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  1. I can’t, not if someone wants me to top and bottom in the same session. And generally, I’ll either top or bottom a specific person, but not switch.
  2. This may have been brought up before, but wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Spanking Court, where defendants could argue their case before a judge (or jury, if there were enough spankos), and would rely on the judge render verdict - to decide implements used, number of whacks, and any additional penalties (for crying out, rubbing, etc.) Immediately after sentencing, a designated disciplinarian would carry out the judgement in full view of the court. Then send the punished to a designated corner to stand in and allow the courtroom observers to get unobstructed views of the blistered butts… I’d dearly love to be either a defendant or a courtroom observer in this fantasy☺️
  3. So desperate for a spanking last week that I went to an area bar and began conversing with a fellow. After a couple of drinks, I told him I needed a spanking, and he quickly offered to give it to me. I followed him to his apartment, walked in and stripped. He gave me maybe 20 good hand spanks, but stopped, probably thinking I’d had enough. Not even close, though. When I could see he had no intention of really beating my ass, I made up a lame excuse and left. I’m aware this wasn’t exactly a safe and sane way to be spanked, but there are times I’m so ready for it, you know? Unfortunately, all I got from this experience was a slightly red butt and even hornier.
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