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  1. You’re very talented!😊
  2. Love this! You’re quite talented; please publish more pieces if you have it.
  3. Of course. Any woman is a potential disciplinarian. But it takes time and patience to develop that kind of relationship.
  4. Yikes! Good question. If it was me, I’d 1. Find out his/her reputation on this site and other similar sites 2. If you’ve already met this person and/or know their real name, you could try Google? 3. Go with your instincts. Usually, they’re correct. 4. Ask the person directly and pay very close attention to both their reply and their body language. Thats all I can say 🤷‍♂️. Good luck!
  5. Because we all pretty much agree a spanked bottom is hot. So we share...
  6. There are many, many women with this particular fetish, Peg. I’m sure you will get responses here. It will come back to you. (sorry, I love Steely Dan!) 😊
  7. I’ve always wanted to be punished by a lady while several of her friends watch, and possibly join in. Can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than being naked and red-faced, over a lady’s lap while her friends enjoy a glass of wine, commenting on my inadequate endowment and urging her to paddle me until I’m bawling like a little boy...
  8. These are all good responses, I think. Last year I met an older gentleman (70+) for a disciplinary session, my first time same-sex. It was kind of of freaky at first, quite honestly. I had all these thoughts in my head beforehand about how things could go badly. I also figured I’d be sprouting my normal pre-spanking erection. I didn’t want him to mistake my boner for a sexual come-on. It’s just that, if I’m about to be spanked, I will be hard - doesn’t matter who’s doing the spanking. When I told him this, he laughed and said that my erection would almost certainly be gone by the time he was finished. And he was correct!😊 But after he started (hand-spanking over his knees in my underwear) I got into my sub groove. By the end (a spanking bench while he used a belt and a wood paddle on my poor bare ass) it didn’t matter who was doing the spanking, I was squirming and wailing as always. So, I have to say, a very successful experiment! Still, take your time and meet in person first. The cold facts are this - there are many times more men into giving and receiving spankings than women, so if you’re determined to only play with women, it’s a much tougher road. Best of luck to you!
  9. You’re in the right state, rootybeard! Several safe and sane female disciplinarians in Michigan.
  10. I’d be happy to meet, and possibly spank your bottom, should you find yourself in the Chicago area.
  11. No spanking/ being spanked since February 🙁
  12. My best advice is, once some semblance of social life resumes, go to some events in your area. As always, there are flakes and scammers, but also many good people who share our kink.
  13. I’ve found several via Fetlife. Met some nice people here, but no one within 2 hours drive.
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