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  1. Yes. And yes. Almost always a good, and interesting time.
  2. sad I’m not closer... you’re basically a unicorn! 😊
  3. As a spanker, I have no preference as to the size of the spankee’s derrière. I do enjoy the ones who squirm around and wiggle a bit, though! 😊
  4. For me it’s just before bedtime. I’m usually already tired and cranky, and going to bed with a hot and red bottom isn’t going to help me sleep 😊...
  5. “I know if there’s a spanking going on, I want to be a part of it!” Just perfect! I feel the same way😊 Welcome...
  6. Yes. It has ended it, at least for the time being. ☹️
  7. Probably the spanking I got at a CFnm Fetlife meetup in Chicago a few years ago. It was embarrassing enough to be one of many naked men in a room full of dressed-up women, but when a mature Domme “asked” me to lie down on a table so she could demonstrate various implements to her younger friend my anxiety rose to a much higher level. Quite a few ladies gathered ‘round while she used various paddles, whips and canes on my bottom, all the while narrating the effects and differences of each. I was mostly able to keep my composure, although there was definitely some squirming during the c
  8. Whether spanker or spankee, I think naked is the way to go. In my experience, it adds appreciably to the embarrassment of being disciplined. But I certainly understand different ideas on the subject.
  9. No idea! I don’t remember a single instance in my childhood that would lead me to fetishize spanking, yet here I am😊.
  10. Great question! In my fantasies, it’s almost always no-nonsense, older female who pulls me over her lap and spanks my bottom. And at my age, that means a woman in her 60s or older 😊. There is no one celebrity in particular that comes to mind, though either Susan Sarandon or Helen Mirren would do nicely!
  11. Wow... I’d almost forgotten that I posted this here. Actually, though I posted this in a fiction area of the website, it did happen more or less as described. Perhaps it’s my lack of writing skill that makes it seem as though everything just fell into place, but Sandi and I discussed how the afternoon would unfold in advance, so it was, to an extent, scripted. As to the creepiness factor, I guess to each his (or her) own. She and I always got along well and there was a mutual attraction that was never acted on during my marriage (my MIL was, and is, only 11 years older than I). For m
  12. Shame is central to any punishment for me. After confiding in my -ER the nature of any transgressions I’m guilty of, I fully expect to be reminded of and reprimanded for them during a punishment session. For me, it’s cathartic and emotional and often pushes me over the edge to tears.
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