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  1. My guess is that he was not a spanko. He seemed to think of it as foreplay, though I made it clear that wasn’t my intent.
  2. Perhaps it’s just dumb luck, but I’ve spanked and been spanked by several different men and have found it to be nothing but a good experience. Laying out ground rules beforehand is key, of course. As a man, it’s often difficult to find a woman disciplinarian, whereas I’ve found it much easier to find other men who share the spanking fetish.
  3. So desperate for a spanking last week that I went to an area bar and began conversing with a fellow. After a couple of drinks, I told him I needed a spanking, and he quickly offered to give it to me. I followed him to his apartment, walked in and stripped. He gave me maybe 20 good hand spanks, but stopped, probably thinking I’d had enough. Not even close, though. When I could see he had no intention of really beating my ass, I made up a lame excuse and left. I’m aware this wasn’t exactly a safe and sane way to be spanked, but there are times I’m so ready for it, you know? Unfortunately, all I got from this experience was a slightly red butt and even hornier.
  4. Hairbrush or paddle. The sound of it hitting my bottom takes me into sub space quickly.
  5. So great that self-spanking works for you - I wish I could say the same. It’d make things so much easier, in a way. But I crave having another person in charge and deciding how severe my punishment will be. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Last week - but it was only 10 hard, bare-hand smacks… would’ve liked many more😉
  7. As a spanker, I’m open to suggestions and don’t really prefer one implement over another. As an -ee, though, I’m partial to a belt, flogger or some type whipping device. The sound, the sting, and the marks left are *chefs kiss*.
  8. Agree 💯 with Naughty. Getting disciplined while wearing a cage takes all the sexual issues out of play, at least in my experience. It also makes the punishment sting much more! 🤷‍♂️
  9. Sometimes. It really depends on getting myself into the proper head space. Verbal chastisement coupled with a “build-up” spanking (starting slowly with the hand, and moving on to various implements), I have shed tears in the past - even afterwards while in the corner.
  10. Hi, and welcome. It’s a shame I’m not closer - I’m also a switch and we’re in the same age group. It’d be a “Spanking good time” for sure!
  11. Still waiting on an “unexpected” spanking. Sounds like fun!
  12. Same. Once the discipline dynamic is established with another person, it’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around flipping it 180 degrees. Maybe that says more about my (lack of) mental flexibility, but there it is…
  13. Interesting question! It’s different for everyone, of course, but I don’t think I could do it. In any given punishment situation, I’m either in a dominant or submissive mindset and it takes awhile to return to “normal” afterwards. I can’t even imagine going all the way from submissive to dominant in a single session…
  14. Years ago, I was in therapy and communicated my spanking fetish to a female therapist. She treated it as a problem to be overcome, but even back then I think I knew it was an integral part of my being. I never brought it up again, and soon after stopped going. Now, “spanking therapy” - there’s an idea I’d love to try, if it was commonly available.
  15. 😊 we could have an old guy spanking party just from answers to this topic!
  16. And that’s exactly as you should feel, Miss. Mr. Petty and his Heartbreakers weren’t kidding when they sang “ The waiting is the hardest part.”
  17. Mz. L, In my humble opinion, the severity of the infraction should determine the severity of the punishment. Of course, since you are the judge and jury in this scenario, that would make it your decision alone. Even if the peanut gallery (i.e. your husband) disagrees.
  18. Well, based on my considerable experience, “telling” a woman anything is not a good way to go about getting what you want 😂. Perhaps better is to wait for an appropriate moment, when she is in a very good mood, and subtly work corner time into the discussion. You’ll figure it out…
  19. Not at all! For me, the embarrassment of stripping and complying with my Er’s orders is a primary component of a punishment session. I also prefer the added embarrassment of being sent to a corner of the room after.
  20. There’s a game I’d do everything in my power to lose!😊
  21. It all depends on the people involved, of course, but I had that exact same experience a few years ago and it was amazing. Highly recommend 😊
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