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  1. Hi @gravano, I agree with @Chawsee Completely. Your insights are very interesting to me, and, for the most part, incredibly thoughtful and insightful. It sounds like you had an awful experience, and it’s left you feeling victimized. For what it’s worth, If you could come at this From lessons learned, instead of broad strokes of projecting the damage you have sadly experienced into everyone else’s preferences, I think you would be seen as the insightful poster that you often are when discussing really important topics. Just my thoughts and I hope you are well.
  2. Really interesting response, Chawsee! I am curious, in your role as a spanker, do you find scolding to flow easily or does it feel “contrived”. For me the scolding is really important for getting me into the right head space. I agree, scolding does not mean yelling, which I might find a bit jarring.
  3. Great point about humiliation. I completely agree with your description. The humiliation I was thinking about in my post is more of being degraded and verbally, instead of chastised - which to me is not scolding. I guess in my mind I was drawing a distinction between humiliation and embarrassment - really appreciate both responses above
  4. Hi All, I am curious about others views on the impact of scolding during a spanking. For me, being over a lady’s knee without a scolding feels like something big is missing. It’s a real hinderance to getting into the head space. The scolding seems to allow me to accept what’s happening and “endure” the discipline (funishment). What do others think? Is scolding an important aspect for you, or does a scolding distract from the scene? For clarification, Scolding to me is not humiliation- that for me crosses the line. I’m talking about strict, stern maternal type of scolding. No offense intended to this who enjoy a more humiliating experience. I know we all have different needs and perspectives on this thing we do. thanks NB50
  5. Thank you, Chawsee for the kind and empathetic words. As always, it’s such a pleasure to read your input and thoughts. Strong, assertive female spankers are not the easiest to find. Someone will be a very lucky man if they are able to connect with you on an intimate, romantic level.
  6. Completely agree with Chawsee! Thank you Chawsee for always looking out for the betterment of this community. I appreciate your efforts.
  7. Thank you, and I appreciate you too. Such a pleasure to hear insights from a thoughtful, strong lady who understands this whole thing we do/need.
  8. Totally agree with you both! Chawsee, excuse the pun, but you are one badass lady. Love hearing your perspective on things. NB
  9. Hi Chawsee I’m sorry to hear that you are going through a lot at this time. my Thoughts and best wishes are with you doing these crazy times. Also, I apologize if my question was insensitive and nosy. I was really hoping to hear a success story on this one. Finally, I want you to know that your posts are always so thoughtful and insightful. I look forward to reading your responses to all the topics! You are a phenomenal part of this community. I’m sure you will find the right partner, and that will be one lucky lucky man. cheers!
  10. I hope I’m not being nosy but how did it go???
  11. My pleasure, and really interesting topic. Thanks for bringing it up
  12. I completely agree. The word Spanking to me sounds more maternal, intimate and caring. whipping, beating, even paddling for me sounds more severe and less caring. Even though the words can certainly be interchangeable for the same general session, they psychological differences for me is monumental
  13. Really interesting topic. For me it means the following: intimacy: the closeness of having someone who can expose the most vulnerable side of me and provide an experience that is such a deep part of who I am and how I’m wired creates a deep level of intimacy trust: being otk and getting Soundly spanked requires a level of trust in the Spanker that is so difficult to explain. Trust Physically and emotionally accountability- Between the scolding and the spanking a deep sense of accountability and repentance allows me to let go of things bogging me down Relinquishing control: I’m a type A and sometimes I need to be taken in hand and reminded that being in control is not the primary goal in life. Creating balance and an outlet for atonement is so important to my psyche finally, it’s just plain fun. I have no idea why it’s so fun, but it is...well maybe in the middle of the hairbrush raining down in my backside it doesn’t seem so fun 😀 I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy
  14. It would start with me standing next to her while she is sitting down. She is sternly lecturing and the sound of her toe taping the floor during the lecture highlights her frustration with my behavior. Her finger pointing during the lecture to emphasize specific points makes me feel like a naughty little boy. As the pre-spanking lecture winds down, she instruct me to lower my pants and underwear and get over her knee. From there, the spanking builds into the almost unbearable pleasure/pain experience that has me simultaneously questioning my sanity for needing this, and swimming in pure ecstasy.
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