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  1. Beautifully written! I’d love to read some of your stories!
  2. Truth. I’ve been spanked with a big frat-style paddle and my bottom was black and blue (and many other colors) after just 10-12 swats. They’re no joke!
  3. Agreed. At a certain point, playing games seems ridiculous. Just be yourself and see what happens...
  4. Damn, ya’ll brave! Figging might be a bridge too far for me...😂
  5. That’s fine dude - and you’re fortunate to have a woman to punish you when necessary. But for most men, asking your significant other for discipline is a no-go, simply because most women aren’t wired that way.
  6. Honestly, you probably already know the answer, at least as far as your wife is concerned. I’ve been there, and my advice (based on lived experience) is to find a spanking partner outside your marriage. Whether you tell your SO or not is up to you, but if you’re truly a spanker (or ee) it’s impossible to live without. So don’t deny yourself.
  7. It’s tough, but now that it appears the virus is waning, there will be more get-togethers for people who identify as spankers/ ees, and with luck you can find a prince 🤴 😊
  8. It’s “normal” for me. But it’s also normal for me to lose any semblance of an erection after a couple minutes of getting my ass beaten.😊
  9. Absolutely. There have been days when I couldn’t wait for the spanking to actually begin! It can be such a mind-fuck watching the hours slowly tick off. Tom Petty said it best - “The waiting is the hardest part.”
  10. Welcome Cyndy! Lots of friendly people here - conversation shouldn’t be an issue. Message me if you want to talk.
  11. As @Longtimespanking said, your best bet would be a BDSM party. I’ve seen similar displays several times in the Chicago area over the years.
  12. I have not, but it was mainly a time and/ or distance issue. I’ve had wonderful conversations and look forward to meeting some locals now that I’ve relocated to Phoenix.
  13. Turning the question around a bit I know, but as a male -ee and exhibitionist, I think I’d enjoy a group of women watching as my Domme punished me. Different strokes for different folks, right?
  14. Yes. And yes. Almost always a good, and interesting time.
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