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  1. Strict, confident, mature, and caring. Someone whose looks and demeanor match the intended scene. A maternal type spanker who cares about me and is not looking to humiliate or demean. Also, style of dress is important to me. Conservative look, skirt-heels and nylons. Not in any way like a dominatrix but more of a 50s style housewife who rules the roost.
  2. I am fully vaxed!
  3. I’m in total agreement with @chawsee. I respect everyone’s right, desires and needs to be who they are as long as both are consenting adults. For me, spanking is so intertwined with my sexual identity that having a male as the Spanker would just not work for me. Agree completely in individual wiring, and I feel just as strongly that people, regardless of sexual identity, preferences, color, gender, or anything else should be who they are and not feel judged. To be clear, I don’t think anyone is judging on this topping and only clarifying my position.
  4. Interesting topic. I actually prefer a spanker close to my age or older. A lot younger feels much less domestic style discipline and more erotically charged. That being said, beggars can’t always be choosers...
  5. One of my great fantasies is to have a strong, strict women at the office who spanks me over her knee with a hairbrush and provides a stern scolding
  6. Cool thread: 1) male 2) age 6 3) I desperately tried to get the courage up to ask a friends mom to take me over her knee. Thankfully, I never mustered that much courage. That could’ve ended badly 😀 No never watched anyone else, and no idea where this comes from but it’s such a huge part of my identity 4) my first actually spanking was given by a girlfriend in high school. It was good and fun but like all sexual experiences in High school, it left a lot to be desired.
  7. Totally agree about scripted scenes, and I think it takes the genuine feel away from the session. Love the thigh tap! Great insight into the little things
  8. Thanks Jenna, and your description is fantastic!
  9. Spankers, your insights are also welcome and appreciated. How do rituals etc impact your play? No pun intended - sort of :)
  10. Hi everyone This is a topic I think about often, and I hope isn’t too similar to previous conversations. Are protocols and rituals important for tour spanking scene, or is it all about the spanking? I know for me, the protocol and ritual play a really critical role to allow me to get in the right head space. I’m quite sure that even for those who need rituals, they are very different for each person. For me a spanking session requires a few very specific things to work for me. It’s very similar when I watch spanking porn, and it still amazes me that a similar scene pla
  11. Hi @gravano, I agree with @Chawsee Completely. Your insights are very interesting to me, and, for the most part, incredibly thoughtful and insightful. It sounds like you had an awful experience, and it’s left you feeling victimized. For what it’s worth, If you could come at this From lessons learned, instead of broad strokes of projecting the damage you have sadly experienced into everyone else’s preferences, I think you would be seen as the insightful poster that you often are when discussing really important topics. Just my thoughts and I hope you are well.
  12. Really interesting response, Chawsee! I am curious, in your role as a spanker, do you find scolding to flow easily or does it feel “contrived”. For me the scolding is really important for getting me into the right head space. I agree, scolding does not mean yelling, which I might find a bit jarring.
  13. Great point about humiliation. I completely agree with your description. The humiliation I was thinking about in my post is more of being degraded and verbally, instead of chastised - which to me is not scolding. I guess in my mind I was drawing a distinction between humiliation and embarrassment - really appreciate both responses above
  14. Hi All, I am curious about others views on the impact of scolding during a spanking. For me, being over a lady’s knee without a scolding feels like something big is missing. It’s a real hinderance to getting into the head space. The scolding seems to allow me to accept what’s happening and “endure” the discipline (funishment). What do others think? Is scolding an important aspect for you, or does a scolding distract from the scene? For clarification, Scolding to me is not humiliation- that for me crosses the line. I’m talking about strict, stern maternal type of scolding. No offense
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