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  1. When are you coming to Phoenix, Chloe?
  2. I’ve never been subjected to soap during punishment, though interestingly, a Spanker who I’m visiting soon uses soap as part of the session. I’ll let you know my experience!
  3. For me, scolding is very powerful. It actually brings me to tears faster than physical punishment. And I’ve been lucky enough to have been over the knees of some excellent scolders!
  4. Agree. I’ve been spanked by several different men, with no awkwardness. It’s a matter of communication beforehand. And it’s true that, in general , men spank harder than women. I’m usually squirming and in tears before being allowed off a man’s lap.
  5. I get stress relief on either side of the spanking, though it’s a bit easier as an “ee” since I’ve put my trust in the other person and can relax, to an extent.
  6. I’d say this holds true for me also. I still enjoy sex somewhat regularly, but I always get horny reading about/ watching/ experiencing spanking.
  7. Personally, I do find embarrassment an essential part of spanking. The three things that cause me the most embarrassment (in no particular order) are 1. Other people either present or within hearing distance of the punishment. This, to me, is the ultimate embarrassment. Especially if they comment on my squirming and sobbing. 2. Verbal Chastisement during the spanking. Several spankers have been so good at this part that my tears were more from their words than my physical pain. 3. Corner time afterwards. Hands on head, red bottom available to anyone who may happen by. Very embarrassing.
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