were late. Are you ready?""Mhmm," she groaned again.Jane began spanking. She slapped the left cheek, then the right cheek. Left, then right. SMACK SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK SMACK. She didn't go as rapid as she used to, but she kept a good steady rhythm. Michelle dug her face into the couch and began to grind her teeth as Jane did her usual workout. After the 10th or 11th spank, her cheeks were pink. By the 40th, they were a nice shade of red. At this point, Jane began spanking at a faster pace.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACKMichelle began kicking her legs a bit as tears welled in her eyes. No matter how many times she got spanked, it never got easier. The pain never got easier to deal with and the embarrassment never subsided."You could've called me or texted me," Jane said, never stopping the spanking. "You could've avoided this.""I know, I'm sorry!" Michelle managed to get out with a quiet sob."Crying won't save you, you know that," the older roommate said. After a few minutes, Jane finished up the final smacks "103, 105, 105, 106!" she said with a final smack to Michelle's right cheek."Ow!" "Alright, up." Michelle got up, and began to pull her pants and panties back up. "Nuh uh uh. No one said we were done," Jane said sternly as she stood up. Michelle stomped her foot a bit and moaned."Please, it hurts. I'm sorry.""I know you're sorry, and it's supposed to hurt. But it needs to hurt more so you learn your lesson. Now bend over the couch and stick your bottom out." Michelle rolled her eyes and did as she was told. Jane took the liberty of pulling her jeans and panties back down to her ankles before walking into her bedroom. She returned with her wooden paddle. Michelle saw it and wailed.""Please. No no no not that. Please.""Mhm," Jane said, approaching and resting the paddle against Michelle's red cheeks."I learned my lesson, I promise!" Michelle whined. "I'm sure you think that. But you're gonna have to take another 20 with this, and I want you to count them.""Please, no.""Unless you want 106 with the paddle?" Michelle frantically shook her head no. "NO! NO NO NO!""Are you sure?""YES YES YES! I'll take 20, please!" Jane pat the paddle against Michelle's cheeks."Let's call it 30, for arguing with me." Michelle dropped her head and sobbed. "Okay, here we go." Jane swung back and SMACK! up against Michelle's ass. "OWWWW! AH! One!" Jane swung back again, and WHACK!"AHHH! Two-hoo-hoo!" Michelle cried. And so went on for another 28 paddle whacks. On the 14th one, Michelle jumped up and grabbed her ass, yelping. "AHH! AHH! PLEASE!""Back in position," Jane commanded. "Unless you want to start over." Michelle quickly got into position and stuck her ass out. After the 25th smack, Jane dropped the paddle. "5 left. These will be the hard ones. Don't count these, you're gonna get them fast. Okay." Michelle nodded, sniffling. Jane raised the paddle to the bottom half of Michelle's swollen ass cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! With the final smack, Michelle let out a small scream and kept crying. Jane rubbed her hand along the red, swollen ass before her. "Alright. Your spanking is over. It's 1:45 now. Go in the corner for 20 minutes. You know what to do. And don't you dare touch your ass."Michelle slowly stood up, wiping her eyes and headed into the corner by the couch. She kept her pants and panties at her ankles and hands on her head as she stuck her nose in the corner. For a very long 20 minutes that felt like an hour, she desperately wanted to rub, to soothe the pain even a little bit. But Jane sat there on the couch on her phone, so Michelle did as she was told. Finally, after an eternity, the 20 minutes was up, and Jane let her know she was free to go, and to let her know if she'd be home in time for dinner..."And all that for coming in an hour and a half late?" Dr. Crenshaw asked."Yup," Michelle said glumly."I see. And was your phone actually dead?""No... I forgot.""Mmm. So even though this woman's practices are a bit barbaric, would you say you earned that spanking?""I... I guess?""I see. Well Michelle, you've told me a lot about Jane and her friend these last few weeks. And now I seem to have gotten a whole new perspective on the matter. And while I do agree that her rules seem to be a bit on the strict side, and her methods of dealing with violations of her rules barbaric, the point of the matter seems to be that you agreed to it. And you've earned her ire and this spanking, at least, for not doing what's asked of you. I know you've often hailed it as unfair, and while it does seem unorthodox, I can't rightly call it unfair." Michelle grimaced. This was not what she'd wanted to hear, especially from a doctor she was paying out of pocket to vent her frustrations to."Really?""Sadly, in your case, yes. Jane is very open about what she wants and what will happen if you disobey her. And you seem to nonchalantly or even carelessly upset or disobey her. It's a cause and effect situation, and you're both aware of both sides and seem to be causing the effect over and over. Is it possible that, maybe, you actually like getting spanked, and you're acting out on purpose?""Acting out?? No! I HATE getting spanked! And I'm not a child, I'm not 'acting out' at all. She makes these insanely strict rules,""That YOU agreed to follow. To play devils advocate here, have you considered moving out?""I can't afford to move out anywhere yet. This is the best rent I can find convenient for me.""Then it seems like you either have to make a more concerned effort to follow Jane's rules, or you have to learn to just deal with it, unfortunately. I'm sorry Michelle, I know you were seeking some kind of different answer. For me to tell you that it's unfair. But the way I see it, you signed a contract agreeing to it all. Your lack of actually reading the contract... well, that's on you. So I don't want to say you deserve every spanking you get, but I would say the fact that you get spanked from Jane when she sees fit is fair and justified. Is there anything else you'd like to go over today?"Michelle walked out of the therapy session less than 10 minutes later, grumbling to herself. "That's the last time I ever see her..." she mumbled to herself. She got in her car and headed for home, sitting on her car seat as gingerly as she could. She got home 20 minutes later and parked her car, and for a moment just sat there thinking about how unfair it all was. She's constantly getting spanked from Jane and Marsha, and now a therapist, an unbiased medical professional who she could open up to, sides with them?! What a nightmare. At least it was over for the day, she thought as she pulled out her phone and started scrolling.Before she realized it, an hour had passed that she sat there looking through Facebook and Twitter. Michelle got out of her car and headed upstairs. She opened the door to the apartment, finding Jane sitting on the couch. On the coffee table sat her hairbrush and her belt."Michelle, I asked you to let me know if you wouldn't be home for dinner," Jane said sternly. Michelle looked over to see a pot and a dish soaking in the sink. She looked back at Jane. "Twice in a day. Now come here and bare your bottom." As Jane took her hairbrush to Michelle's bare butt in her lap only moments later, Michelle whined. She had to find another person to talk to... and a cooling pad for her butt that night. Ouch.
  10. Are you referring to this website? Or people out in real life?
  11. Both have their reasons why they’re appealing - for me personally, the spanker removing them adds to the embarrassment and the lack of control the spankee has in the situation, feeling vulnerable and helpless, which makes it the better choice to me.
  12. So this story has twice the amount of views as the first 12 stories. Is anyone actually reading these? Does anyone like them?
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